Coffee Chat With K&K ~ What We Eat In A Day

Hey beautiful! Watcha up to this weekend? Hope you’re celebrating how you rocked the Bikini Series this week cuz you did 💪🏼😻💗

One question we hear all the time is what we eat in a day, so we filmed a whole Coffee Chat about it for ya! Every day is a little different (let’s be real…most days involve chocolate for me 🍫) because we’re busy just like you! We’re always on the go, in the office, on set, or traveling. That’s why the Tone It Up Nutrition Program is so amazing — it lays everything out and makes it super easy to live your healthy lifestyle. It’s exactly what we eat, and it gets science-y about why to choose those foods at certain times of the day. I love to geek out over the science behind everything 🤓 And we organized all the meals and guidelines to make sure we can follow them with our travel schedule so we’re right there with you girl!

When you sign up for the Tone It Up Nutrition Program, we’ll be on your doorstep with your gorgeous new Lifestyle Kit. Plus, we’ll be sending you your new 8-week Bikini Series Meal Plan with slimming summer recipes and meal-by-meal guides. It’s SO freakin’ good! 🙌🏻

And remember every woman is unique with different needs and lifestyles so you can make the plan work for YOU!

We’re taking you through some of our go-to meals in our chat! What do you usually eat in a day? Tell us in the comments below!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Every day is a lil’ different for us ~ check out one day in our healthy lifestyle!

M1 ~ We love an egg scramble or a Tone It Up Protein smoothie. There are so many amazing new recipes in your Bikini Series Meal Plan + a build your own smoothie page!!!

M2 ~ Protein mini muffins are perfect meal prepped and on the go. Have you tried these Strawberry Shortcake Mini Muffins?!

M3 ~ A sandwich, wrap, or salad with lots of veggies and lean protein!

M4 ~ We love veggies with hummus, homemade trail mix, or a Tone It Up Protein Bar from Target for an afternoon pick-me-up! The key here is to reach for a snack with plenty of protein, healthy fats, and fiber to balance your glycemic index and avoid that energy crash. You can even make a smoothie with Tone It Up Protein, almond milk, almond butter, frozen cauliflower, and some blueberries.

M5 ~ Keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green girl! We love grilling burgers and veggies or whipping up Tray Bakes and Lean Bowls. There are so many options in your Nutrition Plan!

Treat yourself to some TIU approved dessert! And remember to never feel guilty for treating yourself. Food is meant to nourish your beautiful body and make you feel great ✨

Tell us what you eat in a day in the comments below!!!

Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Program have all the inside info on what to eat, when, and why to get the BEST results. Plus, thousands of recipes! Join today to feel healthy, lean, energized, and confident!


  1. Great chat and so important to talk about eating AND about the fact that everyBODY is unique and different!

    Since the start of the Bikini Series I’m trying to eat intuitively and listen to my body – and so every day is different like you said ;)

    Usually I would have a smoothie or overnight oats and a shot for breakfast – definitely have to satisfy my sweet tooth in the morning ;)
    As mid-morning snack I like to have a protein bar, meal prepped muffins or other baked goodies or a smoothie if I hadn’t one on that day.
    Lunches are always at the office or on the go so i love to have salads with leftover dinners or lean protein and avocado – maybe some roasted pumpkin or quinoa – depending on my activity levels and cravings
    afternoon snack usually is a protein bar, some nuts or self-made trail mix, hummus and veggies or homemade protein balls – depending on my activity level or if I get dinner later that day, I’m eating two snacks
    And for dinner I’m always trying to stay lean, clean and green <3 stir fry, tray bake, grilled protein with veggies, zoodles, homemade ribs and burgers are my favs!

    as dessert i love to have some chocolate or TIU approved dessert – totally on the sweet side ;)

    What I always have stored at the office or in my bag is a TIU approved Protein bar and some portioned trail mix <3

    I'm also not counting calories, just watching portion control and eating what feels good and what I'm craving for – and sometimes it's Pizza or a good old Burger as well ;)

    Thank you for that awesome post! So happy to be part of this!

    1. Thanks for sharing babe! That sounds amazing! So happy to have you as a part of this beautiful community! xxo

  2. GIRLS! You are seriously the cutest things. I love watching your outtakes and seeing you laugh your butts off about random things, cause then I get laughing too :)
    I love starting my day with a good TIU smoothie or protein pancakes or ONOs (especially the PB nana ones!), then snacking on mini muffins or a smoothie or piece of fruit for M2; M3 is usually leftovers from last night’s M5 that I’d planned ahead for making more OR a fresh TIU salad… M4 is hummus and veggies or a TIU bar/Larabar or protein popcorn… M5 is usually a tray bake with chicken and veggies, but I also loooove spaghetti squash with chicken/turkey meatballs, or the TIU stir fry or cauliflower/quinoa bowls :)

  3. This is so awesome! I totally celebrated moving into the alumni association at my college last night, and I treated myself to some wine and little mini cupcakes at the party! I nibbled on some donuts that I brought home from a school project too!🙈 But I had a ton of water and a LCG meal when I got home, and now I’m going to get my BC in after plenty of sleep. But thank you K&K for teaching us about balance and treating ourselves to things we love!💓

  4. So I am trying to follow the Bikini series but only just subscribed to the app and I am loving the workouts , motivation and chats. But now I think I’m going to become a member and buy the nutrition plan printed kit. I was hesitant because of the price but I feel that I need the guidance when it comes to the nutrition. I need to have a plan I can follow. I really don’t want to regret spending the money. any advice?? #bikiniseries2017

    1. Hi babe! So glad you’re loving the Series!! We always say that you’ll never regret making an investment in YOU and your health. You deserve it! The Nutrition Plan will give you meal-by-meal guides so it takes out all the guesswork and you can also mix and match meals to make it work for you and your lifestyle. It gives you all the guidance you need to succeed and feel your best! Keep rockin’ the challenge babe! Love you! xxo

    2. Honestly, becoming a nutrition plan member has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. I became a member last year and I’m so glad I did. I’m a marathoner and follow a plant based diet; the plan helped guide me and it breaks everything down so easily. You will not regret it; you get access to the challenge editions as well. Best of all, you really feel like you have the tools for success. Truthfully, I’m shy so I don’t post but I saw your comment and I wanted to share my experience. My husband is also starting to enjoy eating healthier; I convinced him to try salmon with tray bake veggies from the regular plan (I use the vegan one) and he loved it. The nutrition plan is amazing…and you are worth investing in yourself!

  5. Hi! I have a question on the BS Meal Plan, how may servings make the Matcha Protein Bites recipe? Thank you!

  6. First time joining Bikini Series and bought the nutrition plan (woop woop).

    Loved your video, tips and humor :)

    M1 | K+K smoothie (such a well rounded healthy tasty way to start the morning) Coconut water to replenish myself from morning workout, TIU protein, ginger for digestion, cayenne for metabolism, mango + you get your greens in,

    M2 | coconut macaroons (so easy to pull out of freezer in morning and thawed my snack time

    M3 | lemon spinach chickpea from the nutrition plan (easy + clean)

    M4 | cinnamon smoothie

    M5 | Lean clean n green (protein + veg)

    a little pre bed ‘booch (kombucha)

  7. You girls and all of the TIU community just make my day! Loved watching your video, and seeing how, well NORMAL you both are! Being “healthy” and living an active life can come with such a stigma, and as someone who is learning and choosing to be healthy it’s relieving to see/listen/laugh with you. The spring scramble is fabulous and those strawberry muffins delish! Thanks for being such a lovely part of my day. It was a great first week of the bikini series! xoxo

  8. I love this! The bloopers at the end are hilarious!! Thanks for making me laugh today AND for the great tips!

  9. Guys- I 😍 the new Bikini Series Plan! Thank you for making nutrition so fun and delicious.
    Wake up: Meta D shot
    M1: PB Overnight oats, coffee smoothie or banana with almond butter and Goji berries.
    M2: Loving matcha smoothie and cleansing smoothie. Or that Blueberry almond butter one!
    M3: I 💕 the Bowls in the plan. Having those or making my own up with leftover veggies and protein from night before. Will throw kale or spinach as a base sometimes for more of a salad. Sometimes add Ezequiel toast with smear of Greek yoghurt and dash of Spirulina.
    M4: jicama sticks with guacamole or hummus OR chocolate chia pudding
    M5: Tray dinner are the best. Will add mustard/vinegar dressing to veggies and meat, or will add a drizzle of your tahini sauce once served.
    Dessert: dark chocolate square 😋

  10. M1:Egg scrambles, overnight oats, smoothies, love variety!!
    M2:Some fruit or muffins.
    M3:Big Salad with chicken, salmon, or shrimp, quinoa.
    M4:Green smoothie, veggies and dip, or trail mix.
    M5:Grilled protein with tons of veggies.
    Dessert:I LOVE dark chocolate!!!

    1. Hi babe! I love a shot with apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, oregano oil, and cayenne! xxo

  11. Hi girls.. I bought my tiu nutrition plan last week and I’m excited to follo it from this week on!! Yay!! Just curious what time is all the meals m1 to m5? I get up at 6 n eat bf around 8 and lunch at work at 1

    1. Hi babe! We recommend eating every 2 – 3 hours. You can make the timing work for YOU and your lifestyle! xxo

  12. You girls are amaziin!! Do you have any suggestions for ”controlling” munchies? I always seem to munch on things when I’m meal prepping.. For example, when I make a smoothie I’ll snack on the fruit I put in it WHILE gathering my smoothie ingredients or when I make supper I’ll snack on veggies and hummus.. It’s all TIU approved but I always feel a little guilty for nibbling… Any advice?

    1. Hi babe! The most important thing is that we never want you to feel guilty!! You’re keeping it TIU approved and that’s amazing! If you’re hungry and feel like you want a little somethin’, it’s great to reach for a healthy snack! Check out your “Calorie Add-Ons” section of the Nutrition Plan. Staying hydrated also always helps you feel satisfied and energized so make sure you’re drinking up!! xxo

  13. Do you think you could add a food journaling feature on the app? I always have my phone handy but not a journal…

  14. This video is awesome and so handy!! Sometimes I need a quick reminder about what food is best at a certain time of day. I also love that you girls keep it real and allow wiggle room for pizza :D
    I was wondering, do all of the past bikini series and nutrition plan editions still count? When I’ve been looking for recipes to try and going through my TIU folder, I have ALL past plans. Are these meals still good for the bikini series or should I stick to the latest plans?

  15. This video is awesome and so handy!! Sometimes I need a quick reminder about what food is best at a certain time of day. I also love that you girls keep it real and allow wiggle room for pizza :D I want to try making stuff I’ve never made before so I’ve been looking through ALL of my past plans :P but it’ll be worth it, I’m excited to try new treats and filling meals!

  16. Lol! I died laughing at the end. Thank you girls it’s so helpful to get an example of how your meals actually play out in a day, and just to see how flexible the plan really is.

  17. Such good advice! I’m so glad I am a part of this community! Love it!… (nuts…lol)

  18. Hi! Kat nentionned à black bean burger in the video, do you have a favourite go-to recipe? Thanks!

  19. Hi, I have a question. I have two small kids, and getting up before them is something that only ever happens occasionally. This means I usually work out last thing, after the kids are already asleep. So my question is what should I eat after a 9pm workout? I’ve already had my m5 of course, but if I don’t eat anything I’ll be nauseous the next morning. Thank you in advance!

  20. Girls!! Love the video, y’all make this Bikini Series worth it! I just have to ask–what is the song you have in your video intro?? It’s so gorgeous, I want to add it to my Tone It Up playlist!

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