New Tutorial ~ My Fave Lip Look

Question for you girls…are there any beauty products that you’ve been wanting to try but you’re nervous about? For me, that used to be lip liner. I was scared that I’d overdo it or it would look like “too much!” Now it’s my absolute favorite and I wear it every day. That’s what’s so amazing about our summer beauty series — we can all try out new looks and have fun with it!

Today our girlfriend and makeup artist Ashley is showing us my favorite nude lip look that I wear every day. It’s only 4 products and it’s SO simple. The trick is to use a light liner to enhance your gorgeous pout 💄💋

I can’t wait for you to try this tutorial and follow along! Share a pic with us on Insta #TIUteam. We love seeing your beautiful face 😍 And comment below with a beauty look you’ve been wanting to try…we’ll be doing more tutorials!




You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

Favorite Products ~

*Lucas Pawpaw Lip Moisturizer ~ This lip balm from Australia is amazing because it’s super hydrating and leaves a little bit of shine to prep lips! 

*Make Up Forever 1C Lip Liner~  This is my favorite lip liner! It’s very neutral so it’s fool-proof! 

*Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Lipstick ~ Creamy lipstick keeps lips looking soft! I use the shade Amaretto Swirl (it’s the perfect nude!).

*Laura Mercier Glace Lip Gloss ~ This champagne gloss leaves a pretty shimmer finish! Plus, it smells amazing… just like cupcakes! I used the shade Bare Naked.

Ashley’s Tips ~

*Always start with a hydrating lip balm to prep lips before applying your other products. This will ensure your lip product goes on smoother. 

*When lining your lips, start with the cupid’s bow first and outline the top of your arches. Then connect the middle to the outside of your lips. Trace lightly outside of your lip with liner, avoiding going too far from your natural lip line. 

*Apply lipstick with a small brush to the center of your lips to avoid covering the work you did with the liner. This will keep the dimension you created. 


  1. Thanks girls for these tutorial. I looove watching them. And Ashley is just sweet as :-) … Could you focus on vegan products only though? Or leave a note whether a product is vegan or not? that would be huge! thanks for considering and kisses from Germany :-)

    1. I agree! I only use green beauty brands. It would be nice to see some clean swap choices!

  2. Yay!!! I love these beauty tutorials! 💕 I am the same way about my lips and can be nervous about doing anything to them for my makeup routine, but this tutorial made me feel loads more comfortable! Same with the Brow Tutorial from last week!!! I can’t wait to try these!🤗

    1. Yes I totally get it! The natural liners are great when you just want the shape to be there but not more color. Sometimes even just a lip moisturizer over the liner looks great too! Xo

  3. Thanks for sharing! I just wrote it down and going to buy them. Love the color on her lips. Ashley is a great makeup artist and she knows the best color on Katrina.

  4. These tutorials are so good! I’m loving them. Learning lots of tips and tricks, especially with the brow video and now this one!! Now a girls gotta go to Sephora haha!

    1. So happy to hear they are helping!! I think the trip to sephora is so much better when you know what you’re going to purchase…and knowing you know how to use that product!! I want to see pics when you try! Xo

  5. Love these videos ! Ashley can you do a video of what you use on your hair as far as products? And also would this lip color used on kat Loki g good on people of all color? Xoxo

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