Finding Your Aha Moment & Your Purpose ~ Rosé With K&K and Jaclyn Johnson

How’s your Hump Day going gorgeous? Today we’re back with Jaclyn Johnson, the boss babe entrepreneur behind Create & Cultivate. We’re sharing our personal “aha” moments when we found our passion that turned into our purpose and our career. It’s that feeling when you realize your passion is so much bigger than just yourself! ✨

Check out the video below to hear all about the big moments that led to Tone It Up — and how you can find your own passions and make them your reality!

Go chase those dreams babe ~ we’re behind you every step of the way!



PS: We’re chatting with Jaclyn again at Coachella this weekend! We’re so excited to be keynote speakers at the Create & Cultivate Desert Pop-Up. Keep your eyes on our Insta to see!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

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  1. I was running today and this thought came in..’what is my life purpose?’ When I came home…saw this video and it made me so happy!! Now I am more clear what is my purpose: to live truly healthy and happy life… <3 enjoy every moment.

  2. I am currently pursuing my masters in something completely different than what I love. My true passion is fitness and health I have watched this video more than three times in different occasions and for some reason it always reminds me that I am capable of anything I put myself to do! I think I might step into this passion and make it reality!

    1. Yes!! You are capable of anything you put your mind and heart to and worthy of all your dreams. We believe in you and this community is here to cheer you on 💛

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