How To Bounce Back From Thanksgiving!

Hey babe! We LOVED seeing all your Thanksgiving pics yesterday! Karena and I hope you had the best time with your friends and family!

Every year we get a lot of questions about how to bounce back after all the treats and pie! The most important thing to know ~ we don’t want you to feel guilty at ALL! Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and enjoy yourself with your loved ones. Eating amazing dishes and enjoying every bite  part of the joy of holidays ~ no amount of guilt should ruin that for you! As you know, we never use the word “cheating” since that’s implying that it’s bad. As a Tone It Up girl, you can remove that word from your vocab altogether! You deserve to treat yo’ self and your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is always there for you after the holidays when you need a little reset to feel amazingg! 💛

Below are some of our top tips to bounce back quickly!

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✓ Lemon water!

Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a splash of cayenne for a kick! This will help your tummy feel better and get your alkalinity balanced.

✓ Revisit your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Right now is the perfect time for you to recommit to the guidelines! Fuel up on clean foods. Smoothies are great too, giving your digestion system a lil’ break. Not a member of the Nutrition Plan yet? Right now for Black Friday Cyber Monday, when you join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan we’re givin’ you a FREE 28-serving Tone It Up Organic Protein! 🎉 Get this amazing deal here!

✓ Get in a toning sesh!

Your muscles are full of energy (aka glycogen from Thanksgiving din…80% chance mine is two servings of delicious apple pie) and you’re ready to GO! You’ll be surprised by how strong you’ll feel during a workout! You’re fueled to have an awesome sweat sesh! 💪

✓ And refuel with protein

Having protein within 30 minutes of your toning sesh will boost your metabolism and help you form gorgeous lean muscle. And did ya see?! We have special savings on ALL your fave protein flavors this weekend. Check it out here!

✓ Kombucha kombucha kombucha

Grab a Health-Ade Bubbly Rose Kombucha at night before bed and you’ll feel amazing in the morning.

✓ Walk it out

Ask someone in your fam to join you for a long walk this weekend. 👯 Or maybe a hike or bike ride. Any type of cardio will help you feel energized, light, and refreshed!

Most of all, just know that the Tone It Up Nutrition Program is a lifestyle and we’re always here to help you feel your best! If you haven’t seen, we have a huge special for Black Friday weekend!!!! Join the plan today and you’ll gain access to all past and future plans, plus a free protein!!! The best investment you could ever make is in YOU ~ you deserve it!


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