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Most of us #TIUgirls live in yoga pants, but I also like to put my own spin on my casual outfits. I love relaxed, eclectic, and vintage looks, with a little ‘90s flair thrown in! Most of the time, I prefer comfort over everything else. In one day at the office, I could bounce around from business meetings, creating workouts, cooking, taking a conference call walk, and then running to an evening yoga class. I need comfy yet cute outfits that can handle all of that! Below, check out my fave go-to styles.




Get The Look!


I love to layer, so I have a collection of bomber jackets. We decided, “Why not make a Tone It Up team bomber?!” They’re coming soon (and they’re AMAZING!), so be on the lookout!! These are also our Tone It Up leggings – I’m obsessed with anything mesh! And I’m a classic Adidas girl! I love their funky designs, like these faux fur and gold high-tops and water color-inspired tee.

Tone It Up bomber coming soon – stay tuned to and @ToneItUp for more details!!

Tone It Up Maven leggings

Adidas tee

Adidas sneakers

Tone It Up Aviator Sunglasses


Right now I’m obsessing over camo, from jackets to dresses to sports bras. I’ve also added a lot of army greens and maroons to my wardrobe this season. Packing hint: I’m headed to Sundance Film Festival with Kat today, and to simplify my packing, I’m only bringing outfits that are maroon, army green, or black. This way, it’s easy to mix and match day and nighttime outfits and fit it all into one suitcase….hopefully!

Spiritual Gangster “Love” bra. #LookforLOVE :)

H&M pants

LF shirt. I love this boutique in Manhattan Beach!

Puma kicks


This is pretty much my go-to look: leggings, tank or tee, and a flannel tied around my waist that can be use to layer. I have a collection of flannels in my closet, and I think I’ve had this black-and-white one for 5 years. It goes with everything!

Spiritual Gangster tank

Urban Outfitters flannel (similar style to my old one)

Lululemon leggings

Calvin Klein bra

Tone It Up snapback hat


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  1. The Bomber Jacket :O Damn you student life I’m going to want it so baaaaad. Everyone is going to look crazy good in it, nice one #Toneitup <3

    1. Hey krysta! I bought the maven legging through tone it up when they first came out but i happened to see that Onzie sells the black ones also. Onzie made them for TIU. Just google Onzie Black Bondage leggings (theres 2 types, 1 with a patterned black & regular flat black). I found them on sale for as low as $50 but that a couple weeks ago. Not sure if can still find them but worth a try! I always like to help a fellow TIU gal out if i can, not to take a sale from TIU but prob the same as when bandier also sold TIU’s leggings on their site they made. If not the same i sure cant tell a difference. Good luck!

  2. Your style is perfection! I want to steal ALL of these outfits!!! And zomgz the bomber. You guys nailed it. Cannot wait.

  3. 👌sexy fun and comfortable! Love em all and i cant wait to see how many bombers i spot in public after they come out..another perfect way to spot a tiu girl ❤

  4. omg i’m freaking out for that bomber jacket!!! i will so be buying that when its out!

  5. Karena you always look amazing…even when you aren’t trying!!!! Love all these combos!

  6. Love your style Karena! Adidas 3 stripes are the best! looking forward to the rose bomber too!

  7. Love love all these looks! Q for Karena, do you wear low socks or no socks with your athleisure looks???

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