Hidden Talents, Morning Routines, & Pomeranian #2?! Rosé With K&K Vlog

Hey babe! How was your weekend? We have something special for you today ~ we’re sharing a brand new Rosé with K&K vlog! We filmed this at the end of the night after we spent the whole day shooting workouts in Studio Tone It Up…so it didn’t take much for us to start feelin’ that rosé 😜🍷

Before we started filming, we asked you on Insta what you wanted to know from us, so we’re answering all your questions (sort of…we get a little off topic haha!) We talk our hidden talents (Karena serenades us!), how our morning routines have changed, and some of our funniest memories. Come catch up with us!

And we want to hear your answers too! We listed the questions below, so answer in the comments. And also tell us…should Karena get another Pomeranian?!

Love you!!


Answer below in the comments!

If you came to the tour, what was your favorite memory?

What’s your current morning routine?

How do you fit in workouts while traveling?

What’s your hidden talent?

We can’t wait to read your answers 💕


  1. Haven’t been on a tour :( :(
    Morning routines: Lots of water, stretch/mobility, listen to news podcasts, TIU meditation, coffeeeeee, and then ride my bike to work
    Travel: I have 2 aspects of travel. 1. Recently did Hotel living for 2 months. For that I found a kickboxing class in town and used the hotel gym for other exercises 2. Constant travel and airport hopping. For this aspect, I was limited on time and resources. Tried to do TIU yoga in my rooms to stretch from all the flying, and then run/walk around the city to see while trying to move and sweat a little between flights. Some of the time I just accepted and enjoyed it as a rest day.
    Hidden talent: I can turn a doorknob to open a door with my toes/feet…helpful when your hands are full!

  2. I haven’t been on tour :( I had to work when you girls were in Tampa in 2017
    My morning routine currently is make tea, forget about said tea while checking social media (I’m trying to get a bootycall in instead of this), fix tea (add stevia, pour over ice), then make a plan for the day. Usually the day goes much different than my plan
    I love bringing small things like my booty bands on trips! Usually the hotels we stay in have fitness rooms, so I’ll do a quick workout there or in the room! I usually do low impact, apartment friendly workouts in hotels because I don’t want to disturb others
    I’m not sure if I have hidden talents. Most of my friends are surprised I played guitar in middle school and piano in high school. I’m super rusty at both though

    1. We love to take our booty bands with us too! And so amazing you played guitar and piano. Thanks for sharing babe!!

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing, ladies!
    1. I went to Chicago and my favorite memory, aside from just getting to work out with you two and Jillian Michaels, was when Katrina said, “People keep asking me if I’m tired.” Pause. “No, I’m NOT f–king tired!!” I was about fourteen weeks pregnant at the time and it was just so inspiring, motivating, and badass!
    2. I’ve been trying to get my bootycall in at 5am every week day. My two littles are now hip to it and either try to work out with me or beg me not to work out at all. But, if all goes as planned, I work out, shower, get the kids ready for school with my husband, and head into work where I have my first – very welcome – tea of the morning. Weekends are for pancakes and early morning pajama parties!
    3. I live very far from my family and friends, so when I travel I make sure to walk a lot, get family to exercise with me, and bring my booty bands! It’s nice if the hotel has a gym or a pool, too. My parents also have a treadmill and weights, so I have lots of equipment when I visit them.
    4. I can remember dates and numbers really well, like I remember the dates of historical events I haven’t studied in years and the phone number of a childhood best friend whom I haven’t seen since 1999.

    1. I went on the tour in Tampa and my fav memory was being able to hang out with my sister and friend at the festival! The tour was such a blast because I was surrounded by fitness girls and was mesmerized by the TIU founders and Jillian Michaels!

      My morning routine has been off for the last few months. I don’t have a set routine. I usually read my devotionals and drink coffee. I have been a little depressed but trying to motivate myself to get out of the funk.

      I don’t travel much but if I do, I will stash my booty band in my purse. I will stretch and go on walks.

      Hmmm….hidden talent??? I don’t think I have one. Although, I can flip my lips to touch my nose. Does that count???

  4. 1.) Dallas Tour- On Stage doing the workout with Jillian Michaels
    2.) Current Morning Routine- Bathroom, PT exercises for my foot, workout, breakfast,walk dogs, get ready for work.
    3.) I pack my workout gear depending on where I am going, if I am driving it is easier to pack, flying I did pack dumbbells once, no joke XD that is a funny story how I had to check-in a bag for that, seriously it was a hassle.
    4.) Hidden Talent- I can sit cross legged with my legs on top of each other without having to use my hands. XD Oh lord, I can draw what I can see.

  5. I went to the Boston Tour and Studio TIU Live and my favorite memory (besides meeting the both of you!) was connecting with this community! It was so incredible to finally be able to hug all of the girls who I’ve followed and supported and have supported me along my journey. It was so surreal to go from “double tapping” on a photo to being with them in real life! Thank you for creating such an amazing experience that I will never forget. Love you ladies! Xo, Sarah

    1. Awww that is so beautiful Sarah!! Meeting you girls and seeing you connect with each other was the most special part for us too 💗

  6. OMG, I remember the Raining Men moment from Tampa Tour! It was so great you guys were hilarious & so fun to watch up on stage!!
    Morning routine: get up & hit snooze, scroll Insta for 10 min, wash face/brush teeth, get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast & go to work (technically medical school – I’m on OB/GYN rotation now!) I typically work out when I get home in afternoon/evening
    Workouts on the Go: Youtube videos & the daily moves in the app are my go to! I also recently signed up for Classpass which has classes all over the US!
    Hidden Talent: Singing & having a side job of doing dress up princess parties for kids! So much fun being my favorite Disney princesses :)

  7. If you came to the tour, what was your favorite memory? Being pregnant with my now 20 month old daughter

    What’s your current morning routine? Wake up, make breakfast for the LO and myself. Read books, play, go on a walk.

    How do you fit in workouts while traveling? I love the TIU booty bands. Theyre small so they’re easy to pack and give my workouts a little something extra.

  8. Hi Guys,
    I have not been able to make a tour yet, hopefully in the future.
    My morning routine is getting up about 5 am, showering then Tone It Up app workout, coffee and breakfast. Then out the door to be at school by 7 am. I love the app so much, doing the workouts in the morning sets me up for a great day:)
    When I travel I bring my yoga mat, and look at the app for body weight only workouts. I really try to stick to the same routine everyday, even when traveling.
    I don’t know about hidden talents, I do dance my heart out when I am home alone :)
    Thank you for all you do:)

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