Girlfriends Gift Guide ♡ Vlog

Hi gorgeous! So happy you came by! Grab your wine (or kombucha!) and settle in 😉🍷

Every year, Kat and I do a little gift exchange for the holidays. The best part is always spending time together. This year we filmed a little vlog so we can all experience it together!

We’re sharing all of our best thoughtful and budget-friendly gift ideas. The most important thing is to think about what your girlfriend loves and what’s special to her. Give from the heart and it’s guaranteed she’ll adore it!

And you give us the biggest gift of all ~ the gift of love!! ❤️

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Bubble Bath Essentials

For Kat’s Random Acts of Love Challenge, she’s going to treat herself to a bubble bath so I gave her a few things to help her make that dream come true ;) These bath salts and holiday soap from Anthropologie are perfect to pamper your girls!

Getting LIT!

Anthro & West Elm have the BEST holiday candles!!

Her Bucket List

I love giving books to all my friends and family! I gave Kat one of my favorites, The Four Agreements, for her birthday this year. She has been talking about how she wants to travel more in 2018 so I got her a book called The Bucket List that has all these unique adventures you can do on every continent!

Cozy Socks & PJs

You can never have enough pajama pants for Chrismas morning! Anthro has the cutest PJs. And Bobby picked out the softest socks from Costco!

“What I Love About You” Book

They have these adorable little books at Urban Outfitters! I filled out one with all my favorite things about Kat and got her one to give her grandma!

Deck The Tree 🎄

 I found a donut, flamingo, and puppy ornament that looked like Winston at a little boutique in Palm Springs! 🍩🐶


“You’re Magic” Bookmark ✨

Every time Karena reads, she folds her pages~ so now she’ll open a book she’ll get a little reminder of how magical she is! As soon as I saw this bookmark from Yellow Owl Workshop I thought of her!

Art Deco Bracelet

Karena loves anything art deco so I picked out a bracelet in that style from one of the boutiques in Manhattan Beach. Urban Outfitters also makes really cute bracelets like this one!

Travel Makeup Bag

Okay this Samudra bag is the BEST! It’s a perfect gift for your girls for when they’re on the go. It’s washable and they can stash all their makeup and toiletries~ and they last forever.

You can find all sorts of sizes and styles on Shopbop!

Frame It!

I noticed that Karena didn’t have any pictures displayed of her wedding so I printed and framed a few for her. I think pictures are the best presents you can give someone. We’re all so digital now and no one prints pictures anymore! It means a lot to see a picture in person and have a physical reminder of a special moment.

And it’s so easy and budget-friendly too! You can just stalk your friend’s Insta for the perfect pictures ;) I picked up the frames at Target!

Karena & Bobby’s Anniversary!!

We also FaceTimed Bobby so I could give them a belated wedding anniversary gift…I was a few months late 🙈 If you have a friend celebrating an anniversary or her first Christmas with her husband, you can collect little mementos from each era of their relationship!

I gave Karena and Bobby a glass and T-shirt from the bar where they first kissed 💋, a sign from the street where they moved in together, a framed pic from their wedding, and martini glasses and a cocktail shaker for their new home in Palm Springs! (I picked these up from a boutique in Manhattan Beach but I also love these glasses from Target!) This gift will be a sweet reminder of their history and help them toast their future!


Has your girlfriend been eyeing anything on Tone It Up? We have super cute tanks, workout equipment, booty bands, & the Nutrition Plan, we got it for your girl! You could also gift her a gift card to the store for a custom amount ♡

Right now~ when you spend over $50 in the store, you’ll receive a FREE tub of Perfect Fit Protein!!! Valued at $49!!!

Also, the BEST Gift of them all!!!! 1 Year Membership to the Studio Tone It Up App! Right now when you pay for the year, it’s $6.99 a month!

What will she get?

Daily Fitness Classes, on the hour, every hour!

Exclusive workouts with us and our Studio Tone It Up Trainers!

Since it’s through Apple and her own Apple ID, we recommend getting an iTunes Gift Card for her! I just got one for my Mom on Amazon!

A little behind the scenes look capturing the magic ~

~ The Gift Of Love ~

The most rewarding gift of all ~ adopt a family in need! Every year we do this with our group of friends. This week we did it for the fourth year in a row! Each one of us chooses a family member to gift. We all picked up household items, clothes, toys, school supplies, and cozy blankets and candles. Our friend Liz organizes it with a local hospice and hosts us for a wrapping party.

If you’re interested in doing this, we recommend looking at smaller, local organizations. You can start with a local hospice, children’s hospital, or a community center.

If you have ideas for what to get a girlfriend, comment below and let’s all share! Can’t wait to read all your ideas!

We’ve been having so much fun doing the Holiday Hustle Challenge together as a community!! There’s still time to jump in and join us!


  1. girls, this post really tugs on my heart strings! you ladies are so so sweet and full of love–for each other, family, friends, strangers <3 thank you for being amazing role models in how to live a full happy kind and loving life! (oh and keeping us fit too :))

      1. Katrina-Love that you and your friends adopt families for Christmas every year! I don’t think there is any better gift than time together, memories and helping others…that’s what me and my girls do too!

  2. Please please restock the crop sweater in size small. I’ve been eyeing it for a while since it was sold out so quickly.

  3. <3 awe!
    Most of my friends have kids (I do not) I found these really sweet gold, silver, or rose gold bar necklace that I had their kids name etched on. For my friends that don't have kids I got the same necklace with their pets name on it. :) I can't wait to give it to them.

  4. I make a lot of my gifts, which makes them so meaningful. I make pillowcases, fleece throw blankets, hand-lettered quotes in frames, and coffee cozies. They can be so simple, so affordable, and so much more thoughtful: handmade from the heart. ❤️

    1. Is this real? I’ve been waiting so long! I can’t wait to see these two become moms!

  5. Love this and so happy to be apart of a group that inspires to give and keep giving. Y’all are generous and I enjoy seeing this! One tradition I started for myself is to make some type of craft for my family (In-laws and mine). I enjoy it because it’s something personal and one-of-a-kind.

    Proverbs 22:9
    Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor.

  6. Love all these ideas! Where is Karena’s jumpsuit from? It is super cute!!

  7. You guys! Love this! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. You are great role models as friends to one another. Each unique individuals but sharing a common vision for us all! Too cute.

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