Coffee Chat With K&K ~ How To Have More Confidence


Hi gorgeous! Who’s ready for the weekend?! 🙋🏻 We hope you’re feelin’ fabulous this morning after all your dedication to week 4 of the Bikini Series! Today we want to chat with you about confidence. Kat and I have both come to realize what confidence means to us ~ being comfortable with who you are and embracing everything that makes you YOU. You are so unique and special — there is no one else like you, and that’s truly amazing ✨

 We all experience days when we’re not as confident, whether we feel stressed or off track with our health goals, and that’s completely natural. On those days, a great workout always gives us a boost. Joining a Studio Tone It Up class and connecting with other women is such a great way to feel confident and remind yourself of your inner strength! 💪🏻 Kat and I also like to lean on girlfriends because your girls have a way of making you feel so special and loved. Surrounding yourself with other women and acknowledging their special qualities helps you realize how special you are too! 💞

All you’ve been putting into the Bikini Series these past 4 weeks is incredible ~ you are taking the time to love yourself and take care of your gorgeous body each day! Just as Kat said, your superpower is YOU!



PS: This video takes a crazy turn at the end. These might be our favorite bloopers ever…we’re literally crying laughing  😂💩

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What does confidence mean to YOU and what makes you feel the most confident? Tell us in the comments! We can’t wait to read them!


  1. It’s Friday, which means it’s time for ☕️and 💨💩!! Love laughing with you two 🤗

  2. This was the best way to start my day! I love you girls, and giggled just about as uncontrollably! Confidence to me means believing in yourself. Trust in your own self assurance. And taking a moment to remind yourself that you can do anything. Cheers to the weekend pretty girls!

  3. Love it! Speaking of deodorant, do you have any natural deodorant brand recommendations!?

    1. I tried Schmidt’s Deodarant for the first time and absolutely love it! I’m a heavy sweater, so I really need something that works. I have the Rose Vanilla one and it also smells divine!

  4. I loved the message… but seriously… bloopers had me dying!🤣🤣🤣 There was subtle truth there that no one talks about! 😂 Love you girls!!!💗

  5. LOL – omg, this was seriously hilarious!!! I was drinking my coffee too while watching it and laughed so hard I choked! I love to see you girls laugh – it’s infectious! Made my day!!!

  6. I literally was crying/laughing right along with you gals at the end!!! 😂 Hilarious! You’re the best K+K!

  7. Great message and needed a laugh this Friday, have a great weekend and let’s get week 5!! woo hoo! :)

  8. I’m just sitting at my desk, watching this, and the end… you guys, 3 tissues because I was laughing so hard, but trying not to laugh out loud too much and tears just falling. Omg, I LOVED this and man it was good to laugh like that! <3

  9. “Hope that was helpful!” HAHAHA!! You two are hysterical! Thank you for the laugh today! :’)

  10. I love this so much!! Im a serial “poop talker 😂😂” love that you girls were talking about this #realrealtalk 💩 really lightened the load…I mean mood 😂😂😉😘💗 love you babes!!

  11. Oh I love you two! This reminded me of me and my best friend when we talk about such “unmentionable” things 😂. Great chat girls thank you!!

  12. I loved this so much! So funny you girls are awesome. Confidence is knowing you are worthy and making those around you feel the same.

  13. The laughter in this video is truly contagious! 😂 thank you so much for that!
    I feel the most confident when I crush a workout, nail it at work, or lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. It’s a superpower feeling that I can take on anything!

  14. I love talks like this! Helps me see things in a different perspective and it shows me that i am not the only one who struggles with being confident. I would love to be able to come to one of your tours and see you teo work in oerson. Y’all are very genuine. I love it. TIU is changing my lifestyle 💜 Come to Oklahoma or Texas!

  15. Bwahahahaha! That was amazing–I haven’t laughed so hard in quite awhile. Thank you for brightening my morning, lightening my mood, and for being so REAL! (There truly is much to be said for a good strong cup of coffee and a satisfying poop. LOL!) :-D

  16. Oh my gosh I love you girls! Seriously the best laugh I’ve had in a little while! Definitely made my day hahaha : D

  17. Que manera de reírme! Dios! Me encantan! Fue un agrado conocerlas y hacer ejercicio con ustedes. Tone It Up es lo mejor, la mejor comunidad! Gracias por tropezar en mi vida

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