Coffee Chat With K&K ~ Tinder For Fitness Girls?!

Good morning gorgeous! Today we’re talking about something very special to us ~ how to make new girlfriends!

Karena and I became friends before there was social media… back in the day haha 😂 We met at a time when we both really needed a good girlfriend. I had just moved from Boston to California and Karena recently went through a breakup. I was asking Brian for opinions on my outfits and he was like, babe…you really need a girlfriend 🙈

Most of you know this story by now…Karena and I met at the gym on a Friday and I took a chance and introduced myself! The gym is actually a great place to meet new friends who share the same interests and passions as you!

Our biggest piece of advice to meet new girlfriends is to put yourself out there! I was a little forward with Karena!! She was leaving the gym once and I asked her to come back in and take one of my classes! And once I ran into her at Trader Joe’s and just asked her to film a cooking video with me. You never know where something will lead to, so take a chance and say YES! It could change your life 💫

Since Karena and I met, our dream was always to create a place where you can connect and find your best friends just like we did. And that’s how Tone It Up was born! Now there are Tone It Up girls who are forever friends, go on trips together, and are in each other’s weddings, and that means the world to us!

That’s why we created Studio Tone It Up ~ to have another place where you can connect. It’s actually like Tinder for fitness girls…except you always want to swipe right 😌 You are working out live with hundreds of other girls and you can chat before and after class. It’s an incredible feeling to know that you’re never working out alone! We always LOVE taking class and chatting with you! Come hang with us in the Studio HERE!

Love you lots & have the BEST weekend!



PS: This video takes a TOTALLY random turn at the end!! Anyone else have funny Tinder or Bumble stories? We feel so out of the loop!

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!


  1. hahaha K&K you are my fav, I was laughing so hard during the end of this video!! Thank you for starting my Friday with a laugh :) But I do have to say, THANK YOU for creating this awesome tone it up community. I talk to my tone it up girlfriends more than my other friends! This community gets me, my goals, why I eat the way I do, and why I wake up at 445 to work out. Thank you for helping me find girlfriends I never knew I needed, but now cannot imagine being without <3

  2. I watched this at work (sshhh…) and I actually laughed out loud a few times! Glad to have this community, I’m such an introvert though I haven’t really connected with anyone yet :(

    1. Hi Leslie! 😄 I’m such an introvert too! If you want to chat on instagram my name is brooke28_tiu! 💗

  3. This totally made my day! I was cracking up on my break at work. I am so grateful for the TIU community! It’s seriously like another little family! Can’t wait to try out the paid version of the app and find some TIU gal pals!

  4. I didn’t know Karena was mountain biker! <3 I wish you could share some of the outdoor adventures as part of the community!

  5. This video was so nice and lovely. :) I remember the times before social media, when you really had to talk to someone to meet :D, in a way I miss that it could come back. That’s why I loved the instant messaging in the old TIU page when you did your today’s check in and saw what others where up to at the same time. Is it possible to instant message in the TIU app, when you are using the free version?

  6. Thank you so much for the coffee chat. Almost a year ago I moved from Oregon to Florida. I have been having a really hard time making girlfriends. I joined tone it up the first of the year and the love your body series was my first tone it up challenge. (I loved by the way!) The first of June there is a Florida meet up and I am going! It’s totally out of my comfort zone to go somewhere for a few days not knowing anyone. I know this will be good for me and maybe I’ll make a few good friends. Thanks k+k for the great adivice.

  7. You girls are literally amazing and it’s like watching two of my own girlfriends talk ;) Love you K+K!

  8. I can completely relate to Karena! I’m so introverted.
    I have such a hard time finding friends but I think that’s because I’ve been burned by my former besties. 😔
    I’ve moved and don’t have anyone again.

  9. Thanks you Karena and Katrina for this hilarious video!!!
    Yesterday I had the courage to say hi 💁‍♀️ to a new girl! And she was so nice!! Now I just have to keep in touch and follow your advise 😉.
    Love you girls!!!

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