How The Tone It Up App Changed My Life

The Tone It Up app was created so that every girl in this community could have access to fun and booty-kicking workouts, meditations, recipes, wellness advice, accountability, and community from ANYWHERE! It’s a place where we can all come together, connect, and work toward our goals as a team no matter who we are or where we are in the world. With us all being at home so much recently, this has become even more important than ever!

So we wanted to know…how has the app transformed your life and your fitness journey?! We asked you on IG, and today we’re sharing some of our favorite answers and reviews from this community!

If you haven’t tried the app yet, we’d love to see you there! You can start your free trial here. You’re going to love it! 

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Your Tone It Up Trainers 

How The App Transformed My Fitness Journey 

“I just love the diversity in workouts, programs, recipes, EVERYTHING! It makes it so easy to work out at home, traveling for work, or on vacation. I know I’ll never miss a workout because of this app and having this option on my homepage of my phone every day gives me such great peace of mind. The meditations have also been a game changer and I can’t wait to take advantage of the pregnancy approved workouts when the time comes.” ~ Kanc1


“I was so glad when TIU created the app. It gave you the opportunity to take them everywhere you go with videos and the daily workouts.” ~ @tiutaylorcarcar 

“This app and community are amazing! I have been using it for a month and am seeing incredible results 💪 It is very easy to use and allows you to work out daily, even if you have a busy schedule. Their body-positive approach is refreshing and I love that they don’t talk about losing weight, allowing you to set your own goals and reach them at your own pace!” ~ Inès De Corte 


“It helps to keep me motivated and I love the programs! A set program keeps me on track!” ~ @angieshilliard_tiu 


“The baby weight began to drop and my muscle tone increased. I felt more confident in my body and my self worth. I began to appreciate my curvy body for the beautiful and strong entity that she is! Karena’s meditations opened up a whole new world for me spiritually and I now meditate daily. My favorite TIU workout is HIIT! It is super challenging but quick and so effective. I also love that it targets a lot of different muscle groups at the same time. My energy level is usually on 10 for hours after!” ~ @fitmomlexy 


 “The #TIUapp has made it so easy to plan my workouts, in result, I am able to push myself & get stronger.” ~ @allie_tiu1990

“This app is amazing! I use this app almost on the daily! If someone thinks home workouts aren’t challenging, they should give this app a try first! I love how easy it is to use and I love the different workout programs as well as the ability to save which workouts are your favorites! Not only is this app amazing, but so is the TIU community! The community is filled with amazing boss babes who lift each other up and encourage each other!” ~ Krista_Elizabeth


“With the #TIUapp, I am constantly reminded that working out can actually be FUN!” ~ @clairs_tiu 

“It’s given me consistency & accountability!” ~ @msevans_73

“Everyone needs the TIU app! Keeps you motivated to be the best version of yourself. The girls’ realistic, healthy, fun approach to fitness has made me my strongest & happiest self.” ~ Christa

“I love the feeling that I am working out with the trainers! I feel more motivated” ~ @longoja 

“I have tried a TON of home workout programs and this app is THE BEST one I’ve followed. The positivity of this whole community is amazing and the workouts are KILLER. Love how they fit into my busy working mom schedule and as a single parent, it helps so very much!” ~ Jrussino


“I am so much stronger in all aspects since starting Tone It Up. I am forever thankful to Karena for introducing me to meditation and the importance of mental health. I’ve learned how to take care of my mental health through her guided meditations and other information she has shared. Physically, I’m much stronger than I was prior to TIU. I used to despise working out, now I look forward to it! I love watching my body change in a positive way. Overall, I’ve learned how to properly care and listen to my body.” ~ @ashleynichole_tiu 

 “I’ve been a TIU girl for 5 years, and the app has been a game changer! I love the programs and all the other sections like On Demand, Nutrition, & Motivation.” ~  @riaananas

“I love how user friendly the #TIUapp is!” ~ @catherine_sce

“I always thought of myself as someone who needed to be IN the studio in order to get a workout. I felt as though I needed the accountability and the energy that came with group fitness classes. With that no longer being an option, I tried to do my own workouts for the first week and really struggled to find the motivation. I decided to try the Studio Tone It Up app after following on Instagram for years. This app has been a game changer and makes it so easy to browse and find something that fits my needs each day. I have been doubling up the workouts and squeezing them in to different parts of my day as I have the time. I feel very grateful for this app and the free trial for allowing me to move my body each day in a way that I can feel proud of afterwards. Thank you for the free trial and for the Tone It Up community for providing the accountability piece I was needing.” ~ Beth391 

“It’s made me enjoy at-home workouts, which I thought would never happen!” ~ @rachelmhendricks


“It’s given me the ability to track my progress with fitness goals instead of the scale.” ~ 

“While stuck at home my motivation has been low but I discovered the 14 day challenge and fell in love with these workouts! They motivate and give me something to look forward to by getting some energy out and some great moves to help reach my goals. I’m a fan!” ~ rachevbrown

“Love this app and all the amazing, motivating workouts on here. I like that most of the workouts require little to no equipment and you can do them anywhere. I also love that you can pick by type of workout or body part and you can sort by video length so you can maximize your time even if you just have 20 minutes. There are also always new videos with several different instructors, which keeps your workouts fresh and fun.” ~ tpsiegs


“Easy to follow & FUN! I’m seeing incredible results – thanks TIU!” ~ @tiumama.danielle


“It reignited my fitness journey & has spread positivity & self love!” ~ @myrnacreates

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