Everything You Need To Know About the Summer Tone Up ~ Plus Your NEW Fitness Test

We’re SO excited!!! The Summer Tone Up starts Monday and goes for 4 weeks!! 🎉 Get that 👙 ready… you’re about to have the most confident and healthy summer ever! During the Bikini Series, you toned your bod, ate Lean, Clean, ‘N Green, and totally crushed your Booty Calls. Now, we’re focusing on strengthening those sexy muscles! This means more toning routines and extra emphasis on your 5 Toning Moves and toning videos. You’re going to sculpt and strengthen every inch of your bod and feel like the total badass that you are

So here are the deets. Just by signing up, you’ll receive…

✔️ Weekly Workout Schedule

Make sure you check EVERY Sunday for your Weekly Schedule! This is where we share all of your workouts for the week! Remember, you can make it work for you and your schedule. Want to head to yoga on Wednesday? Go on girl! Sub your workout with some yogi time! It’s totally flexible!

✔️ Daily Workouts

Zero guess work needed! We lay it all out for you every day. Just head over to your Daily Workout page for exactly what to do each day!

✔️ Support from this amazing team!

If you don’t already have a TIU Instagram account, this is the perfect time to create one! Check in every day with your sweaty selfies and Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals using the hashtags #TIUteam and #SummerToneUp and connect with this amazing community!

✔️ Weekly Instagram LIVE workouts!

Even more reason to start your fitness Instagram! We have LIVE Instagram workouts on @ToneItUp every week during the Challenge! Days and times change every week, so make sure to check your Weekly Schedule on Sundays to see when we’ll be going live.

✔️ NEW workouts every Tuesday

Check out ToneItUp.com every Tuesday for a brand new workout!

Tone It Up Healthy Blueberry Coconut Bark Recipe

✔️ Recipes featuring fresh summer produce

We’re going to be sharing recipes on ToneItUp.com using the best that summer has to offer! Think blueberries, watermelon, and all those farmers’ market goodies!

✔️ Daily motivation

We’re HERE for you girl!! You’ll be receiving emails throughout the Summer Tone Up with fitness tips, nutrition advice, and tons of motivation!

✔️ Weekly checkin winners!

Make sure to use the hashtag #SummerToneUp for a chance to win some awesome TIU swag! We pick winners on Instagram every week!

✔️ Free Starter Pack with all the deets you need to get started!

Just by signing up you receive 3 slimming recipes, tons of info on the Summer Tone Up, and our top tips for getting summer ready and confident!

After finishing the Bikini Series, you earned those beautiful muscles, perky booty, and lean arms. Now, we’re going to show you just how strong those muscles are…and make them even stronger!

This weekend before the Summer Tone Up starts, we want you to take our Tone It Up Fitness Test! This will help you track your amazing progress throughout the challenge. At the end of every week, we want you to do the Fitness Test again to see how far you’ve come! And check in with us on Insta every week to let us know your progress!

Download the Tone It Up Fitness Test HERE!

Plus, Nutrition Plan Members will receive weekly meal-by-meal guidance to maximize toning results. We always say, abs are made with your Tone It Up workouts and REVEALED with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! This is our secret to achieving next level results!

Sign up HERE to become a member today and gain access to our science-backed Nutrition Plan plus thousands of #TIUapproved meals, treats, breakfasts, and desserts!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Bikini Series Edition

Are you joining us for the Summer Tone Up?! Head HERE to get your Free Starter Pack and share this pic on Inta #SummerToneUp to let us know you’re in!

This team is SO pumped to get started!!


  1. I’m a member and I never received a members only email or a TIU tour email. I’m really bummed! Can someone help me? Thanks so much!

      1. Hey! Thanks! I actually already emailed earlier this morning. The email account I used when I signed up has changed and I had to email y’all from my new email. I explained it all in the message though. Can’t wait to meet y’all!

      2. Hey K&K! I was just wondering where are your swimsuits from? I would love to know because you both look beautiful in them. Also, that last shot was an absolutely gorgeous one of your legs and body!
        Thanks so much!

    1. Hey there! If you’re logging in with a mobile device, sign in with your TIU username/password. Next click the tab in the corner, then use the drop down menu to click “My TIU”, then from there another drop down menu pops up, and click on “My nutrition plan.” You can access your plan/editions there, including the summer tone up! Hopefully this was helpful!

      1. I am logged in and don’t see any Summer Tone Up in the MY TIU/My Nutrition Plan section. Can someone please help?

  2. I have emailed and I still haven’t heard back or received the members email! I want to meet y’all so bad!

    1. Hi babe! You should have heard from our girl Stephanie last week but if you still have any questions, let us know! xxo

  3. I tried downloading the fitness test but it says I cant view it because its corrupt. Anyone else having issues with it as well?

  4. so ready for this!!! lets get that per-baby/ summer loven’ body back!! p.s. you ladies are AMAZING!! thank you for everything!!

  5. I love the fitness test! What great accountability. I’m away from home the first week – yikes but will do a baseline on Saturday.

  6. K&K,

    I purchased general admission tickets for the San Francisco event, but would like to purchase the VIP instead.

    Can I upgrade my order?



    1. Hi babe! Yes you can definitely do the Summer Tone Up if you didn’t do the Bikini Series. Just sign up HERE and jump in with us! We’re so excited to do this challenge with you! xxo

  7. Love this fitness test! A great way to visually be able to see the changes that this challenge with give us 💪🏻 Thank you for doing this for us 🙏🏼

  8. Love that fitness testing is back! Such a great way to track progress! Here’s to day one of the Summer Tone Up 🎉

  9. Do you have to workout on the plan or will you lose weight and feel great just by following the nutrition plan?

  10. Hello! I just joined and am wondering if I should do the Bikini Series before the Summer Tone Up or does it matter? Thanks :)

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