Get Inspired For The #SummerToneUp

Hi beautiful! Are you ready for 6 weeks of encouragement, motivation, connection, and inspiration? Each spring, the #TIUteam kicks off a series full of brand new workouts, seasonal recipes that are super easy to make, & community love that motivates us all to feel our best together. This year, the #SummerToneUp kicks off on May 11th and we are SO excited! We’ve never felt a better time to come together as a team and inspire each other to feel confident and strong. 

One of our favorite parts about this series is sharing your beautiful stories. Seeing each one of you crushing your workouts, feeling confident in your beautiful body, and having that mental and spiritual connection with yourself is so inspiring. We can’t wait to hear all about how THIS year will inspire you beyond your wildest dreams. 



“On day one of the Series, Karena & Katrina asked us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves in a few weeks. How we wanted to feel. I wrote down that I wanted to feel, ‘good enough.’ Typing that now brings tears to my eyes because I sit here weeks later and I know that I am ‘good enough.’ I was ‘good enough’ then but I just couldn’t see it. The shift in my physical appearance is so evident (down 30 lbs in 9 weeks) but the mental shift takes a little extra time to show up and it’s just as important, if not more.” 



“Eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green made me feel so much better and gave me the energy I needed to get those Booty Calls done! It’s amazing what clean eating can do for you, and the Nutrition Plan provided an easy way to do it all the time. Also, learning how to meal plan and prep was a HUGE contributor. Without that, the temptations of convenience over healthiness would have knocked me off course. It could not have been done without the Nutrition Plan!” ~ 



“I realized that there is an entire community of women on social media who all share the same struggles, interests, and goal: the ladies of the TIU Team! I knew that if I really wanted to see success this time around, I couldn’t do it alone, and I shouldn’t have to do it alone, so I created my Tone it Up Instagram and unlocked the final key to success that I was missing! I instantly felt so much support from this community, and that support fueled the fire within me so much that I can strongly say I have been able to not only get back in shape, but I am the healthiest and the most fit I’ve ever been.” 



One Day or ✨DAY ONE✨ In 2017 I committed to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and the #TIUlifestyle wholeheartedly 💗 These last 3 years I’ve come to realize what works best for me, my husband and my daughters needs. On a daily basis I continue to evolve & grow. If this is your 1st Tone It Up challenge or you’re a seasoned veteran, I’m proud to be alongside you and the rest of the #TIUcommunity. So…you decide if One Day you’re going to take that first step towards your goals…or if today is ✨DAY ONE✨ of the bigger picture.” ~ 



“I’ve lost about 20 pounds following TIU workouts and the Nutrition Plan. More importantly, I can now lift weights and move faster than ever! Mentally, I feel like a new woman. I see myself differently. I am so, so proud of myself and happy to be me (imperfections and all). I’m not sure I would’ve been able to find this love in myself without the constant self-investment that TIU praises (and makes fun)!”



“Mentally I became so much tougher and I truly became more confident! Physically, everything changed! I am toned and have muscle in places I didn’t know existed. Never in my life would I have thought I’d have abs! More importantly, I appreciate my body and I’m so proud not just of my results but of how positive I have become and how I have learned to not care what others think of me and to just truly love myself. Tone it Up has given me a life I am proud of, a body I want to properly nourish, and a mindset that is so filled with love! My expectation initially was to ‘lose weight,’ my reality has been so much more!” 



“My body had changed so much after kids and it was hard for me to accept it was never going to be the same, but after putting in the hard work and starting to feel like myself again I love my new body!! This lifestyle is something I will continue forever. I just needed to find the right tools to get started. I found a side of myself I never knew was there and I am so incredibly proud.” 



“I loved the way I felt completing challenge workouts, trying new and delicious healthy meals, and being uplifted by the community. Being a part of something bigger than myself and seeing my hard work pay off made transitioning into this lifestyle a no brainer! Tone It Up to me means that missing puzzle piece to having a balanced life. Since beginning TIU, other areas in my life feel balanced and complete. I am HAPPY. I have more love to give my family and friends. I am CONFIDENT. I APPRECIATE healthy food and what it does for my body! I LOVE harder. Karena and Katrina bring so much heartwarming love and laughter to my day, which has led to FRIENDSHIPS that mean the world to me!” 





“The fitness app is by far my favorite app. What started as a free trial turned into a year journey. This community has changed my life in so many ways! Instead of dieting, I consider myself just eating healthier. My favorite part about this community is how encouraging & positive everyone is!! I love seeing posts on IG of the #TIUteam. It’s very emotional & inspiring! It’s one of the reasons that gets me active.”


“Tone It Up completely changed my life! Before Tone It Up, I was exhausted, lethargic, and totally unhappy with my body. I knew I needed to change something and Tone It Up was exactly what I needed. Tone It Up inspired me. Tone It Up allowed me to believe that I COULD do it, and furthermore, Tone It Up gave me the tools to change my life and create an amazing situation for myself.” 

Join us for the #SummerToneUp! Sign up HERE & we’ll be in touch with everything you need to know! xxo Love you girl!! 

Want more self-care?! Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts and motivation including yoga routines, mindful meditations, and nourishing recipes! We all start together May 11th!