K&K’s Easy Beauty Tutorials ~ Get Natural Glowing Skin

Hi gorgeous! Before the Bikini Series kicked off, we asked you on Insta what you wanted to see more of this summer and you said beauty tutorials and makeup tips. So we called up our makeup artist and amazing girlfriend Ashley for a brand new series!

We met Ashley more than eight years ago and she went on Tour with us last year. She knows so much about our skin — she’s helped us with dry skin from flying and breakouts from doing workouts in the hottest cities (hellloooo Texas!!). And she’s recommended some of our favorite products. Her tips are genius! I mean who else knew you were supposed to wet your beauty blender?!

We’re going to be sharing lots of fun and easy tutorials with Ashley ~ a fierce smoky eye, brows, lips! Today we’re kicking it off with two super simple skincare looks you can do at home! These will give you gorgeous and glowing skin ✨Ashley is giving Karena a natural, dewy look with minimal coverage because she needs less. For me, we’re doing a natural coverage look because I like a little more coverage. Both looks are light, fresh, and perfect for summer! And you only need a few products…we’ll put all the products below so you can see what we’re using!

We’re so excited for you to try this tutorial and follow along with us! If you have questions for Ashley or requests for what you want to see next, comment below! And we want to see your gorgeous glowing skin! Upload a pic or video when you try this look #TIUteam!

Love you beautiful 💕

*Natural & Dewy*

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Fave Products

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches ~ I use these three or four times a week. They’re great because they have hyaluronic acid so they actually brighten your skin!

Mario Badescu Hydrating Moisturizer ~ For a beautiful dewy natural look, you want a good foundation of lots of moisturizer.

Lucas Pawpaw Lip Moisturizer ~ This lip balm from Australia is amazing. It stays on your lips a lot longer than other brands.

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation ~ I have redness in my skin (especially around my chin during that time of the month! Anyone else?). So Ashley taught me to choose a foundation with a yellow base to neutralize the redness.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer ~ This concealer is super light and creamy! I used to use my fingers to apply concealer, but Ashley says you’ll get much better coverage with a brush.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder For Under Eyes ~ I use this every day! There’s a reflective agent in it so it reflects light back and makes your eyes look really bright!

RMS Lip2Cheek Blush ~ Pro tip from Ashley: Keep it to the apples of your cheeks for a rosy daytime look and start out a little further on your cheeks for a nighttime look.

RMS Living Luminizer Highlighter ~ Kat and I both LOVE this product! It’s amazing to highlight your cheekbones and brow bones!

*Natural Coverage*

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Fave Products

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation ~ Finding the perfect foundation is super important for me. This one is water based so it won’t get heavy or cakey like some others I’ve tried. Ashley started with an all-over base and then dialed in on some areas where I need more coverage. I’ve talked to you girls before about my cystic acne scars and sun spots (always wear sunscreen!!). Everyone’s skin is different. To find the perfect foundation for you, I LOVE Ashley’s tip about talking to the girls at Sephora and making sure you try on different shades in natural light.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer ~ This is amazing at covering up any bags under the eyes or green/blue tint where the skin is thinner. Everyone has it! Ashley’s tip she told us on Tour is to put a little concealer at the corner of your eye and it’s like a free eye lift 😌

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder For Under Eyes ~ I once WAY overdid it with brightening powder when I did my own makeup for Beach Babe 1 and my eyebrows were white 🙈 Ashley showed me the right way to apply it!

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder~ Ashley says I can use this one all over…not like the brightening powder!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact ~ Pro tip from Ashley: Start at the middle of your ear and come to the middle corner of your eye. You can also dust it to warm up your hairline. Don’t overdo it like I did in college haha

What tutorials do you wanna see next? Tell us in the comments! And show us a pic or video on Insta when you try the look 👉#TIUteam!


  1. Great. Can we also get something for dark skinned girls? (Black (me!), latino, asian)

    1. Hey gorgeous! You can do this same tutorial! Just follow the instructions Ashley gives on finding the perfect color match concealer for your skin! Highlighter and bronze colors will look beautiful along with the bronze palette. xxo

  2. Sooooo many good tips! I feel like I need to watch it again when I am actually doing my makeup 😃. Katrina, I surprisingly did know to wet the sponge but I didn’t realize I shouldn’t put the product all over my face first 😂. Less is more, I really like that. Thanks again for being so helpful! Love you girls!

  3. I would love to have a video on nighttime treatments, do you wear anything at night or do you just remove all makeup and go to bed. Also, please, some before and after photos, or can you zoom in when doing the photos so we can see what she is doing.

        1. Hi babe! These are the brushes I used: For Concealer: I used the crease eye brush by Beauty Counter. For Powder: I used a tapered blended eye shadow brush. They don’t make that exact one anymore but MAC makes one very similar, its #224. For Bronzer: I used a large contour brush, MAC #168.


  4. I actually did know to wet the sponge!!

    Can’t wait for kore turorials, you both are so beautifuky! Xxxx

  5. I would love to know what brushes are used for what. I have an entire set and I only use a few of them because I am not sure what the rest are even for! I would also love any recommendations for products that are both anti-aging AND non-comedogenic. My skin is super sensitive so I have a hard time finding things that won’t clog my pores, but also provide great anti-aging.

    1. Yes! I would love to know the brush that Ashley used to put concealer on I was trying to look so hard at what number it was !! I know it was a Mac brush!!

  6. Those looks are so natural and clean looking! Love both your styles. I like to wet my BB with rose toner, a little more hydrating. I would love love love to see some braid tutorials. Karena had some awesome side braids during the tour and Studio TIU Live, I wish I could recreate.

    1. Exactly! I love natural looks that bring out a woman’s natural beauty! Its enhancement, not masking! I would love to do some braid tutorials as well!!! :)

  7. Loved the tutorials! Ashley, what are your recommendations for oily skin? And I mean OILY! I’ve tried every cleanser and makeup under the sun and nothing does the trick.. help! Xo

    1. I would say to try a primer for underneath your foundation to combat oily skin! (Heir Atelier Face Primer is my fav!)


    2. Oh! Also I forgot to mention, I LOVE using oil blotting sheets, especially during the summer. It takes the oil off the face without disrupting the make up. I always do this before adding any additional powder!

  8. Hi girls! Kat- I have the vein that sticks out on my forehead too!!! I’m constantly asking people if it pops out (I’m a bit self conscious of it in photos!) Any other advice for covering it up?! (And congrats on your baby girl!!! <3)
    Also I was wondering if you girls can do a video on how you cleanse your skin?! I'm applying to medical school and am constantly doing research on different products and how they effect your skin! I love these makeup tutorials and they leave me wondering what's the best way to take it off when the night is over?! Thanks ladies, keep up the amazing work!

    1. Oh my God I love this question about how to take make up off at the end of the night! I use my micellar water but I go through so much and so many cotton rounds to get it all off!!

      1. When I use Micellar water, I hold the pad (or hand towel) on the skin for a little bit and give the Micellar water time a few moments to break down the product. :)

    2. Hey Jessica! For veins, I just use a heavier concealer. Usually the same color as what I use under the eyes to correct the blueish/greenish tones. A peachy color for lighter skin, and a reddish color for darker skin.

      As far as removing make up, I agree completely! You have to get all of the make up off. I’ve really LOVED this brand Votary for skin care. You use a cleansing oil on dry skin and give yourself a lil face massage with it. Then use warm water and a wash cloth to remove the make up. It also leaves the skin really hydrated, and pairing it with their face oil for nighttime is great! Theres a lot of long wearing make up these days, so using an oil base (thats good for the skin) to break down the make up is VERY important for full removal!

  9. I have a question that is surprisingly hard to get the answer for… if you use a sunless tanner, do you use it on your face as well and if not, do you suggest color matching the skin on your face and then applying bronzer to help your face blend in with the color of your body? My sunless tanner fades after about a week and I’m currently not applying it to my face only because as the color gradually fades throughout the week, my foundation would then be way to dark for my face (if I color matched to the sunless tanner)… and with having an almost 1 year old I don’t always get to reapply a sunless tanner every 7 days like clock work. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, lol, and/or if there’s an easier way

    1. Hi! I’m hoping I can help you! I tend to get really tan in the summer and really fair in the winter. I have multiple foundation colors at home. I never use the self tanner on my face that is made for my body, so I am always two different colors and I also have a hard time staying on top of it. I tend to mix my foundations (summer and winter) to color match the self tanner and I will test it out on my chest to make sure I have the correct color. I keep it in an empty eye cream container. The other tip is having two powders (your self tanner color and your natural color) you can swipe between/mix to customize the color, then add bronzer over the places that need it. My neck fades quickly so I also swipe bronzer over my neck and blend out so my face, neck and chest blend. I use the tip Ashley had about the chin on my chest to color match. A large kabuki brush will give you the chance to build up and not worry about having to spend a ton of time blending.

  10. Love these tutorials! The best advice I ever got from my mom in 8th grade was never do your own eyebrows–I’m not 33 and have never done my own; so I was so happy to hear Katrina give out that advice!!!

    1. Using the eye shadow primer will help with that. I also use waterproof mascaras and eyeliners! Especially during the summer!

  11. I would love to know more about face sunscreens! I can’t seem to find a good one that doesn’t make me break out!

    1. Hi Emily, have you tried Juice moisturizer with SPF? It is all natural & organic they have one that is oil free & one that has coconut oil in it. Maybe that one would work for you! I have a hard time too, I use Coola now but I’ve use Juice in the past. :)

    2. Hi babe! Our beauty series has just started so we’ll put this on the editorial list to add to ToneItUp.com!!! We love coola suncare :)

    3. Have you tried the Kiehls Super Fluid Daily UV defense? Thats what I use on myself and the girls! Its lightweight and is great under make up.

  12. Love all the great tips and advice! Can you do a video on a morning and night time routine for skin care?

  13. I love this, one of my goals is to learn how to apply my make up better! I’d love to get more tips on eye make up! Do you prefer the Roth eye patches in Karena’s video over the Gold ones? I have very dark circles under my eyes from working a midnight schedule.

    1. They are both great! The main difference is that the gold ones are good for fine lines and moisture over time, while the blue have hyaluronic acid which is great for instant brightness and moisture!

  14. I know it was mentioned already, but links to the brushes she used would be AMAZING!

  15. I would love a tutorial on night time treatments! Especially for eyes :) Being a night shift nurse makes is difficult to not look tired 24/7. #nurseseekinghelp I can’t wait to try all these new products out!

  16. What about a skin treatment routine? Face washes,toners, moisturizers and face oils?! Would love to hear about that! :)

  17. I would love to know what brush was used for the RMS Beauty products! I have the same 2 pots but none of my brushes really fit or work for them — be great to know what she used, thanks!

    1. I use the RMS blush brush for both the lip2cheek and highlighters. It’s awesome because you can control your coverage and blend well at the same time.

  18. Do you use primers? If not what do you use to help keep the make up staying on all day?

  19. Okay so I don’t usually wear makeup on my face, just under my eyes because if I do, which I do once in awhile and I end up breaking out wherever I put make up on. Is there a reason for that! I have been using the foundation stick by well people and it works alright for under the eyes but doesn’t cover up the dark circles but it also doesn’t make me breakout terribly like other products I’ve used when I do put it other places. I am like Katrina, I do not like caked on make up, I like the more natural look. What would be the best products to use that is a easy and quick routine? I usually take like 10 minutes to do my make up, my under eyes, eye brows, eye shadow (sometimes don’t), mascara and then blush and done. My eyes are very dark, and have blue veins that like to show to.

    1. The foundation may be too heavy, or you may be having an allergic reaction to something in the product! I would say to go to a department store and explain what happened and ask them to try a little bit as a sample. I always like to try them out before purchasing!

      For light weight foundations, I like Making Up Forever Water Blend or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer! RMS also makes great concealers that are lightweight but give good coverage!

      Keep me posted on how this goes! xo

  20. Thank you! These tutorials are awesome! You gave really specific advice that will be easy to use? Could you also recommend drug store products or brands? Love these ideas!

  21. Love this post and thanks for the awesome product recs! I’m definitely going to check out the water-based foundation and the dewy concealer. For your next posts, I’d love to see how to create your beachy/bronzey smokey eyes and a nude lip tutorial. :-D

    1. And yes, wet the beauty blender sponge! And don’t forget to wash it out with soap every few days to keep it sanitary! :)

  22. This was fantastic, girls! Thank you! Please have Ashley do more tutorials (with y’all modeling!) for different ways to do the eyes!

  23. Love these tutorials!!! Can’t wait for more! Do you guys have advice on how to match your foundation if you have very freckled skin?? I’m super pale…but my freckles are darker than the base color of my skin, so when I wear light foundation, it looks way too white! 😂

    1. I LOVE freckles!!! I would say use a super sheer foundation (like the Make Up Forever Water Blend foundation I used on the girls). This is great for freckles because it will give you coverage but it will show your freckles still. You have to use a sheer enough foundation to give you some coverage but not completely wipe out the freckles!

  24. Loved the tutorial! I’ll definitely have to try this out while watching & pausing the video. A tutorial on how to combat shine and/or oily skin would be great! I can’t seem to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave me even oilier than I already am, so a suggestion for that would be awesome too. Also if you ladies could let us know what kind of brushes Ashley used, that would be great!

    1. Hi babe! I would say to try a primer for underneath your foundation to combat oily skin! (Heir Atelier Face Primer is my fav!) Stay tuned for the upcoming videos for more info!:) These are the brushes I used: For Concealer: I used the crease eye brush by Beauty Counter. For Powder: I used a tapered blended eye shadow brush. They don’t make that exact one anymore but MAC makes one very similar, its #224. For Bronzer: I used a large contour brush, MAC #168.


  25. OMG I have the vein too! I thought I was the only one!
    I would LOVE to see some makeup tips for redheads. We live and die by sunscreen of course, but I would love some tips on counteracting redness/blotchiness but still letting freckles show through. Love you girls!

  26. So beautiful! I would love to see a review on natural, affordable, non-toxic products(thinkdirty app?)! Also, I’m sure you have been asked before-Kat- how do you guys handle face care after you workout with makeup? Do you blot sweat off but keep the makeup (that’s what I do but I am sure it’s not good for my skin!) or do you say goodbye to the makeup and do a rinse or a full wash? Love the tips Ashley!

    1. Hi babe! Since my pregnancy, I’ve stopped using Retinol and I’ve switched to a vitamin C serum, which I’ve been loving. I talk more about my beauty routine in these Coffee Chats HERE and HERE!

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