Get a Gorgeous Beachy Bronze Glow!

There’s nothing like a beautiful, glistening glow on that hard-earned bod of yours. It makes you feel sun kissed and extra confident rocking your swimsuit. Pick up some exfoliant, sunless tanner, and some gloves, and follow our step-by-step guide to get glowing, girl!

K&K Week in the life

1. Exfoliate all over! Make sure you get those elbows and knees.

2. Apply sunless tanner with gloves. We like the kind of tanner where you can see where it’s going. We recently fell in love with the brand Bondi Sands!

3. Avoid your wrists, knuckles, ankles, and neck. Once you’re done, take the little bit of tanner left on your gloves and rub just a little in those areas. It’s important not to overdo it, especially on your neck. We usually don’t sunless tan our face, but if you do, you could put a small amount on your cheeks and forehead. Blend with a makeup sponge and avoid your eyes.

4. Walk around in your birthday suit…and let it dry!! Yup, walk around naked. Wait 15 minutes and put on loose clothing. Don’t put on anything that has tight elastics. Avoid tight underwear…Commando is best at this time. ; )

5. At least 3 hours later, rinse off but do not scrub. Now you’re glowing, girl!!!

tone it up beach bronze glow sunless tanner

Oh…and make SURE you ask someone to get your back!!

tone it up beach bronze glow sunless tanner