Coffee Chat with K&K ~ BIKINI SERIES Q&A!

Mornin’ babe! It’s the 1 week countdown ’til the BIKINI SERIES so we’re sitting down with you for a little Q&A session! If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late. Click HERE to join us!

Be on the lookout every day on and @ToneItUp for even more tips to prep! You’ll have everything you need to rock this Challenge!

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What is the Bikini Series?

If you’re new to Tone It Up, WELCOME!! We’re so excited you’re part of the Tone It Up Community! The Bikini Series is an 8 week fitness and lifestyle challenge. With your daily challenges, nutrition plan and workouts, you’ll feel strong, fit and confident this summer. You’re going to achieve things you never thought possible and we’re here to make sure you SUCCEED!

Throughout the Challenge, we’ll be in touch with you every day, giving you everything you need to make sure you have the best summer yet!

Where can I find my Workouts?

Weekly Workout Schedule

We create a schedule for you and post it EVERY Sunday on! This way you know what’s coming up for the week.

Daily Workout

We post the DAILY WORKOUT every evening for the next day! See below how to save it to your phone for one-click access.

Tone It Up Tuesday Workout Videos!

Every Tuesday, you’ll be getting a new workout video!

LIVE Workouts on @ToneItUp

This is BRAND NEW! We’ll be hosting 2 live workouts every week! We’ll be sharing the times in the weekly schedule!

Premium Workout Videos

Your NEW Beach Babe Workout Series is here! Beach Babe 5 includes 8 incredible routines plus a bonus stretching routine. Watch the sneak peek below of all the workouts. It’s available in the bundle now and will be available to order later this week! You’re going to love it!

Also, this is the only premium workout series you’ll need for the challenge!

Where can I find the Lifestyle Challenges?

We’ll be sharing our advice on how to balance life, work, girlfriends, workouts, and your Nutrition Plan! Be sure to check throughout the challenge! :) We’ll also be chatting live on Instagram every week! Follow us at @ToneItUp

What should I eat?

Nutrition is SO IMPORTANT! What you feed and fuel your body with is going to make you feel energized and give you major results! Make sure you read your TOP 3 Nutrition Guidelines for the challenge HERE!

We have a ton of healthy recipes on along with nutrition advice and tips! We also have our main Nutrition Plan that comes in Regular, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Pescatarian! As a member of the plan, you’ll be receiving a BIKINI SERIES EDITION with 50 brand new slimming recipes for summer!

You can get the nutrition plan + Beach Babe 5 in the BUNDLE HERE!

You can also learn more about our Nutrition Programs HERE!

How do I Check In?

We want you to check in with us and your #TIUteam! It helps with accountability and it’s super motivating to see that we’re all in this together! Check in with us by taking a pic of your workout, your healthy meals, your sweaty selfies, flex fridays…everything! Tag @ToneItUp & #TIUbikiniseries

We’ll be looking out for all of your checkins throughout the challenge. If you’ve never checked in, we recommend introducing yourself to the community with a pic and a few things about yourself. Make sure you tag #TIUteam and #TIUbikiniseries. If you’d like to, you can create a TIU handle and have a separate fitness account on Instagram. Just go to the top right corner and choose ‘add account’. You’ll be able to bounce between your 2 accounts!

Make sure to follow us @ToneItUp and @KarenaKatrina. Turn our notifications on (3 little dots in the right hand corner) so you know when we upload a pic!

If you’re not on Instagram yet, now is the perfect time to download it and set up a TIU handle. Checking in with the community keeps you accountable, and it’s so motivating to have #TIUgirls around the world cheering you on.

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How can I win?

Weekly Prizes!!!

When you check in with your healthy meals and workouts on Instagram @ToneItUp & #TIUbikiniseries, you’re inspiring thousands of women to keep going! We’ll be looking out for your checkins and prizing 30 of you every week!


Take your before photos, because you’re going to transform! At the end of the challenge, we want to see your success story. The grand prize winners will be going on a Luxury, All-Inclusive Vacay with Sandals Resorts! We of course had to scout this trip for you girls! ; ) We went to Jamaica and it was the most incredible and luxurious getaway EVER!!

How can I save my Daily Workout to my phone?

It’s super easy! Head to on your phone and click the “Daily Workout” tab. Click the little emblem at the bottom of your Safari browser and choose “Add to Home Screen.” Now, your Daily Workout is just one click away!

How do I join the live workouts?

We’ll be hosting 2 LIVE workouts a week during the Bikini Series! Our live Booty ‘N Abs workout from Palm Springs was such a blast, and more than 75,000 of you joined! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @ToneItUp! We’ll also be telling you what day and time in the Weekly Schedule every Sunday! All you do is click our profile photo to watch when we’re live!

Missed a live workout? We gotchu! Since you’re signed up for the Bikini Series, you’ll also be able to access many of the live workouts after.

Will you do live workouts on weekends and evenings?

YES! Every week will be different. We’ll mix it up for you, so everyone has a chance to work out with us live.

How much time will I need every day to do the Bikini Series?

Your workouts will take an hour or less a day! Let’s all make a commitment to ourselves to set our alarms a little earlier and find those pockets of time in our days when we can squeeze in a workout.

One of our biggest timesavers is prepping for our week on Sundays. Every Sunday, we release the Weekly Schedule, so you can take a look at your calendar and plan ahead. If you only have 20 minutes one morning, do one of our workout videos and then go for a jog or brisk walk on your lunch break or after work as your cardio. Have a spin class on Wednesday? No worries! Sub it in. Make your workouts work for you and your schedule! We like to do our Daily Workout in the morning before work, but if that doesn’t happen some days, we do a shorter workout in the morning and an evening jog with a girlfriend.

Check your Weekly Schedule every Sunday. If you’re signed up for the Bikini Series, you’ll be hearing from us in your inbox Sunday too with meal prep tips and advice to plan your week. By planning your week on Sunday, you’re setting your intentions. Make a promise to yourself and you WILL stick to it!

What equipment do I need for the Bikini Series?

There’s a lot of body weight exercises in the Bikini Series workouts, but we do recommend a few pieces of equipment:

Yoga Mat

✓ Dumbbells- We recommend one lighter pair and one heavier. About 5s & 10s! If you want, you can grab 12s too for those squats and deadlifts!

Exercise Ball


Sliders – If you don’t have them yet, you can use paper plates!

Set up a space in your home dedicated to your Daily Workout! It you build it, you’ll DO IT!! It doesn’t have to be a big space. Kat’s is in her basement, and mine is in the corner of my living room!

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina How To Set Up Home Gym

Tell me more about Beach Babe 5!

Beach Babe 5 is a program of premium workouts that we film on the beach. This year, we filmed them all in our hometown of Manhattan Beach, where we met each other and started Tone It Up! Beach Babe 5 is the ONLY premium workout collection you’ll need for the Bikini Series! This collection includes 8 amazing sculpting workouts, plus a BONUS stretching routine.

Beach Babe 5 is available now as part of our gorgeous Bikini Series Bundle! Get all the details HERE! And Beach Babe 5 will be available on its own very soon, so keep a lookout! You can download or stream all of your digital Beach Babe 5 workouts from your phone, tablet, or computer and watch them anytime and anywhere! They’ll be ready for you a couple days before we launch the BIKINI SERIES on April 24!


Join us for the Bikini Series HERE! We’re all starting in just one week!!

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