How To Care For Your Gorgeous Skin This Winter

Tone It Up Staying Toned Up When You're Cooped Up In The Winter Karena and Katrina

Hello beautiful! We see you hustlin’ with all your heart and we’re so proud! Your checkins = 😻🙌🏻✨

The Holiday Hustle is all about taking care of YOU ~ and that includes your gorgeous skin! With all the celebrations this season, we all want to look and feel our very best. Taking a few minutes to pamper yourself, whether it’s with a face mask, your fave moisturizer, or a relaxing bubble bath, is a way to give yourself the love you deserve.

With the cold weather, traveling, and lots of parties this season, we like to change up our beauty routine a bit. Does anyone else’s skin feel so much drier in the winter?! Kat and I called up a top beauty expert to share her tips on how to keep your skin glowing and fabulous in any holiday situation. Her advice is genius and going to rock your world!

And always remember…you’re gorgeous and your smile lights up a room 😉

Baby it’s cold outside

When temperatures drop, your skin can become more dehydrated than usual. Sonya Dakar, an aesthetician and skincare expert in Beverly Hills, California, says that exfoliating is extra important this time of year to keep your complexion hydrated and glowing. Make sure to use an exfoliator that’s particle-free (check the label!) so it won’t scratch or irritate your skin. After exfoliating, apply your favorite moisturizer.

At home spa tip ~ we also love making our hydrating DIY avocado face mask on chilly nights!

And remember to hydrate your hair too! A super easy trick is to apply coconut oil and let it sit for at least 30 minutes or even overnight in a shower cap. When you wash it out your hair will feel so soft and healthy!

Every day you’re hustlin’

We know you have a lot goin’ on this season and stress can sometimes lead to breakouts. It happens to all of us and when it does, we gotchu.

We asked Sonya her No.1 rule for preventing breakouts and it’s really simple: never go to bed with makeup on…even when you get home late from a holiday party! Holiday makeup can be heavier than normal (we do love a good smoky eye!) and it’s super important to let your beautiful skin breathe.

Also make sure to wipe off your makeup before your PM workout. We like to carry makeup remover wipes in our purse or gym bag for when we’re running to hot yoga. If you do break out, Sonya suggests trying a spot treatment with salicylic acid or sulfur.

And during this busy season, always care for your gorgeous eyes! We love to unwind with Peter Thomas Roth cucumber cooling eye patches!

On the fly

Traveling for the holiday? Look and feel fly with these easy tips ~

Pack your favorite lip balm.  “Lip balm is your best friend,” explains Sonya.  “I apply and reapply non-stop to my lips while in flight, but in a pinch it will also work on your cuticles!”  According to Sonya, you want to look for lip balm made with real oil (hemp seed oil, olive oil, etc.) so “they will glide on and not feel waxy and heavy like some other products out there.”

Apply your sleep face mask (or any hydrating mask).  A good mask will protect your skin from airplane air and keep it hydrated!

Ask for ice.  We love this tip!  Sonya told us she always asks for a cup of ice from the flight attendant before landing.  Simply wrap the ice in some tissues or napkins and voila, you have a makeshift cold compress to help “speed up circulation, wake up your skin, and banish in-flight puffiness.”


Lots of holiday parties mean lots of cocktails 🍷😉 You know we’re the last trainers to ever tell you to skip that champagne at your party! For the Holiday Hustle, we’re all aiming to stick to two drinks. And remember to sip lots of water all night, which will keep your skin bright, hydrated, and glowing.

When you get home from the party, wash your face, do your usual skincare regimen, and then top it off with a hydrating sleep mask. This will really help hydrate and revive your skin while you rest. Night sleeping beauty 💤

Remember beauty comes from the inside out!

Eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan will give your bod all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to glow and feel your absolute best this season!!!

What are your best winter skincare tips? Tell us in the comments!!

 We’re here for you all holiday season with lifestyle tips & free daily workouts so we can all feel healthy & confident together!! 


  1. Sweet! Thank you for these tips. I love doing a raw honey face mask in the winter. I brightens my skin and softens it too. Also good for the hands! Great ice trick for while flying! Ill try that soon during my 2 long haul flights home to South Africa! :) Happy Glowing Holidays to you all you beauties! xoxoxo

  2. My tip (basically all year around, but winter especially) after you took your makeup off, put some coconut oil on your eyelashes, under eyes and eyelids. ALSO guuuurls buy lemon flatter from Lush. THIS IS T H E LOL

  3. Katrina, did you end up finding a retinol you liked?? There was a post a while ago that you were looking for one that wasn’t too strong and I was curious if you found one you’d recommend? ❤️

    Also! I just saw a really fun article about how Champagne is good for our skin. As in, applying some with a cotton ball haha! It even said we can apply it to our hair or bathe in it! 😂 Imagine a bath of champagne!!

    1. Japan’s Yunessun Spa Resort has hot springs filled with red wine, tea, or coffee. Now that sounds like a great way to vacation!

      1. Hey babes! Peter Thomas Roth’s masks are amazing! And Say Yes to Cucumber makes great ones too that are single use and you can get at Target.

  4. Hi Babes … Have you ever done injectables or laser skin treatments. I’m wanting to maybe try something more serious than just a mask, but they also seem scary to trial. Would you recommend starting with anything?

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