FRI-YAY~ Healthy Pizza THREE WAYS!


FINALLY you can have your pizza and eat it too ;)

We’ve been cooking up some fun goodies lately and we’re particularly excited about our healthy pizza creations!

Enter our three veggie based pizzas. These slices of goodness pack a flavor punch with fresh herbs, homemade pizza sauce and a variety of toppings to keep your tastebuds satisfied!



Ummm… Hi gorgeous. With all of those colors, pizza never looked so good! And damn girl, it’s totally TIU Nutrition Plan approved too!! Anyone else thinking what we’re thinking?

Gather your gal pals, head to the farmers market or grocery store and get the tunes bumpin’! It’s time for a good ol’ fashioned PIZZA PARTY!



Our eggplant pizza has the huge benefit of being easy-peesy to put together. This is a great recipe to whip up after a busy day when the pizza craving hits you. Just chop those ingredients, crank up the oven and in a matter of minutes you’ve got yourself an ooey-gooey master piece!

You can even make the pizza sauce in advance and store individual servings in the freezer in plastic bags. That way, you can grab the exact amount you need without having to thaw the whole batch first!



There’s something about being able to have pizza at any time of the day that really gets us excited… Yeah we said it. Pizza all DAY! This cauliflower breakfast pizza uses a fiber packed cauliflower crust that takes on a surprisingly crunchy, yet soft texture. Add a baked egg and you’ve suddenly transformed a dinner-only meal to a nutritious breakfast!

Make this crust in bulk to save for later in the week or make them all at once and invite family and friends over to indulge!



Slice this one up and it looks like the real deal! Portobello’s are the perfect ingredient to trick your senses into thinking you’re at your local pizzeria. We also used our TIU Vegan Nacho Cheese to go along with the sauce… and man oh MAN, it is FIRE!


We also have the PERFECT pizza sauce recipe to pair with each of these!! We use chopped garlic and fresh basil to give it that mouth-watering aroma that comes to mind when you think pizza. You know how much Karena and I love garlic… we just couldn’t resist ;)

It’s also crazy easy to put together and the taste is SO worth the effort. Girl, you just have got to try it!

And don’t forget we also have PIZZA BITES! You won’t believe what the topping is!


What are your favorite ways to satisfy the pizza craving?! Let us know in the comments below!





  1. So fun! The portobello pizza from the Frisky Fall edition is one of my very, very favorites and I had totally forgotten about it. Definitely makign this tonight!

  2. hey K&K- what did you use for cheese on the eggplant pizza? and what would be a serving size for M5? thank you xoxo!

    1. Hey girl! If you click on “Eggplant Pizza” under the photo and above the description, It will take you to the full recipe, ingredients, directions, and serving size included. :) The recipe says part skim mozzarella for the cheese. :)

  3. Such a great idea :) I’m guessing the veggie base ones are good at any meals but the pita one would be better for M3 or M4 right?

  4. There is nothing I food-lust more than pizza! i’ll scramble eggs with tomato sauce, spices and nutritional yeast to mimic the flavors without feeling bad

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