Get Your Sparklers Ready!! 4th of July is 1 week away!

Get your sparklers ready… because you’re going to be SMOKIN’ this 4th of July!

Independence Day is one week from today and we’re celebrating all week long! Check back every day for your Stars & Stripes Special ~ workouts, BBQ recipes, ice-cream sundaes, cocktails, DIY party tips (because Tone It Up girls LVE to party ;), tips from our friends at SELF Magazine, ideas on making the day special with family and friends & much MORE!

We’re so grateful for this community, our freedom to live, to be able to pursue our dreams and live our best life! Over the next week, remind yourself how lucky you are that you can make choices every day of what kind of life you want to live. You can be the person you want to be, you have control of the choices you make for your own life and your happiness is up to YOU! Wake up excited… ready to take on the day and make it one to remember 

Share this with a girlfriend or a family member and get ready together!! You never know who will join you unless you ask :)

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We’re kicking off the Stars & Stripes Special with your workout challenge over the next week. Below is your 4th of July workout, printable & video! We want you to do the cardio routine and the toning routine tomorrow and check in with us! If you don’t have a ball, we put another option below.

Karena and I are stepping it up a notch and doing two-a-days from now until the 4th… we’re even going on a little vacation trip this weekend, but it’s not going to stop us!!! We’ll check in too! Find us on instagram @KarenaKatrina

Also, for those of you doing the 5 or 7 Day Slim Down on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, check in with #5DSD & #7DSD! If you’re new to Tone It Up, Welcome!! The 5 Day Slim Down is part of our program that helps tone up and slim for an event. It’s also a great re-set if you’ve been off track for a few weeks. It’s sweet, allows for some wiggle room and it’s perfect for getting ready for that Red White & Blue Bikini!

Tomorrow we’re releasing this private Pinterest Board with tons of 4th of July goodies! Connect with us on pinterest HERE


Your Workout Challenge

We’re challenging you to two-a-days!! One workout when you first wake up – even if you just jog away from your house for 15 minutes and jog right back. Then another sweat session in the afternoon.

Your NEW Stars & Stripes routine is below!! You can do this in the morning or evening. See your weekly schedule HERE.  Next week’s will be posted on Sunday!

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Here’s the video!

Don’t have a Ball? Do your St. Tropez Bikini Series Workout!

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