Healthy Hotel Hacks We’ll Be Living By On Tour


We got into town yesterday…after Karena has some trouble in airport security 🙈 Right now we’re just soaking it all in. After more than a year of planning, the Tone It Up Tour is finally here!! DC babes, we’ll be seeing you TODAY! We’ve got butterflies just thinking about it!!

As soon as we arrived at our hotel yesterday, we got settled in, stocked our mini fridge with TIU approved snacks, and made ourselves at home in our robes ;)

Karena even took a bubble bath! She texted me a picture of her tub last night and I literally ran right over to her room so I could take a pic of her in it! This moment was too cute to miss!

This trip will be the best kind of whirlwind for us ~ 15 cities in 30 days! We’ll be staying in a lot of hotels and we know a lot of you girls are traveling too! So we wanted to share some of our best advice for staying healthy and feeling at home in your hotel room. We’ll be living by these tips while we’re on the road! We already have our DC room filled with TIU approved goodies and scented candles!

See ya soon babe ;)



PS: We’ll be sharing so many updates from the Tour right here on so keep a lookout!

Hotel Booty Call

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can get a great sweat sesh in your room! We rounded up some of our fave travel routines HERE! These workouts will get your metabolism sky high and tone your total bod. Plus, they’re all equipment free or only use your Booty Bands, which are easy to stash in your carryon and psst…we’ll be giving you a new one in your TOUR BAG!  🙌🏻

For extra cardio, you can hit the hotel stairs with THIS amazing workout!

Have treats, will travel

Keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green by packing your own TIU approved snacks. Karena’s fave on-the-go snack is Krave Jerky. It’s packed with protein and easy to throw in your bag. And we both always travel with Tone It Up Protein Bars from Target, mini muffins like these Snickerdoodle treats, dried fruit, and homemade trail mix. We travel with so much food…airport security is like, “who are these girls?” 😂

We also like to pick up some of our fave drinks and stock the fridge. Lately we’re obsessed with REBBL’s Matcha Latte, Turmeric Golden Milk, and Maca Cold Brew ~ they’re so delicious, organic, and filled with superfoods and adaptogens!

Call ahead to your hotel and ask if your room comes with a mini fridge. Often they’ll supply one free charge if you ask ;)

healthy hotel hacks

📸: Our girl Ashley 

H20 on the go

You already know how KEY it is to stay hydrated. We often feel hungry when we’re actually thirsty. And dehydration can even slow your metabolism. Hit a local grocery store and stock your room with plenty of water so you don’t end up spending a ton of $$ on those hotel room bottles. Or carry your Tone It Up water bottle with you on the road!

Keep it clean

And we’re not just talking about your meals ;) Another must-pack item: antibacterial spray or wipes. TV remotes, doorknobs, phones, and ice buckets can be some of the germiest spots in a hotel room and no one’s got time to get sick! We’re into Honest Company’s Hand Sanitizer Spray. It has no harsh chemicals and it’s infused with essential oils.

To keep our immunity boosted on the road, we also stop at local juice shops for ginger and cayenne shots. Check out our fave juice spots in every city in our TIU Girl City Guides 👉Northeast, West Coast, Texas, Southeast, and Nashville & Chicago.

We checked out Fruitive from the DC City Guide today and it was amazing!

Tone It Up Essential Oils Karena

Setting the mood

Bring a few pieces of home on the road with you! We like to pack a scented candle, a good book, and a few of our fave essential oils for a bubble bath! A lavender scent is perfect to unwind after a workout…or a whole day of them ;)

We’ll be sharing even more tips for unwinding while you’re traveling soon!

What are your go-to healthy hotel tips? And who else loves taking bubble baths at hotels?!


  1. Ah, such good timing! I’m travelling all week for work (where I’ll be working 15+ hour days every day) so this is a great reminder to keep my healthy habits this week! Can’t wait to see y’all in Atlanta in a few weeks!

  2. I love this!!!! As much as I love traveling, it stresses me out on what to prepare, or bring, or how to have healthy options on hand. More posts while you ladies are on tour regarding tips for healthy traveling would be so amazing. Thank you for this!!!! Can’t wait to see you in Dallas!!!

  3. I travel with so much food, too! I’m glad I’m not the only one. ;) People I talk to are sometimes surprised you can even bring food through security…I don’t know how they travel WITHOUT bringing food through security! Thanks for these tips!

  4. I was waiting for an article like this to come! I’m a flight attendant and I stay in hotels four or five nights a week. Not all hotels we stay in have gyms with good equipment so those equipment free workouts are awesome! Keep them coming as well as all the travel tips :) Already introduced some of my colleagues to Tone it Up and they were very enthousiastic :)

  5. These are great – which I always use! My question is how to keep the food from spoiling when traveling (my trips are typically 4-14hrs). Consequently, I don’t usually get to take anything but homemade trail mix and bars.

    1. Hi Anna! We usually pack our perishable items in a small insulated bag in our carryon! xxo

    2. Typically security is really good about foods as long as they aren’t liquid or gel ( I even brought an avocado on the plane once!). Just remember TSA guidelines ;) so you can’t pack gels and liquids >4oz containers- meaning no prepped Chia seed pudding or ONOs even in small containers. insulated bags are great! There are also backpacks that make insulated pockets (I have one from O’Neal I use when I hit long days at the beach) or for amusement parks.

  6. I always travel with junk food! Being a travel nurse and moving every 3 months makes it easier to just buy myself candy! This last road trip i made TIU approved snacks and even my boyfriend enjoyed my TIU blueberry muffins! He nearly ate the entire bag! Thank you ladies I love this post!

  7. This is such a relevant post! Since joining the TIU team in July 2016 I’ve packed mini-muffins, trail mix, TIU bars, and fruit for most of my plane rides. During my 9-day trip to Arizona this year, I kept the muffins in the hotel mini fridge. That way, I didn’t have to even think about picking something up for M2. M4 was usually nut mix or a TIU bar. Again, I was going for easy! I’ll have to get some of that jerky Karena likes. I tried it at the TIU tour in NYC and it was amazing! As for perishables, I usually freeze a water bottle as an ice pack that I can dispose of (after drinking it, of course). That takes a while to defrost. In Italy this summer I was so glad I had packed snacks because it was hard to find things like protein bars over there. Thanks, ladies, for more good advice!

  8. Anytime I am traveling via plane, which is ~45 nights away from home/year I do the following:
    1. Scope healthy grocery stores near my hotel or the airport. I pick up essentials like: water with electrolytes like Core, Essentia, SmartWater; lcg snacks for late night munchies (raw asparagus with hummus is GREAT since asparagus is a natural diuretic; I learned that in a members only email; it helps debloat excess water retention from traveling); and you can even buy black beans, ground turkey, avocado, and fresh pico, for an amazing protein packed bowl- I’ve cooked ground turkey in a hotel microwave and it actually turns out tasty!
    2. As mentioned above, ask the hotel to put a refrigerator in your room if it does not already come with one. They might even have microwaves you can have as well; some hotels have shared microwaves in their lobby area as well.
    3. I never add salt to anything but I also avoid any salty foods when traveling and drink a TON of water so my feet and hands don’t swell on the plane.
    4. Go to bed earlier than usual- traveling can be exhausting!
    5. I’m with Karena, I always pack a small candle. A familiar scent helps alleviate homesickness.
    6. I always pack a facemask, earplugs (the ones we got at the 2016 retreat are lifesavers!, and blanket for plane rides.
    7. If you were on a long flight be sure to get up and walk around/stretch when possible. I also purposely book my seats on opposite sides of the plane on my return flight home; so if my departure flight I’m sitting by the left window then I would sit by the right window on my return flight home. I do this to avoid getting neck kinks or create habits on one side of my body.
    8. Meal prepped snacks on a plane are a must! Especially when you have a short connecting flight or any delays it is always better to have healthy options on you than being stuck at at airport with minimal options. The above listed snacks are all my go-tos as well! I LOVE Bare dehydrated green apples!!!
    9. Also as mentioned above you can work out in your hotel room if your hotel does not offer a gym but many hotels partner with local gyms in the area and is included in your hotel rate , so just ask the concierge!! If you do a work out in your hotel room where the floors can be really dirty I do this little trick and put an extra pair of socks on my hands lol! When doing planks, plank jacks, or burpees, if the floor is carpet, it can get a little rough on my hands and honestly it’s grosses me out to think about how dirty the floors might be haha.
    10. I’m sure I have a TON more tips which I often post on my IG when I’m traveling (you’ll see my grocery haul photos) so feel free to message me! Xo @alexiscantstopthis

    1. Oh and Yessssss to loving bubble baths when traveling!! Especially with a candle from home and a TON of facetiming with family ♥️♥️♥️

  9. Wow great recommendations! I would always have a banana or coconut water before flying (potassium helps a lot), and a face mist..its saves lives especially for travels >10hrs

    1. You can have for M2 too! It’s particularly great for M4 because it’s packed with protein 🤗

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