Guided Meditation To Unlock Your Creativity

Morning beautiful! For week 3 of the Sumer Series, I want us all to focus on harnessing our creativity and going after a dream we want to make our reality. What is that dream for you? Tell me in the comments!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite meditations for unlocking creativity. Releasing creative energy can help you innovate new ideas or clear any blocks that may be holding you back from your goals. No matter what your role may be at work or at home, unlocking your creative side will bring you excitement, joy, and inspiration!

Remember you are worthy of all your dreams and the world needs your unique creative spirit! ✨



Looking for more mindful meditations like this? We gotchu girl! You can access guided meditations anytime in your Studio Tone It Up app!


  1. My dream is to host a Soul day retreat for girls in the community — yoga, meditation, breath work, etc. — to help reset in this crazy world we live in. I can see it and visualize it, and there are so many signs to go for it including this meditation so I definitely want to take the leap! Thank you Karena for all you do to inspire!

  2. It looks warm, inviting and peaceful in the photo. Are those yellow roses in the background? My creativity last night would have inspired many of my friends at Ukrainian dance. However, since I have been excluded based on my gluten free lifestyle and mentioning it on my Facebook page and more reasons they gave that I question in my mind that are unacceptable, no one was with me to be a friend. As I danced alone along the pathway with a mountain view, doing the warmup, I passed by 2 geese, which was enjoyable to see. This ultimately is not my goal or dream to be alone. The huge Planet Organic I went to later had about 4-5 vehicles in the massive parking lot, and there were hardly any customers. It was a perfect opportunity to teach 1 or 2 Ukrainian dance classes there. My dream is to have my children help with my dance business, and as we create an inviting space for a dance area, performing area, crafts area, red ballet slippers and boots, and paint the walls, with the back wall being a beautiful scenery picture from our travels to Europe together or somewhere else, and organize my Spring Colors Ukrainian Dance Event, and so much more, including a snack area with lovely hostesses, it becomes a dream come true for not only I, but my children and many people in the community too! The reality is that I went home and Ukrainian danced alone. The Tone It Up photos are very inspiring filled with colors that are calming to my female senses. I have many poppies that grow in my garden each year, so I would enjoy giving you some for your beautiful gardening spaces:) Deborah@Tone It Up, awesome mom!

    1. Your garden sounds beautiful Deborah! Keep chasing your dreams ~ you’re never alone with the Tone It Up community cheering you on 💛

  3. Thank you for this beautiful creative boosting meditation Karena! Your meditations have helped me more than you could ever know! 🙏🏼

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