Fitness Festival Lookbook for the #TIUtour!

~ Cool blues & rose pinks, in contrast with shades of aqua…Karena and I set out to create the most beautiful color palette for your Tone It Up Tour! While sipping matcha and sitting on the back porch of our favorite fitness boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice, we started to envision you and the entire team entering the tour. We thought, ‘What will she wear? What colors energetically connect women and calm us at the same time?’

Inspired by the ocean mist coming up onto the porch, the original TIU Teal, our vintage jeans, and pops of rosé, we designed the perfect combination of feminine and strong festival vibes. ~

On our way to see our babes at Avocado to design the Apparel for the Tour! Literally had butterflies the whole way there…and again when we saw and felt all the fabrics! 

On the back porch going through colors, patterns, designs, and silhouettes~ dreaming up the perfect lookbook for you girls!

Sneak peeks on Instagram Story! 

Imagine yourself walking into the Tour in these beautiful, one of a kind leggings and tops ~ you’re a total knockout and you’re going to feel so fabulous!

Photography by our fave~ Nicole L Hill ♡

Thanks to our girls at Avocado, Esther and Christina ~ seriously, this is such a dream to work with you and create beautiful experiences together! We also appreciate all of our matcha meetings and coffee dates coming up with ideas and inspiration for the tour. It’s been a pleasure to work with such innovative, artistic, and empowering women like you!

 And thanks to all of our TIU HQ babes for putting together this Lookbook with us! Your smiles are infectious and we can’t wait to experience this tour with you!

Lauren, Sarah, Kiki, & Kelly~ you’re our muses! Ashley Kucich and Jenna Anton~ thanks for the gorg hair + makeup and for jumping into the Lookbook with us!


All of you coming to the Tone It Up Tour, check your inbox later today for your exclusive Tour Apparel!


The morning of our shoot, I literally grabbed all the silver jewelry I had! I usually get studs and rings from Free People. We also love rose quartz and turquoise with these outfits!

Cool Blue Tone It Up Hat

Your new TIU hat will be in your Tour Bag!! YES! Everyone gets one!

BYOM~ Remember to bring your own mat to the tour! The Tone It Up mat is super quality, eco friendly, and lasts foreva!

You won’t need to bring a bag~ we gotchu!!! You ALL get a bag! Sneak peeks in the pics!


Our girl Jenna Anton did a natural dewy and bronze look on all of us.

Since we’ll be sweatin’ a lot, we recommend you mix your favorite foundation with some BB Cream Coola with SPF.

Lip Liner~ You ready for this?! It’s amazing. We used my ALL-TIME fave lip pencil that Jenna introduced to me years ago and I use it every day~ Make Up Forever in 1C! It’s so natural and looks great with other lip colors and glosses layered on.

 We put on COOLA LipLux in NUDE BEACH to add sheen and protection

To set our makeup, we used Coola make up setting spray~ it has 30 SPF

Karena and I also love a winged cat eye, a natural bronze lid, and a strong brow game! We always have someone help us at Sephora to find brow pencils and great water-proof liners!


For our natural waves, we air-dried and added tons of texture. Lately, I’ve been trying heat-free styles thanks to Kiki!

HOW TO: At night, when my hair is still a little damp, I’ll put a loose french braid in it and sleep on it overnight. When I wake up, (I might even work out first), I’ll take it out and put our Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo. This keeps it soft and natural. Then, if some front curls need to be touched up, wrap pieces around a low heat iron going away from your face, avoiding the ends to keep ’em healthy. Spritz again with sea salt spray and voilà!

The girls also did lots of braids and ponys! We styled my favorite Seahorse Pony on Kiki! It’s so fun and stays out of your face! I love this look for yoga :) We’ll be uploading a tutorial on Instagram soon!

I also love Karena’s short cut with tons of texture! She also added rosé pink hair spray to add some color. There will be braid bars on the tour too!



Rose Shoes~ APL from Shopbop

Light Blue Shoes~ APL from Shopbop

*** There are more colors once you go to site

Since it’s a festival, have some fun! Add some shimmer, a pop of color on your lips, or even some pink rosé stripes in your hair like Karena! Whatever it is, life is too precious to not have a freaking BLAST, so go all out. We can’t wait to see you there!

If you haven’t reserved your spot for the Tour yet, it’s not too late! Come join us HERE!

For everyone coming on Tour, check your inbox for your exclusive Tour Apparel! We can’t wait to see you there in your new threads walkin’ into the Fitness Festival!



  1. This post is LIFE!!! I was just IG messaging another TIU girl about what the heck are we going to wear for TIU TOUR LA?! Everything and everyone (K&K and TIU HQ Babes) looks so beautiful! I am soooo happy I decided to go for it and buy my ticket! VIP rose garden…here I come! TIU SD road trip to LA!

    1. So excited to see you!!!!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL lookbook girls!! I am so excited for the Tampa Tour! Counting down the days <3

    1. Tampa is going to be AHHHHMAZING!

    2. I’m going to Tampa too! See ya there!

  3. Absolutely love the color scheme :D the threads, bags, hats, and tips to be fitness festival ready are perfectly pretty and so thoughtful <3 thanks for always thinking of us K&K, sooo excited to see you on tour!!

    1. You girls are going to LOVE the bags!!! And everything in it ;) The cool blue hats are awesome too!

  4. This is amazing! I can’t wait for the email today. See you ladies in Scottsdale!!


    1. Katherine! I just sent you a DM!

  6. Glad to know, I’m not the only freaking out about what to wear #TIUTOUR SAN FRANCISCO

  7. SO BEATIFUL!!!!!

  8. OMG This post is amazing!! I’m hoping that things work out so that I can make it to DC. <3 Is there a tutorial for the seahorse pony somewhere?

    1. Such a cute idea! I can film a tutorial on Kiki this week!!! We’ll post ASAP! It’s actually so easy!

      1. Yay!!! Thank you! I was going to ask too ;) GORGEOUS!

  9. This is everything!!!! OMG! I will take one of everything please :) Thank you K&K and the TIU HQ for all the planning and attention to detail throughout the entire tour. I am blown away!!! I can not wait for Nashville!! So tempted to go to Chicago too

  10. I LOVE THIS LOOKBOOK – can’t wait to get my TIU tour outfit!! See you ladies in NYC! :)

    One question… my friend bought my ticket under her TIU account, will I not receive the exclusive email or will I need tomake the purchases under her account? Thanks! @toneitu

  11. Will this be available later to those who couldn’t make it to the tour this year?

      1. Wondering the same! Hoping so!

    1. Me too! Can’t make the tour but those blue AVO leggings are gorgeous!

      1. Yes please tell…
        Because of work I could make the tour but I wanna buy some of this amazing apparel will it be available to us who couldn’t make it?

        1. I really hope they make it available to everyone! I can’t make it due to work as well ! :( breaks my heart I would love to work out with the girls.

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Everything is so DREAMY 😍 can’t wait to see all of you beautiful bombshells in the #tiuseattle VIP ROSÉ GARDEN! 😆🍷🌹💙💪
    Thank you girls for always putting so much love and thought into all that you put out for us! 😘
    💕 Stacy 💕

  13. Ahhh!! Love it!! 💙Everything looks so amazing and you ladies look fabulous!! 💖Super excited for the Tour!! Cannot wait! 👯👯

  14. This post 💙💙💙 I can’t wait for TIU Boston!!!

  15. GAHHH!! Literally UB-SESSED with every single detail!! Now how is a girl to decideee?! Wish I was going to like 5 Tour stops so I could wear all the outfits!!!

  16. Oh my goodness, this is the stuff dreams are made of!!!!!!! You did an amazing job curating this apparel!

  17. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love it all!! Beautiful colors and styles! It’s like bringing the ocean to the rest of the US! Especially those of us in landlocked areas such as the Midwest! I can’t wait to see more! The excitement is growing stronger and stronger by the day!!! What ever will I wear??? LOVE!

  18. This post is amazing! Super excited for the tour. I’m hopeful Houston will still be able to host the event after this hurricane. Love everything y’all do for this community. Love from #tiuhouston ❤️.

  19. Gorgeous lookbook! Love the new styles! Can’t wait for the tour! TiuNYC!! Xoxo

  20. I LOVE THIS!!!! Can’t wait to see and workout with you all at the TIU Tour LA stop!!!!! VIP status! Hehe

  21. I’m sooo sad I’ll miss it! Will be honeymoonin’ xo next time!!

  22. I’m so excited for Tampa! Please make the new apparel affordable for us TIU girls on a budget. I want to experience this festival to its fullest, including beautiful apparel! Thank you for everything!

    1. Ah, heard that! I sprung for the Tiu Tampa VIP ticket but now all the cute merchandise I’m like ohhh no, behave girl! haha Hopefully it’s not too killer expensive so we can all enjoy and buy some goodies!

      See ya at the Tampa tour!

  23. Everything looks great!!! You ladies have an awesome tour! I hope you will do another one next year because I will definitely be going! Maybe consider central NY!

  24. Love the lookbook!! I might need to do several outfit changes during the day!! Had no idea Coola has a BB cream and setting spray- will try it out! I’m so excited to meet everyone in Seattle!!

  25. Will the apparel be available soon for members that cannot make the tour?? I hope soo!

    1. I know!!! I won’t be able to make it but would still love to buy the clothes!!!

  26. Ahhh I can’t wait to roadtrip to Nashville with my #TIUCharlotte babes! We are soooo excited! #girlsgetaway

  27. This. Post.

    I’m so glad you have this all up because I’m getting SO excited for TIU Dallas (traveling from Colorado) and meeting everyone! Braids on braids on braiiidssss.

  28. I’m so excited about this!! I’ve been wanting to purchase a pair of Avocado leggings! I’m glad I waited for this. The color scheme couldn’t be more perfect. See you in CHICAGO ladies!! <3

  29. So exciting!! Love all of the apparel! Can’t wait for MIAMI!

  30. Ohhhh I am so jealous of everyone who is going to the TIU tour 😭. If only the tour was coming to Europe too 😆. Ireland is soooo far away from all of this excitement 😆. Hope you all have a fantastic time together 💗💗!

    1. Feeling your pain here! I am in Canada and no where close to a tour :(

  31. The lookbook is AMAZING! I’m obsessed with the color palette and can’t wait to get some of this apparel! I’ve been shopping for weeks for my “tour outfit” and haven’t found anything I like yet…so happy I waited!! Can’t wait for BOSTON!

  32. My BFF bought my ticket with her account, what do I do if I’m not getting an email?

  33. I’m so excited I just can’t wait!!!! TONE IT UP CHICAGO !!! Beautiful 😘🤗love you K&K for everything !!! 🦋🦋🦋

    1. I’m traveling from Las Vegas to Chicago to attend! Can’t wait :) IG: tiu.maria_aikens

  34. Okay, no joke, I remember K&K mentioning a blue color scheme and I picked up some new workout clothes I planned to wear to the Tampa tour that is this exact color way! I will gladly return or just keep for my regular workouts because this collection is beyond beautiful! You girls always out-do yourselves!!

  35. So excited! This makes my day :) can’t wait to meet all the TIU girls and TIU hq and K&K at the TIU tour in Philly. I’m sure it will be even more perfect in person. This look book is amazing, you girls did a great job! I need one of everything!!!!

  36. This post is everything!!! I was super excited about heading to Tampa before this came out and now I’m even more pumped!! Those turquoise leggings are amazing!! Need them in my life! Now refreshing my emails waiting for the tour apparel one!!!

  37. Everything looks beautiful and look like everyone will have fun. I wish I was able to go to the tour, but the closest location (Houston) falls on a really bad weekend and none of the other tour dates fit in my schedule either. Maybe next year, and maybe you can come to Louisiana to either Baton Rouge or New Orleans. :)

  38. I’m excited as well! I was curious though if we are to workout and get all shimmering and sweaty ;p then go to the VIP Rose Garden are haggard ;( LOL I may not be working out as hard as I could just to make sure my photo ops will be on point with K&K and my fellow TIU gals <3 IG: tiu.maria_aikens Can't wait to see you all there!!!!

  39. Ah I just had a baby and I won’t be able to make it! I am so bummed to miss the tour, I hope these clothes will be available after!

  40. Can’t wait to see you in Philly! I am getting married 13 days later and this will be my bachelorette party (of 1) plus all of you! #tiubride

  41. Won’t be able to make it to your Texas tour. 😿☹️😞 That’s the weekend my sister gets married.😀 Please do this tour next yr or do another tour in the future!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. Will TIU girls that are not able to make the Tour be able to get access to the TIU Tour Apparel as well? I LOVE this brand and the collaborations shown in the pics in the lookbook?

  43. Excited! and really want to participate in purchasing some of the apparel- however what if your friend you’re going with bought two tix together? I won’t receive the email to purchase :( Any suggestions?

  44. Is that pretty blue bag a VIP bag?! Hopefully! Or is it a purchase item? I saw the black drawstring one too. So excited!!

    1. YES! That’s the VIP Bag :) It’s a pretty blue jean color!!! AND super durable! The black drawstring is the other tour bag! Obsessed with both!

      1. Yay!! I was obsessed with the blue bag! It is beautiful!!! Thank you K&K and the TIU HQ gals!!! Y’all outdid yourselves!! 😍😍

  45. I’m so excited for LA!!! After attending the AVP yoga event, I can’t wait to get back to being surrounded by the TIU community! ❤

  46. Omg! All the details-all the feels-all the heart eyes 😍😍😍🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ Can’t wait to get my hands on all the beautiful pieces and feel so pretty at the tour!!!

  47. Love everything about this lookbook! This is incredible! The colors, all the details everything! Can’t wait to meet you in Chicago! That is seriously going to be the BEST DAY EVER at the TIU Tour!

  48. OMG. . . This is so freaking exciting!!! you girls did a gorgeous job on this lookbook!! ahhhhhh I can’t wait even moreeeeee now to meet you all and enjoy all that you amazing girls have been working so hard on!! I hope you girls get to enjoy it too after all of this!! K & K I hope you realize just how special you and your team are <3 x0x0x0x

  49. Everything looks incredible, ladies! I am so excited for this tour! And I can’t wait to be reunited with Kelly (@kelly-shupe) and Erica!!!

  50. I cant make it to the tour ☹. But so want some of these clothes. Will they only be available for people attending the tour?

  51. SO EXCITED! The new gear looks amazing! Love all the colors and prints; I can’t wait to go all out for this shin-dig! Praying Houston is all dried out in time for the tour! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  52. I just got the email less than an hour ago and the Sea Mist tank is already sold out! Please tell me you will restock!

  53. Bummer, I tried to order the Sea Mist tank and it’s already sold out.

  54. So in LOVE with all of this!! I cannot wait for the tour to come to Chicago!! Can you link to Kiki’s white crop top/bra? I’m obsessed with it and I don’t see it in the lookbook! Help a fellow TIU girl out! Xoxo

  55. Absolutely LOVE all of this – this just got me soooo excited for #TIUTour Boston! OMG I cannot wait – every day I’m inspired by you girls and your neverending positivity – it makes me feel powerful, beautiful, and strong! Can’t wait to check everything out and get all my gear for the Tour and beyond :)

  56. Is it possible to upgrade my Tour ticket from General Admission to VIP: Tone It Up?? I have two tickets for Chicago I’m interested in upgrading if there are any spots still left! Is it possible to somehow just pay the $150 difference on each ticket?

    1. Hi Alexa! You can email [email protected] and our girl Stephanie will help you out! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago! xxo

      1. Thanks so much!! 😊

  57. What a beautiful post, absolutely gorg! I can’t wait for the tour, Tampa bound! While I bought my festival outfit a few weeks ago Im very much Intrigued by the lookbook. Haven’t gotten my email just yet though. Help please :)

  58. Can’t wait! So crazy – the tank was sold out by the time I filled my cart! Still excited for the other goodies! Oh man and the bags for the tour !! It’s going to be amazing !

  59. I feel really sad I am missing this seeing as I live in Melbourne Australia! Will all the goodies be available afterwards? Because I really want them!!!!!
    You girls should definitely come to Melbourne tho 😀

  60. Can’t wait for #TIUPHILLY!!! ANd to meet K+K and see all the #tiubabes!! So sad that the cute top is already sold out :( :( :(

  61. I love the inspired colors and the entire look! K & K, will you be able to re-stock the “Sea Mist” tank soon??? I was so sad it sold out already :(
    Thanks for all you do every day for us girls! xoxo

  62. Ahhhh these looks are gorgeous!!! Already ordered my leggings but the grey tank said it’s already sold out 😭

    1. You’re going to LOVE the leggings! We’ll be restocking and have more apparel available at the Tour! 😘

      1. OH THANK GOD! You guys sold out of everything before I even had a chance to look!!! #tiugirlproblems

  63. I’m going on the tour and I’m bummed because I just got my email and the t shirt is sold out and the sizes are too small for me. Too bad there wasn’t an XL. I won’t fit any of that stuff. (Insert sad face) but it is beautiful stuff ladies! Love it all! Nice job!

  64. Oh wow!! You guys are amazing! Everything is gorgeous and inspiring 😍 Jealous of all the girls state-side heading on the tour…Come to 🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦 K&K!!!!

    Xoxo Rebecca

  65. This is such a dreamy collection! I want one of EVERYTHING! Looking forward to seeing you beauties in San Francisco 💙💗💙 #tiutoursanfrancisco

  66. Beyond excited for TIU Tour NYC and the VIP Rosé Garden! Can’t wait to have the ultimate meet up with the community and finally meet y’all! Traveling mercies as y’all head out on the road!

  67. Will clothes be available to TIU members who are not going on the tour?!?

  68. Ahh!! Love every thing! So sad you’re not coming to Detroit 😫💗

  69. Haven’t got the email with the link to shop. Seeing on IG where most stuff is sold out. 😩

      1. Same situation for me….my friend purchased our tickets, so I haven’t seen anything :( . Sent an email over…..hopefully items restock in time for the LA tour! <3

  70. Omg, i literally bought every piece of the festival collection #zerochill when it comes to TIU gear! Is that a TIU towel I see???

  71. Hello, I did not receive an email about the gear and have a ticket to go to the tour in Houston. Just wondering so I can partake in that super soft tank everyone is talking about!

  72. I really really wanted to come on the TIU Tour but I have yoga teacher training that I can’t miss that day. Will the apparel be available to those who can’t attend the tour? Please?? They’re so beautiful!

    1. Hi Emily! CONGRATS on yoga teacher training. It’s the most beautiful experience. For now, we ordered just enough apparel for the tour! We’d love to create more after the tour though. We’re so happy you like it! xxo

  73. Can’t wait for the tiu tour in Scottsdale! You girls are amazing!

  74. Hi!!! So excited about the LA Tour and to finally meet you ladies! Will the navy leggings be restocked anytime soon? Also where is Karena’s grey off the shoulder t-shirt from? These pics are all so cute and I love the colors!

  75. My mom got me the vintage black leggings as an early birthday gift! Hope the tanks are restocked soon!

    1. Hi Torri! We’re obsessed with the leggings! You’re going to love them. The tanks will be restocked and available at the Tour!!

  76. I never received my email. Are they stil going out? I just don’t want to miss out on buying, before they sell out. I can’t wait for the Tour to come to Houston!! We need something to look forward to. ❤️ @toneitup

    1. Hi Cristin! You can email [email protected] and our girl Stephanie will help you out. Can’t wait to see you! Sending our love and prayers to Houston!

  77. Will the apparel eventually be available for those who cannot attend the tour?

    1. We so wish you could come to the tour with us! For now, we ordered just enough apparel for the tour! We’d love to create more after the tour though. Sending love!!!

  78. I’m so sad I can’t make it to the tour. :( my nieces turn 3 the same day the tour comes to Boston.

  79. I will hopefully get to go to one of these tours/festivals in the next couple of years!! Hopefully you’ll come to TX again, and I’ll be able to go (pregnant right now!).

  80. @toneitup OMGOOODNESSS- I am sooo excited! Is the blue bag the VIP or do we all get it? I LOVE it!!!

    1. Hi babe! The bright blue bag is VIP and the darker bag is for general admission. Every girl gets a bag! So excited to see you there!!

  81. So excited!! I know we can’t bring bags into the tour (NYC), but I’m wondering if we can carry something small… like a fanny pack? Gotta have somewhere to stash my metro card, phone, and keys! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Meredith! You can bring a small clutch or something similar size. See ya SO SOON in NYC ;)

  82. I’m so excited for my first official TIU event that I could cry! I’ve been a member since 2012 and I’ve come along way. So when I heard of the #tiutour in Miami; my hometown, I couldn’t pass it up. I really want the new appeal…I really do but I’m worried they won’t arrive in time.

    Either way, this is going to be an experience that I will never forgot. Thank you K & K, this TIU girl is ready!!!

    1. Hi Doreen! We’re so happy you’re coming to Miami! The apparel should arrive in time and you can also get it at the Tour! Can’t wait!! xxo

  83. Add a stop in DENVER!!! So sad I can’t go to the other ones!! :(

  84. Kat- what color do you use in the coola Rosilliance cream? I noticed there were 3 colors at Nordstrom- light/golden/and med-dark. So excited for the tour! Seattle woohooo!

  85. So excited for the #TIUboston tour!!! You girls & the entire #tiuHQ are phenomenal!!! 👏🏻Love everything!! I ordered the Ocean crush legging & crop with free shipping. Wanted to order the Sea Mist tank at the same time but it was sold out. If I order the tank after it’s restocked will I now have to pay shipping? 💕

    1. Hi babe! So glad you love it! The tank will be available at the Tour too!

      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question! I’ll just wait to get tank at the tour!!! :)

  86. I have signed up for the #TIUTOUR in Houston. I have seen on social media girls who have already bought apparel but I haven’t received an email about it. Any reason why??

  87. Just got my ticket for the TIU tour in Chicago!! Now I’m anxiously awaiting this apparel email! 😉😉😉

  88. Do you have to have VIP tickets to get into the rose garden and the lounge and all that stuff??

    1. Hi Caitlyn! Yes, VIP tickets include the Rosé Garden. xxo

  89. Omgosh this is awesome and I SO wish I could come to the tour! Girls come to Canada!!!!!!!!!! Have a blast all you girlies and i’ll be there in spirit for sure xo

  90. Those teal leggings are gorgeous! I wish I was coming to the tour. Can you please do a tutorial on how to tie your shirt in the perfect knot like that? Mine neeeeever comes out right!

  91. Will any of the sold out items be restocked in the next day or so??! I missed out and I’m coming to the Philly date, so running out of time to have them shipped!! :(

    1. Hi Kelly! The apparel will be available at the Tour. Can’t wait to see you in Philly!

  92. Will the apparel be available to purchase besides the tour, I am unable to make it to Philly Tour because I had a prepaid vacation to South Dakota planned on the week you will be at the tour I could go too:( I really love the new apparel and am so sad I can’t attend the Tour, so it would be awesome if it would be available to purchase ?!?!
    love you girls !

  93. Beautiful! What sizes are you wearing? Trying to figure out if I need to buy xs/s or m/l!

    1. Hi babe! We’re wearing the S/XS. They fit true to size and have a great stretch. You can check out the size charts on the apparel page too. Can’t wait to see you on Tour! xxo

  94. I’m so upset (sad face). I just got paid today & EVERYTHING but the Ocean Breeze Leggings is sold out. I know it says it will be restocked as soon as possible, but I’m hoping it won’t sell out so fast again, & I’m hoping I can wear this to the tour & not after it’s over. I would like to get the matching top, as well as the blue outfit Karena is wearing. Please say this stuff will be at the TIUTour to buy, if I can’t afford it all now!?!

    1. Yes girl!! The apparel will be available at the Tour. Can’t wait to work out with you there! xxo

  95. Where are you able to purchase? My email link sends me to the lookbook page on TIU but I don’t see where I can actually shop….