Everything You Need To Know About The Summer Tone Up

We’re all starting the Summer Tone Up together on Monday and we can’t wait to get started with you!! Karena and I know you’re ready to rock this challenge!  The excitement in this community is electric —  we see you sharing you’re in on Insta #SummerToneUp and tagging your girls to join you. Keep those checkins comin’!

The strength and support of this beautiful community is so powerful. It will help you crush your goals throughout the next 6 weeks, whether you’re looking to tone up, form lean muscle, up your energy, run that extra mile, focus on weight training, get your nutrition on point, focus on self-care, or simply feel the most confident and fabulous you’ve ever felt. You WILL get there with this team cheering you on 💕

Before we kick things off, Karena and I want to make sure you have all the details on the challenge. Here’s everything you can expect in the next 6 weeks! And remember, we’re always here for you if you have any questions along the way. Love you lots!!

Are you in for the Summer Tone Up?!

Here’s what’s coming for you!!

✔️ Daily Toning Moves

We design your Toning Moves to sculpt every inch of your gorgeous body! Your moves will be a mix of cardio, HIIT, weight training, yoga, and more to get the best results. You can find your moves on your TIU app HERE ~ they’re so easy to swipe through AND they’re totally free!

✔️ Brand new workouts

We filmed these workouts months ago, and we’re so excited to finally release them for Summer Tone Up! Look out for yoga toning, weight training, kettlebell workouts, dance cardio, sculpting, and more new routines in Studio Tone It Up with us and your Studio trainers! Plus, new prenatal workouts for my mamas to be! And of course, we’ll have amazing workouts and fitness advice for you on ToneItUp.com every Tone It Up Tuesday!

✔️ Support from this incredible team!

If you don’t already have a TIU Instagram account, this is the perfect time to create one! Check in every day with your sweaty selfies and Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals using the hashtags #TIUteam and #SummerToneUp and connect with this beautiful community! We’ll be cheering you on!

✔️ Bikini Meal Plan recipes 

Throughout the Summer Tone Up, we’ll be following your Bikini Meal Plan ~ our FAVORITE edition we’ve ever released! We couldn’t get enough of the matcha treats, donuts, tacos, kombucha cocktails, HQ fave lunches, and simple dinners. 😍 And we know how much you loved these recipes!

Members of the Nutrition Plan, you already have your Bikini Meal Plan on hand and you can always find it in the “MY TIU” section of ToneItUp.com. You can choose to follow the first 6 weeks of the Bikini Plan or mix and match with your favorite recipes. We have blank meal-by-meal pages for you in the plan too. Whatever works for YOU and your lifestyle. As long as you’re sticking to the plan guidelines, you’re set!

Not a member yet? Now is the PERFECT time to join and follow along with us as we make all the delish Bikini Meal Plan recipes. Karena and I are so excited to meal prep and make everything with you! Join the Nutrition Plan HERE and you’ll immediately gain access to EVERY edition ~ including your new Bikini Meal Plan!

✔️ Daily motivation 

We’re HERE for you girl!! You’ll be receiving emails throughout the Summer Tone Up with fitness tips, nutrition advice, and tons of motivation!

✔️ Weekly checkin winners 

Make sure to use the hashtag #SummerToneUp for a chance to win some awesome TIU swag! We pick winners on Instagram every week!

✔️ Our fave beauty tips & tutorials 

We’re continuing our summer beauty series with tips and tricks from our pros and easy tutorials from us 💋

✔️ Free Starter Pack with all the deets you need to get started!

Just by signing up you receive 3 slimming recipes, tons of info on the Summer Tone Up, and our top tips for getting summer ready and confident!

✔️ Surprises throughout the series 🎉

You know we’re always working on special surprises for you so keep your eyes on ToneItUp.com, Insta, your inbox, and the Tone It Up Boutique all summer long!

Summer Tone Up Rep Challenge!

To sculpt and strengthen your gorgeous muscles, boost your metabolism, and up your endurance, we’re all doing a NEW Daily Rep Challenge during the Summer Tone Up!

Here’s how it works ~

Each day, we’ll feature one special move as part of your Daily Toning Moves. This exercise will repeat each week so you can keep track of your reps and watch yourself get stronger throughout the challenge! We even created a special chart for you to track your progress below. You can screenshot it and share it on Insta!

Download your Daily Rep Challenge chart HERE!

Are you in?! Share a sweaty selfie on Insta #SummerToneUp and tag your girlfriends to join you! Share your goals for the challenge on Insta and in the comments below so we can hold you accountable and cheer you on! 🤗

#TIUteam is PUMPED to get started!!




  1. Will the prenatal channel be available on the android app as well??? And I hope classes are coming too!! I am so excited about SummerToneUp!! Can’t wait for Monday!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi love! SOOO excited for Monday! The pregnancy channel will be coming soon, we’ve just been working on finishing up a few other exciting things for our Android babes first! For now, the prenatal workouts are searchable in your workouts! Just put in prenatal and they’ll pop-up!! xxo 🤗

  2. Is there a certain time we’re supposed to do the daily rep challenge each day? (Before starting any other parts of the daily workout vs after doing your entire workout for that day….or a certain time in the middle of all of it? Or does it matter?)
    I’m really glad this was added on to be able to track progress!! 🤗

    1. Hi babe! Your Daily Rep Challenge move will be the last exercise in your Daily Moves every day! xxo

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