How To Do A Gorgeous Golden Eye ~ Easy Makeup Tutorial

Hi beautiful! You may have heard…we’re starting a new beauty series for summer!! We’ll be sharing easy tutorials and pro tips from our girlfriends and makeup artists Ashley and Jenna and at-home tutorials with us! Last, week we shared two skincare tutorials here that you have to try, and we loved reading all your suggestions for future videos!

I’m so excited about today’s tutorial because it’s one of my favorite looks ~ a golden eye ✨ I always ask Ashley and Jenna for this on set, for events, and even on my wedding day! And I do it at home for date nights, BBQs, and girls’ nights. A golden eye is perfect because it’s light enough to wear day to night. And it’s amazing for summer for that golden beach-y look. Pair it with some beach waves and you’re set!

This look is super simple and you only need a few products! I’m sharing some of my faves and go-to tips below. Follow along with me at home and share a pic or video on Insta #TIUteam. Any more requests for future videos? Tell us below! 🤗💄💋

Stay golden girl ;)



You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

Favorite products ~

Laura Mercier Eye Basics Primer ~ It will make your eyeshadow pop and prevent creasing! 

Make Up For Ever High Impact Gold Nugget Eyeshadow ~ Give me allll the gold! This is your base color for the eyelid. Don’t worry about it being too perfect because you’ll be using another color in the crease and blending the two. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact ~ We used this product for the skincare tutorial too! Here you can use it for the mid eyeshadow color. Pro tip from Ashley: Start in the outside corner of your eye making slow circles, then slowly bring the brush over toward the center. You want to use less product in the crease of your eye.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder~ Use it to dust away sparkly eyeshadow that falls onto your cheeks. And who knew you can also use tape for this? So genius!

Maybelline Lash Discovery ~ This drugstore pick has always been one of my faves. 

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour ~ The creamy shadow for under your eyes to finish the look!

Half Baked by Urban Decay ~ This is my go-to product when I do a golden eye at home!

My golden eye tips ~

* I love adding gold to the inner corner of my eye and a little bit underneath too!

*  I always mix a golden eye with a bronze shadow in the outer corner and some bronze skin so it pops!

* Don’t be afraid to fill those brows more when you have a golden eye. We have a brow tutorial coming soon!!

*  The perfect lip shade to go with a golden eye is something more subtle. I always opt for Make Up For Ever C3 lip liner with a clear gloss on top. I like highlighting the cupid’s bow too with a bronzy look.


  1. I never use brushes to apply cosmetics, but I would love a tutorial about what brushes (shape, size, etc.) to use for which task!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for the step by step directions! What was the creamy eye shadow you used at the end for the soft smokey eye? Thanks!

  3. I’m loving all of the beauty tutorials, especially the eyes! I’m always so lost haha! Kat your makeup is always so gorgeous! Can we get a tutorial of how you did your eye makeup in the “Most Embarrassing Moments” WNW!? I love that look!

  4. This is my summer go-to look too!!!! If you haven’t tried the luminous hourglass bronzer and coral blush- you must! It looks beautiful with a golden eye! Thank you for sharing Kat – xo

  5. So is it better to apply makeup in daylight /outside or indoor? Do I have to keep checking my make up while putting it in day light?

  6. I never know what brushes to use for what step of the makeup process. A tutorial on brushes would be great!

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