Halfway point motivation…it’s GO TIME girls!

Pour yourself a glass of rosé/champagne/kombucha because guess what?! Not only is it Wine Not Wednesday and HUMP DAY 🍑🍑, this week is also the halfway point for the BIKINI SERIES!! We’ll cheers to that! 🥂

What do we have to look forward to together!?

✓ 10 more LIVE workouts on @ToneItUp Instagram~ seriously these are the BEST

✓ 6 more BRAND NEW Sculpting & Toning Workout Videos

✓ 32 more DAILY WORKOUTS! Let’s crush ’em!

✓ Tons of Beach Babe 5 workouts to power through to feel tight & toned for summer.

✓ Countless more Wine Not Wednesday chats, healthy recipes, advice, & more with us!

✓ Checkin prizes every week

✓ Grand PRIZE announcement…oh yeah, it’s comin’!

✓ Surprises from now until SUMMER 😉

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still join in HERE!! It’s amazing what over 4 weeks can do for you!

Today we’re sharing our best tips on how to stay committed and super strong over the next four weeks! 💪🏻 We always say it’s not how you begin a journey, or even the end result ~ it’s about sticking to it, enjoying the journey, and being proud of your progress! You have four weeks to take your body to the next level, challenge yourself, and amaze yourself. Imagine all the incredible things you can accomplish!

We know you’ve got this!

Rediscover your WHY

In the beginning of the BIKINI SERIES we asked you to post your WHY on Instagram. Why are you doing the Bikini Series and why are you committing to your health? We shared a few from the team HERE! Go back to that post now and re-read what you wrote. What was your why? Write it down somewhere you’ll see it throughout the next four weeks. If you ever feel like you’ve forgotten why you started, take a quick look at your post. This will always help you refocus and reenergize. We do this all the time! Whenever we’re making a big decision or looking for new inspiration, we always return to why we started Tone It Up and it centers and motivates us. Always remember your why and it will be your most powerful tool!

tone it up feeling sore foam roller bikini series nutrition plan protein tips tricks

Remember, change is uncomfortable

All change is uncomfortable. If we were always comfortable, we would just sustain and maintain. We’re all working so hard, we’re all sore, our bodies are tight…but the results do COME! As you put your body through your Tone It Up workouts and stick to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, your body WILL adapt and change occurs. It’s science! Your body starts to adjust to this new lifestyle. You just have to be patient and persistent! Also remember to take care of your body too. Foam roll, hydrate, nourish your muscles with protein, treat yourself to a massage, and maybe even take some cat naps on the weekend. :)

Be your own inspiration

Look at how for you’ve come in the past four weeks! You’ve gotten up earlier for your Booty Calls, eaten Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals, taken time on Sundays to prep, and made so many new girlfriends! And even if you got a little off track or had a setback, you know it’s totally OK! (We have advice HERE on how to bounce back even stronger!) Look at what you’ve already done in just four weeks! You’re an inspiration!! We’re so proud of you. Use yourself as your own inspo, because you’ve totally earned it.

Treat yo self

If there’s something that has been a little more challenging for you to follow, like drinking enough water or getting in your bootycall in the morning, give yourself an incentive to do it more! We love rewarding ourselves for these small victories with things that will HELP our goals…like a new pair of kicks, yoga pants, a tank, a water bottle, a yoga class, massage, at-home spa day, bubble bath, or even a bikini! Yup…totally helps us stick to our goals! :)

Connect with your TIU TEAM!

This team is what inspires us every single day. If you’re looking even for a moment of inspo…all you have to do is look at the #TIUbikiniseries hashtag. And remember that YOUR DREAMS are possible! You can also look under our Success Story tab for some major fitspo!

This community believes in you and is here for you!!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformations Success Stories Results

You’re doing something AHHHMAZING! These are changes that will last the rest of your life! Your high energy levels, sculpted muscles, and glowing skin are all part of the TIU lifestyle. Your new, healthy habits are part of your normal routine now. That’s pretty exciting. Never forget that this is an incredible thing you’re doing for yourself and that’ll always help you stay on track!

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Your Trainers,


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Comment below with your biggest accomplishment so far during the BIKINI SERIES!!

We’re so proud of you for being a Tone It Up Girl! #TIUgirl #TIUbikiniseries


  1. My biggest accomplishment so far is purchasing the Tone It Up protein from Target, and trying new smoothie recipes and healthy baked goods. Also being able to complete the daily workout everyday has made me feel much more fit!

  2. Thank you for this @katrinascott @karenadawn @toneitup…for all that you do for the TIU community and for keeping us motivated!

  3. I love that target now has the protein powder available! I always made excuses in the past that I couldn’t do the series 💯 because I couldn’t afford the protein powder and make all the recipes. No more excuses! I’m loving this new lifestyle! Thanks tiu team for so many great surprises this series❤️ Love u girls!

  4. This is everything I needed 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I keep feeling bad because that’s how I’ve always been, feeling guilty about my choices during past challenges that weren’t on plan at all but I reflected on the past 4 weeks and I’ve been doing great!! Holy cow I didn’t even realize of all those small victories 😊 Thank you

  5. This is the best I’ve ever done in a TIU challenge!! I’m so happy and proud. I’ve lost 6 lbs so far and 8 inches overall so far. I’m so ready for the second half… during the 7th week we will be in Maui and I’m ready to rock on vacation as well!!! Hitting my goals this year is making me renew my faith in myself!!! Thanks TIU!!! #tiuteam #bikiniseries #tiuvegan #tiumom

  6. I’ve really enjoyed the BS so far! This challenge has been really successful for me. I really dove into it completely and am loving it! I have had a few treats, but the meal plan has really kept me on point! Thank you for giving us such great meal plans! I’m down 6 pounds so far and my pants are fitting so much better! I can’t wait to do measurements at the end of this week to see what I’ve accomplished in one month!

  7. Can’t believe we’re already at the halfway mark!! A few setbacks here and there,but for the most part..ON POINT!! Feelin good! Can’t wait for these next 4 weeks! :)

  8. I loving this bikini series so far but I nutrition is not going so well. I’m trying my constipation problem in check but it is hard for me. I’m trying my best . I love it!! I don’t know what to buy just the nutrition plan or digital series bundle.

  9. Waking up for my bootycall and making a smoothie for breakfast every morning! If you know me and how much I love my sleep, this is huge!!

  10. My great accomplishment so far is that we are at the halfway point and I am still sticking with the workouts/nutrition guide and am as motivated and committed as I was on Day 1! I think this is the furthest I’ve made it in a challenge with this level of commitment!! Thank you K&K and #TIUcommunity for all of the motivation!!!

  11. As a new mom (my little one is 10 weeks old), I needed to find a way to love my new body and appreciate all the amazing things my body is doing for my son. I have been focusing more on the TIU Nutrition Plan than the workouts so far, as I still have to let my body heal, but I have to say that I have never felt better- more energized, less cravings- and I know my son is also getting clean nutrition that will help him grow. Together, my family and I go on walks four times a week. The changes to my body may be small and the weight loss may be slow, but this is a lifestyle that I can maintain. I eat all day long and I look forward to how colorful my plates and bowls are. I love discovering new foods and flavors that I never knew existed. Even my husband is getting on board and helps watch the baby while I meal prep on Sundays. Thanks for the confidence K & K!

  12. This has been the best challenge for me. I joined toneitup not too long ago but I’ve been watching your website and videos since 2010. I always started a challenge and never made it past 2 weeks, if that. This time, I’m really proud of myself and my body. I’ve made it to the halfway point and I’m loving it. My husband and I really needed it after he came back from deployment, we both stopped eating healthy and working out for over a year! It didn’t help that we moved to South Korea and the foods here are sooo good! BUT We did not look so hot, so he’s completing Kris Gethen’s 8 week while I complete Toneitup 8 week. We’re both seeing amazing results <3 Thanks ladies for all that you do.

  13. For me, I’m so proud of myself with meal prepping. I am actually doing it!! Not only that but I’m trying lots of new recipes from the Bikini Series 17 and am falling in love with nutritious food again, it’s my no 1 thing. I’m also impressed I’m managing to get up early for bootycalls but it’s so worth it, thanks ladies!

  14. My biggest accomplishment is learning and using the tools from the nutrition plan to better myself and my body! I have always done the workouts (because i love them) however i continued to eat whatever i wanted. MY goal this bikini season was to incorporate the lean, clean, and green and nourish my body! It feels better knowing I’m giving myself a real hard try at change for the better ;) Im looking forward to seeing the difference once 8 weeks goes by. At the 4 week mark i have not seen a huge difference in my body BUT i have seen a difference in how i look at food!

  15. Thank you both so much for getting me to work out every day. I haven’t sweat this much since I played soccer in high school 15 years ago! The best motivation I experience every day is having sore muscles I didn’t even know could get sore… Like the sides of my back, behind and below my armpits. What?! There are muscles there? Physically feeling those results is proof that OUR work is paying off.

  16. I haven’t missed a workout and have stayed consistent with my diet. I have dropped 10+pounds and several inches and I have more energy than ever which is so motivating for the next 4 weeks. I feel like I have a whole new life. Thanks so much!

  17. My biggest accomplishment is starting it. I’ve completely revamped my entire pantry. I’ve been making healthier choices in my life and I’ve been excited to work out. It’s been a huge struggle for me. Last week I had pneumonia and was in bed all week, and I still have an awful cough that is lingering so I haven’t been doing great on my workouts. But just starting the challenge and getting the motivation to start means that once I’m finally 100% again I’ll be able to bounce back and stick with it.

  18. My biggest accomplishment has been actually sticking to a fitness and nutrition plan! I used to do cross fit and would feel so mentally and physically exhausted! With TIU workout and recipes I’ve been more energized than I’ve been in a long time while still managing working as a nightshift nurse! Thank you @katrinascott @karenadawn and @toneitup for keeping me so healthy and motivated! I haven’t looked this forward to summer in so long!!!!

  19. I ran over 5 miles on Sunday without stopping or walking. I love running but it hasn’t come easy for me. It just makes the reward so much sweeter. I don’t think I would have felt good enough to go that far if I hadn’t been sticking to my nutrition plan guidelines during the challenge. I have felt better and better every day! Thanks girls 😘

  20. This years bikini series challenge has been the one I stuck with the most. I’m so proud to have not missed a #bootycall and so excited to actually be a tiu member this time!! The nutrition an is great, I’m eating lots of greens but have had some M5 slip ups due to failing to prepare. These next 4 weeks I’m going to make sure and include so mid week meal prep for those late dinners that have me reaching for what’s easy instead of what is green. Thank you for creating these workouts, recipes and this community. I have more energy than i have had in months, I love it!

  21. I love this post! I am going to do some reflecting and re-commit myself to finishing the next 4 weeks strong!

  22. My biggest accomplishment has been stepping out of my comfort zone, going to meet new TIU ladies that I am growing to SO thoroughly enjoy their company, their encouragement, and this amazing community!

  23. I feel so much more confident now that I’ve become a TIU member and joined the Bikini Series Challenge! I’ve lost inches and pounds too, but inwardly, I feel amazing! I’m more comfortable in my own skin, and I feel strong and fierce! :-D I am so excited to keep growing and working out with y’all, and I’m so glad that I’m part of this amazing community now! ❤️

  24. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is staying motivated. I’ve never been one to stick to any fitness plan and changed my lifestyle on an as needed basis be it pageant, prom, wedding, vacation, etc. from age 14 to 33. Reaching my mid-30s, I’ve realized that the only way I’m going to have the bikini body and nonstop energy I constantly complain about is to work HARD for it; I’ve also realized that the motivation has to come from within, as a promise to myself because I want it bad enough to see it through. To date, I’ve lost 10 pounds (!!) and am loving EVERY minute of the workouts — I typically get bored with gym equipment and regular routines, but TIU workouts are crazy fun (starfish crunches are my jam) — plus the nutrition plan has completely changed my eating habits, especially with muffins, pancakes and wine, oh my, being approved. I’ve tried many different fitness apps, videos by celebrity trainers and the like and I’ve never connected with anything like TIU. Karena and Katrina (and the community support!) make achieving a bikini body and healthy lifestyle a fun and attainable goal because they totally get how to keep it real. I am over the moon that I discovered TIU and decided to take say why not challenge myself to trying something new. And here we are four weeks in, and I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in years, ditching the sedentary lifestyle, teeming with energy, whipping up smoothies, looking forward to M1-5 each day, and really discovering the person that I always knew lied within. I’m healthier, happier, motivated and feel accomplished just for starting this incredible journey.

  25. For me the best thing yet is that I am doing my booty calls in the morning, it is either daily moves or 10-15 yoga or dance. I have always said that I can not exercise in the morning before I eat something, and now I am doing it every single morning, even when I have my lady days, I am very proud that I am sticking to bikiniseries this time and even though I am super slim and the results are not that radical I can see them and especially feel them. My energy levels are higher, I feel more confident, my body is stonger and tighter, it ia not so much jelly like like it used to be. My goals to feel more nergized, tight and confident are still in front of me and I am going to grab them in the next 4 weeks.

  26. My biggest accomplishment was joining the community on instagram! (@tiu_jmilfoster) I’ve been doing the workouts for about 2.5 years now but I was a little uncomfortable posting pictures. I made a tiu handle and decided to go for it a couple weeks ago– it is amazing how much more fun and motivating it is!! I also starting following the nutrition plan for this bikini series. My body has never felt so good. Thank you K+K and all of you girls in this community for helping me to continue making fitness a priority and a lifestyle!

  27. Thank you @toneitup for this post. Thanks for the suggestion to reread your why’s and goals in order to see what has changed and what you have achieved so far!!! To be honest this is the first #tiubikiniseries I didn’t stop following. 💪Before, I think I was just not totally commited. For me everything changed with the #tiu31challenge. The daily moves and daily workouts became a daily habit as well as the daily bootycall first thing in the morning. I sometimes struggle with my nutrition though. No starches after 3pm is challenging for me because sometimes I just want to eat some bread with hummus and veggies for dinner🙊 but it is all about balance, right.😉I’m so happy I found toneitup and this #tiucommunity. I can honestly say that right at this point I’m in the best shape since becoming a member 2 years ago. I have not reached my goal yet but I’m focused and even if I slipped up I know what to do to get back on track.💕💕💕@karenakatrina @karenadawn @katrinaascott

  28. My biggest accomplishment so far is working out 6-7 days a week which is 4-5more sessions than I was able to do this time last year. This, on top of a new beginners running course schedule which began a few weeks before the BK challenge. Within 8 weeks I have gone from O km to completing an 8K run (last Saturday)…the furthest I have run in over 30years! Without a doubt the combination of the nutrition plan & all its options & the workouts have made a huge difference …I’m much stronger & fitter than I have been for many years. It’s already become a lifestyle change which I’ve become hooked on…I’ve been telling whoever will listen about TIU in response to their comments about the physical changes they can see (more than I). Looking forward to the next 4 weeks. Really hoping for a major transformation like the many amazing transformations we see on the site. Huge thanX K&K (& team) for your vision, your motivation, your laughter, for being soo inspiring, for walking the walk and providing a platform to help us become the versions of ourselves many of us have yearned to be but didn’t know how.

  29. 4 weeks down 4 weeks to go!! the biggest accomplishment for me has been watching what I eat and getting in my workouts most days. For years I’ve been told I needed to change up my diet due to stomach issues and while I tried It often only lasted a couple of weeks before falling back into old habits. recently I added a hip injury into the mix so getting decent workouts have been a challenge, mainly because while I knew the main exercises I needed to regularly do I wanted to do more to work on the rest of my body but didn’t have the time to plan anything! so this challenge has been amazing giving me the motivation and tools I needed to get my but into gear and start doing things right. Since I haven’t been on the nutrition plan either sticking to good, lean and clean meals has been a real challenge but I’ve stolen plenty of recipes that I will continue to use even after the challenge!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into these programs they’ve been amazing!

  30. Its amazing the difference I see in my life with just 4 weeks of consistent meal preps, workout, checkin. I’m much more focus, I am stonger (hello new yoga poses!) , I feel beautiful and confident. Thank you to all of you tone it up team :D

  31. I actually started TIU in January and joined the Bikini Series right on time. My body is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m stronger, leaner, happier with my physical appearance than I’ve ever been…This is truly amazing! I’ve drank the TIU Kool-aid and I ain’t going back :)
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  32. The tie dye bikini Kat is wearing in the verrryyy top/first photo, yeah… have to know where you got it <3

  33. This is just what I needed! Still trying to get my footing with the TIU plan. There are a few things that I know are holding me back (mostly too much wine) that lead to me not doing my Booty Calls, eating too much or food that’s not very healthy. I’m going to use today to reevaluate and try and find a balance between this healthier lifestyle and still being able to go out with friends and enjoy the occasional glass of pinot. Change is good, and being scared is a good indication of growth! I want to be the best me possible, and this TIU community is helping me get there every step of the way.

    1. You GOT this!! The changes will be so worth it and you’ll feel amazing! We’re right here with you! xxo

  34. Journaling! I’ve never been one to REALLY pay attention to what and how much I ate. I knew it was going to be difficult for me in that I tend to start off with all the right intentions but then I have always allowed “life” to get in the way and before I know it, I’m back to square one. The other thing I’ve started doing is talking to myself instead of listening to my inner self say “it’s too hard” or “I just want to quit.” I’m taking all the encouraging words from fellow tiu ladies and reminding myself during those hard workouts or on the mornings I’d rather sleep in. It’s truly been an amazing journey so far and I have you and this entire community of ladies to thank for it. ❤

  35. My biggest accomplishment so far in these first four weeks has been meal prepping. Taking the time when I have it on the weekend to make a proper grocery list, shop while following the list, and getting everything ready for the week for my meals and snacks. It has made the week easier as far as what to eat & packing my lunch and saving on time. I have been feeling stronger and more confident in who I am during these last few weeks. This challenge was exactly what I needed to find myself and figure out what I want & deserve again at this time in my life. I can’t thank all you ladies and our amazing trainers enough for your support! All my LOVE!

  36. I ran 3.5 miles! I have only ran over 2.5 miles 1 other time IN MY LIFE and two weeks into the #TIUBikiniSeries I did it! I left the house that morning and told my husband “it says to run a 5k, but I don’t know if that will happen” and I ran more then that. Girls your mind can trick you. Don’t listen to that mean little voice inside you head that says you can’t. Listen to your heart and tell yourself you can. That last mile I repeted the following probably 100 times minimum… “If you could run this last mile through and at the end all of your dreams came true, would you continue to run or would you stop short?”. I ran it. I am still not where I want to be, but I am one step closer. All it took was a little self encouragement, self love, and quieting that voice in my head that said “It’s to hard. Give up now.”. Don’t give up girls! Your biggest accomishment is coming too and I plan to use these 4 weeks to create an even bigger accomplishment for myself.

  37. My biggest accomplishment is getting up at 5am for my bootycall and adding a morning walk with my 4 month old baby no matter how we both slept that night. 30 more minutes of sleep really doesn’t make me feel that much more rested, but the days I get in that cardio and press play for my workouts, I feel ready for the day with all 3 littles ones. I feel stronger and I am ready for whatever the day throws at me. This mama took time to take care of herself first so I can love, play, serve my family in the best mindset. That snooze button just isn’t worth losing how strong and proud of myself I feel when I get in my bootycall.

  38. I would have to say my biggest accomplishment so far has been taking the time out of each day to focus on myself! Sometimes each day just gets so hectic and as women we tend to put everyone else above ourselves! But I’ve found by waking up an hour earlier every day to get that Bootycall in I have taken time first thing in the morning to show my self some love! And it’s fun how taking that one step each day has made such an impact on the rest of my day! I feel happier, more confident, and ready to crush each day!! It’s so true taking time to love your self first thing gives you more love to give all day long!! So excited for the next 4 weeks….and the rest of this never ending journey!

  39. This has been by far the most difficult challenge for me. For some recent challenges, if I wasn’t perfect on doing the workouts in the mornings, I threw in the towel. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it reviewing my goals and adjusting for more successes. Thanks K &K and the TIU team for the motivation!! Going to finish this one and finish strong.

  40. Happy week FIVE! 💓
    My biggest accomplishment has been the way I think about myself and my mindset. I went back and read my “why” and I’m so proud of myself for overcoming a lot of the negative self talk and instead just focusing on what I can do and what I am doing!!!! As of today I’m down 8 pounds since the start of the series, my clothes fit better, my body is leaner, and I feel so much happier!
    I look forward to every email, IG post, and update from your team, because I’m hooked on this program! This is my first time committing to any challenge with TIU even though I’ve been a member for 2 years. I can’t believe I’ve had access to the best nutrition plan and workouts for 2 years and have never logged in to use them. This is my lifestyle now, something clicked. Thank you TIU for helping this Mom of two FINALLY find a healthy, happy, fun way to live!
    Xoxo, Naomi

  41. My biggest accomplishment is to have completed my first 10km marathon yesterday!!! I still couldn’t believe I made it without stopping down. I just listened to my body when I should slow down and go for a faster pace. At the same time, breathing and checking on my posture seemed to have lighten my body. Aside from that, I’m still sticking to the #TIUBikiniSeries Daily Workout up till now with the cleanest meal I can get! Let’s go stronger, #TIUgirls!!!

  42. My biggest accomplishment is journaling and reflecting on my days. I love planning my days and meals so I will pre-fill out my food journal and workouts. This helps me to get up early for my booty calls and stick to the nutrition plan! Then, at the end of the day I will look at what I have done that day or past few days and know what I can work on or feel super accomplished. This community is so helpful and inspiring. One of the best decisions of my life was joining this program and becoming part of a new healthy family!

  43. My biggest accomplishment so far is traveling abroad and sticking with the Bikini Series and the lean clean green food choices while away. For the first time, I packed protien and loads of TIU bars and other TIU approved snacks and when I arrived in China, went directly to a supermarket to stock the hotel room with Lean Clean and Green foods and loads of bottled water. I didnt want to derail my progress so far!! These choices helped me feel fit, fresh and energized to run/finish 42 km at the Great Wall marathon on 5/20/2017. Thanks TIU! Ill be going strong with the bikini series all the way to the end of the challenge!!

  44. My biggest accomplishment has been listening to my body and honoring when I just needed some active recovery. I have not missed a single WO just because “I didn’t feel like it” or I was feeling unmotivated. This community has been giving me LIFE this Series and I love that we’re all in this together during the LIVE WOs! 💖 I feel so uplifted by all the fab women in this community!

  45. My biggest accomplishment is that I stuck to the bikini series even though I’ve had some bad days, plus I’ve started to see minor changes in my body, self, and I’m happy with where I’m at. I see a change and I like it, I’ve lost more inches in my tummy than I ever seen before.

  46. My biggest accomplishment thus far is sticking with the challenge! This is the first time I have started a TIU challenge and made it past the first two weeks. I can truly feel a change in my body, energy, and happiness. I am more aware of my nutrition, and less concerned about how quickly I make physical changes. Thank you K&K for creating this amazing community :)

  47. My biggest accomplishment has bee. Actually cooking the meals and sticking to the list! It’s been so hard in the past, but definitely worth it!

  48. My biggest accomplishment for this bikini series so far is two things: 1) I have finally figured out how to make this a lifestyle with my commitment and dedication to staying on track, meal prep, workout diligence, and saying no to things I used to say yes to. My family gets it and I’m sticking to the plan. I appreciate that k&k always make it easy for me by planning all my meals and workouts. I’m a busy mom and it makes my load lighter.. 2) I’ve lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks. And I feel great. No longer hangry, no longer fatigued from anything other than early morning workouts and all day Sunday meal prep on my feet, no longer feeling that food brain fog, no longer feeling stomach upsets. My skin is glowing and my brain is on happy. It will probably take a year for me to get to where I want to be at 2 pounds a week, but I feel I’ve got this this time. Thanks to TIU team motivation and exciting new recipes and exercises to try. If only I could squeeze in more me time I would have this perfected!

  49. I have lost 3-4 lbs (depending on the day) of the super stubborn 10lbs I put on during my wedding planning last year.

  50. My biggest accomplishment so far is that… today I won first place of a 5k YEIH! among 2300 people, so I´m very proud of myself because since last August I did not run :( thanks to TONE IT UP I got my batteries back and I´m unstoppable. Also staying up with the nutrition plan, and feeling great about it, as a former ana/mia my brain and my thoughts have changed quite a lot for the better :D thank you! let´s go for that 4 more weeks until summer, but this is my new lifestyle and I will be following it for the rest of my life!

  51. My son turns 1 this month. Being a mom has been an adjustment. Making commitment to take care of me first has been my greatest accomplishment. The little one notices my hard work and tries to workout with me as well which is adorable. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this! Thanks again for an amazing program!

  52. My biggest accomplishment has been that I’ve been sticking to this series! I workout every day and have increased my fruit and vegetable intake. I have less of an urge to sit on the couch for hours and have become more productive. I feel better and that’s the most important part. Thanks ladies xo

  53. My biggest accomplishment so far is not getting too down on myself. I’ve had a lot of road block challenges getting in my way, like cutting my hand, weddings, trips, my anxiety flaring up and I’m still doing what I can, sticking to the plan, and I know that I will get to where I want to be.

  54. My biggest accomplishment so far is not making excuses like “life getting in the way”. Tone it Up has given me the tools to bring nutrition and fitness INTO my life! Instead thinking: I shouldn’t meal prep because it takes time away from my family. I get my family involved, we menu plan, shop, and they help cook. My family loves it! Also,in the past I would have thought, ” It’s my birthday, I will probably ruin my diet because of a cheat day.”This year we did family activities all day long, then took a walk to my favorite restaurant, and yes I had an extra glass of wine and it was fabulous! Tone it Up has changed my thoughts from “my life is too busy and complicated”, to looking forward incorporating my new lifestyle into every day opportunities!

  55. I have loved reading through all of these posts about all the wonderful and amazing accomplishments the TIU community has done so far! And it’s great to see that some of my obstacles are similar to what other girls are facing. And to see how they overcame them and accomplished their goal, shows me that I can also do it! My biggest accomplishment has been checking in more with the Instagram comminuty and being more involved with check-ins. It just makes it that much more motivating to read others’ comments and see how many read your posts. Thanks for all the cheers along the way, girls! Let’s finish week 5, STRONG!!!

  56. My biggest accomplishment has been going on vacation during the Bikini Series and keeping it all #TIUApproved! I spent 12 days in Norway and Denmark, kept on top of my daily workout, and customized my meals so I could experience the local flavors and dishes while still staying within TIU guidelines. I feel energized, refreshed, and so happily full of fresh salmon and herring!

  57. My biggest accomplishment so far this Bikini Series is actually STICKING WITH IT for the first half! I’ve dedicated myself to doing the workouts everyday, and improving my diet everyday. I am super excited I’ve made it this far, and am remembering why I started this challenge, to get out of my own WAY! And I’m doing that, and having that power in your life is the best feeling ever. Thanks #K&K for all your motivation and inspiration! So pumped for the next 4 weeks! #tiuaccomplishment

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