How to Break Through A Plateau! Tips From #TIUgirls

Tone It Up How to Break Through A Plateau Fitness
Hey gorgeous! We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to break through a plateau in your fitness journey, so today we’re talking all about it. The first thing we want you to know: Plateaus happen to ALL of us. There may be some days or weeks when you’re not feeling as motivated or seeing the same kind of results, and that’s OK. We’ve had these times too. A few years ago, we both had a point where we were working crazy hours and we weren’t focusing on ourselves or our health. We refocused and came back stronger!  And trust us – you will overcome the plateau and bounce back even stronger too!!

Tone It Up is a lifestyle and your strength and dedication will overcome any temporary setbacks. A plateau is just an opportunity to refocus, reenergize, conquer new goals, and amaze yourself even more! Next week will be the perfect opportunity with the 7 Day Slim Down!!!! It’s the plan we do to tone up, de-bloat, reset our metabolism, and really feel back on track and in control. Join us all on Monday!!! See more details on the 7 Day Slim Down HERE!

We hit up some of our #TIUgirls to share their best tips on how to break through a plateau. These babes have such inspiring advice!

Be kind to YOU

This is our #1 piece of advice! You are strong and beautiful ~ never forget that and always have compassion for yourself! LOVE this advice from our girls…

“What has helped me is knowing that plateaus are normal and they do not represent failure. Rather they are a time of preparation for your next success!” ~ Elise

“I think it is really important to recognize and admit to yourself that sometimes life is just going to get in the way, it just is….and that is OK. If you can look at your fitness journey from the perspective of a lifelong commitment…..a few days or even a few weeks of “life getting in the way” really is not a huge deal…especially when your heart is committed to the TIU lifestyle you will find your way back.” ~ Ashley

Tone It Up Challenge Winner Transformation Ashley

Remember your WHY

We asked you to find your WHY at the beginning of the Bikini Series and you shared your inspiring goals and dreams. Return to that why whenever you need an extra dose of motivation. It will drive you and inspire you through everything!

“We all face this obstacle at one point or another…it’s inevitable! Being able to take a step back and reevaluate my goals and my WHY always helps me power through.” – Whitney

“My best advice is to look deep down within yourself, and try to remember why you set out to accomplish this health and fitness goal. Try to identify something that is not just focused on physical appearance, for example, maybe something deeper, like confidence, energy, longevity, to name a few.” ~ Natasha

Tone It Up Challenge Winner Transformation Natasha

Refocus on your nutrition

This is everything and has helped us so much when we needed to reenergize and get major results!! We talked all about the importance of nutrition in our post HERE!

“If you are really looking to move through a plateau, reevaluate your nutrition. Resetting with the 7 Day Slimdown, or being mindful of sugar and alcohol can make a difference in jumpstarting your body again.” ~ Terra

LOVE Terra’s advice about doing the 7 Day Slimdown from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! We’re all doing it together starting June 19! And psst…there will be some brand new 7DSD approved treats (cookies!!!) we’re sharing this week.

Journaling is everything

Journaling has been such a powerful tool for me. When I felt like I hit a bit of plateau, I looked back at my food journal and noticed that I was having more fried food than I thought, like sweet potato fries and wontons with ceviche. Once I saw the pattern, I challenged myself to nix fried food and that one change has made a huge difference! Karena noticed that she was having a lot of treats on the weekends (she loves a good cheese plate or wings). Weekends are a huge part of your success so we both refocused on keeping it Lean, Clean, ‘N green on Fridays and Saturdays. With a little wine and chocolate mixed in too ;)

“Logging your food is one of the biggest tools you can use when you hit a plateau. I took note of periods of time where I consumed veggies more frequently throughout the day, versus periods of time when I had minimal veggie consumption, and maybe a little bit too much snacking. With my previous meal logs, I was able to restructure my weekly meal plan based on new, small goals that would allow me to fine tune my nutrition. My first step was to incorporate more veggies during breakfast, afternoon snacks, and dinner.” ~ Natasha

Mix it up

“One of my absolute favorite ways to hop back into working out from a hiatus is to find a local studio that I have never been to or a new type of workout that I have never tried.” ~ Ashley

“I reset my intentions and goals and in turn changed my workouts to match. Find something that re-sparks that passion for you. Whether that’s working out with a TIU girl or simply going to a fun class at the gym, learn what motivates you individually, and find renewed strength in the method.” ~ Camryn

“Consider adding in some different workouts that your body is not used to doing. If you want some more arm definition, maybe learn to box. If you want more strength and flexibility, maybe take ballet or pilates. Don’t be afraid to switch things up! If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten. Never, ever be afraid to be the only beginner in the room, because out of everyone else there you are the one who is going to improve the most! And who knows, you just might fall in love with something that motivates you more than ever before.” ~ Yassi

“Try something new such as a new fitness class or new healthy recipes. I’ve also found joining in on community fitness challenges, such as the TIU Bikini Series, very helpful for getting over a plateau as well. It shocks your body because it’s something new your body may not be used to doing.” ~ Stephanie

Tone It Up Motivation Monday Stephanie

Lean on your #TIUteam

“REACH OUT TO YOUR #TIUTEAM! We are all in this together, and likely, one of us has felt what you’re feeling in the process. I think it was so comforting to know that most everyone experiences a plateau or 2 along the way.” ~ Terra

“One of the most important things for me during a difficult time is to not be afraid of being vulnerable. Share with the #tiuteam that you’re having a hard time. I can guarantee there will be someone who will share insight & encouragement to get you back to where you need to be. The Tone It Up community is so supportive and appreciative when we are real, open and honest! Having someone to hold you accountable to your goals, to remind you it’s okay to struggle and to support, encourage and share LOVE no matter what is a blessing.” ~ Whitney

Tone It Up Challenge Winner Transformation Whitney

Treat yo self

“To keep myself motivated I try to pick a non food reward to treat myself when I get to my next goal! That helps me stay motivated during the tough moments when I’m working toward my goal.” ~Elise

We love treating ourselves with a mani/pedi, DIY spa day, or a cute new workout tank or sports bra!!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Elise

Think beyond the scale

“Focus on non-scale victories- when I was in the middle of a plateau, I continued to focus on how my body felt. Was I getting stronger? Did my clothes fit a little better? Are my measurements changing? Was there more definition in my arms/abs/legs? There have been multiple times where my weight hasn’t changed, but my body has! I lost 1.5 inches from each thigh from June-Sept last year, and my weight remained almost exactly the same.” ~ Terra

Tone It Up Challenge Winner Transformation Terra

Getting uncomfortable = game changer

“A quote from K+K that really changed my mindset was, ‘If we are always comfortable, we will just sustain and maintain.’ The game changer is to get uncomfortable. Push yourself that extra mile, do that extra rep.” – Camryn

Tone It Up Challenge Winner Transformation Cam

Keep going ~ YOU GOT THIS!

 “It’s important to be kind to yourself and honor all the hard work you’ve already put in. What matters most is consistency. Be patient, everything else will fall into place. And plus, I always bounce back WAY stronger than I ever was before. Trust me!” ~ Yassi

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Yassi

“My advice is to never give up! Consistency is everything. Not only that, you have to truly believe you can do it. Mind over matter. Keep telling yourself you are worth it! ” ~ Heather

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Heather

YES! You’re worth it and you can do anything you put your mind to! We’re here for you always!



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  1. Love this advice from Yassi to apply to my entire life! “Don’t be afraid to switch things up! If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.”

  2. This post is everything! It’s so true that consistency is key. But I think what I’ve learned most from the bikini series so far is to push myself. I would have never imagined I could workout every day or do a 5k every week but I DO and I am! Finally graduated from 5lb to 8lb weights. My body looks so different than it ever has! I’m strong, I’m healthy and I have this community of girls who get it! So glad I took this challenge on!

  3. This is so encouraging! I’m so motivated to stick with the 7 Day Slimdown because I want to see all of my hard work revealed! I wish it was Thursday so I can see the new plan!

  4. I can personally say that this advice is bang on point! You have to keep things fresh, eat clean, and when you struggle reach for support. I personally have a cork board next to my bedroom door covered with pictures of things I want to do and feel good about myself when I do them. It’s pictures of surfing, and diving, and hiking lush mountains. I find this helps a lot just glancing at it to remind myself I will get to do these things. Another one I found that mega helped me was word choice and mind set. Saying “I don’t eat that” instead of “I can’t eat that” really helped me feel in control instead of deprived. And always thinking “I can” and “I will” instead “I wish” and “I hope” when talking about your future self.

  5. Thank you for this post. I’ve been feeling very demotivated since I plateaued. I began the Bikini series with a bang and noticed amazing changes in my body almost immediately. But the last couple weeks have been hard. I was ashamed to even look at the TIU Instagram page because I felt like I failed myself and the community. It’s comforting to know that K&K you guys have gone through this and so many of you in the community have too. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement! Going to jump back on the bandwagon!

    1. Actually the same thing happened to me, I didn’t post my meals last week because I completely fell off the wagon. I had also lost my motivation last week. I didn’t understand why but I kept having a harder time of getting up to do my exercises. I felt so disappointed in myself for letting my many cravings get the best of me. I hope to be better this week but I’m still a little sad that the progress I made from the week before got erased from eating the way I did. This is my first Bikini Series and I’m so glad to see these kinds of post because they make me reevaluate and motivate me to start over. You being honest in your comment reminded me that I am not alone in this. I’m so happy to have Tone It Up and K&K, thanks so much for writing this comment too!!!

      1. Ladies, I know exactly how you feel. I’m having the same problem this week. I barely posted anything last week due to my downfall (and I haven’t been on a run in over 2 weeks). I am still managing to do my workouts in the afternoons, but previously I had enjoyed getting up to do morning bootycall, & I have absolutely no idea where my motivation has gone.
        I’ve just signed up to the nutrition plan around a week ago, so I’m trying to improve my meals (however, I always feel hungry, but try my best to keep it LCG), but this is also my first Bikini Series (or anything TIU related) so I always knew I would struggle.
        I’m glad we can share on here and give each other support. I try to go onto Instagram daily to get inspiration and show support to all the other #tiubabes out there, but I have to keep reminding myself I’m on my own journey and that it takes persistence and perseverance. I’m so pleased I’m not the only one struggling and now I know the way forward is to reevaluate why I started TIU and what I want to get from it.
        I love K&K for creating @toneitup and for bringing this awesome community together. I’ll be cracking on with my Insta posts and accountability and dedicating time to myself tonight to get back on track.
        Love to you all. Let’s slay this last week!!! (not forgetting 7DSD) :)

        1. Hi babe! You’re so strong and you’ve got this!! We’re so happy to have you on the team and proud of your checkins and your support of other TIU girls. You’re going to rock this week and the Slim Down! xxo

  6. I’d love to try some new recipes to inspire me and keep me on track – do any other members know how to use the ‘saved’ section of ‘Recipes’? I’m presuming I can save some yummy recipes for the week there and come back to them? I can’t see a way of saving the recipes I’ve seen but I could be missing something! xx

  7. I LOVE what Elise said! Very well stated. :) This post made me feel not-so-alone anymore. <3

  8. I also think it’s really important to acknowledge to yourself that you are having a plateau and just face it head on. Sometimes you need to step back, take a few days off and go right, this isn’t working for me, why? Like K&K say, be kind to yourself and then you can get back on.
    Love this, thanks ladies.

  9. Such an excellent time for this post. Reading real, honest experiences from all of you girls, being courageously vulnerable and resilient is so inspiring to me! All of these tips were on point & definitely motivate me to keeping working hard while loving and being kind to myself and others. Keep it up ladies, I have a ton of gratitude for this community!!

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