Coffee Chat~ Love at First Sight, Embarrassing Stories, & How K&K met B&B!

Did you know that Bobby proposed to me in front of 400 Tone It Up Girls at our retreat?! Or that Kat fell in love with Brian the first time she met him when she saw him singing and playing guitar? Today we’re sharing all our love confessions and embarrassing stories with our girlfriend Emily DiDonato. You may remember Emily from her Beautiful Yoga Flow a few weeks ago. In addition to being a supermodel and a yoga instructor, Emily is also a #TIUbride! She’s getting ready for her wedding to her fiancé Kyle! She told us all about how they met on a plane in our chat HERE! Cutest story ever!

In today’s coffee chat, we’re giving her our best advice for brides and bridesmaids and revealing how we met and fell in love with Bobby and Brian.

Aaaand…you may just get to hear Brian sing!! Seriously…these video clips of him singing don’t even do him justice- mainly bc Kat’s sneaking him with a cellphone recording, lol. You’ll see it and hear it…

He has the most soulful, beautiful, and authentic voice I’ve ever heard in my life- and I watch ‘The Voice’ every week! The first time I heard him I was crying out of love – and pure shock. I’m always in awe that he has such a raw talent with so much range. Kat might be getting in trouble for this today, but maybe we can get Brian to do some YouTube covers for the community from this!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Our top tips for TIU brides & bridesmaids ~

It’s your day!

This day is all about you and your boo so do whatever feels special to you. Lots of people will offer advice and may even try to sway your decisions ~ but you do you girl. This is your day!

Put fitness on your checklist

As your wedding approaches, there will be a million things on your to-do list so don’t forget to prioritize yourself and your health. Try to get your Daily Workout done first thing in the morning or pencil it in to your wedding checklist. And whenever you’re chatting with your fiancé about the wedding and making decisions, take it outside and go for a stroll. You can get planning and cardio in at the same time. Win, win!

Say YES to different dresses

When I first started thinking about my wedding dress, I was sure I didn’t want a train or anything sparkly…and then I ended up with both!! I fell in love with a dress that I never expected so my advice is to be open minded and take some risks with what you try on. You never know what your’e going to love!

Check in with each other

If you’re stressing about wedding stuff, know that TIU brides around the world have your back! We can all offer each other advice and support. Check in with the hashtag #TIUbride to meet some amazing new girlfriends!

And most importantly….always bring snacks

I learned this as a bridesmaid. While running around doing errands and dress shopping, brides sometimes forget to eat or hydrate. Kat even fainted during her final dress fitting because I wasn’t there with snacks—and she locked out her knees for over an hour!!! As a bride or a bridesmaid, always carry your water bottle with you and pack a stash of Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved foods like a Tone It Up Protein Bar, nuts, homemade trail mix, or mini protein muffins. These will be life savers!

Here’s us shopping for Kat’s dress! We got a limo, sipped some bubbly, and made sure to take a lunch break!

Now we want to hear your confessions! Do you have any crazy wedding planning stories? How did you meet your boo? And was your AIM screen name as embarrassing as ours?! Tell us in the comments!

Tone It Up Wedding Program

And for all our TIU brides, bridesmaids, & mothers of the bride, check out our Wedding Program HERE! We designed this program to help you feel your most confident and gorgeous on your special day & it’s what we followed for our weddings!


  1. The coffee chats with Emily are my favourite! Can she do another yoga workout for us please?? <3

  2. Ahhhh!! This makes me want to get married again!!! (To my husband of course!) Being engaged and planning a wedding is so much fun! I met my husband through mutual friends while play beach volleyball in Manhattan Beach on the North Side of the pier. He later proposed on the same volleyball court where we met! If I could do it all again, I would journal and write down every memory and moment. It was SUCH a blur. <3 Enjoy it #TIUBrides!

  3. Absolutely heartwarming and funny stories. Thank you for sharing these with us. I couldn’t stop smiling and remembering special moments with my husband we’ve shared and our engagement and wedding day. This was a fun Coffee chat to watch. Thank you❤️

  4. Love this so much! Also, I love that you snuck in the clips of Brian singing. I have such a soft spot for guys that can sing and play guitar, does Brian have any cute and single friends? 😂 Come on, Kat..I know you like to play matchmaker! 😉

    1. hahaha I dooooo!!! I need to come out with a spinoff show called The Tone It Up Bachelorette for our girls! :)

      1. Please do…I can’t do on-line dating and have always wanted to meet a guy through a friend! Help us Kat! :-)

  5. Love seeing you guys just hanging and talking! I love Emily too, she seems like a sweet down to earth girl! Brian’s voice is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for sharing that with us :) Oh and thanks for sharing the #TIUBride tips, I’m getting married this year and those tips were definitely helpful!

  6. OMG, Katrina, I passed out at my dress fitting too! Locking your knees when you’re nervous and standing there for so long can really get ya! Thank you all so much for sharing your stories, it was so fun and sweet to hear about your relationships with your husbands :)

  7. Yes! Can we please have another Yoga with Emily 15min flow?! It is one of my favorites! She’s so calming and knowledgeable! Also, Kat- you did SUCH a great job on your first live yoga flow! Proud of your new certification and working on your own goals! Good job!!!

  8. I loved this! I teared up at how each of you met your husbands. I’m a sucker for a good ole love story! Seriously how amazing is Brian’s voice- who would have thought!!!!

  9. Always marry the musician! My husband plays guitar, bass, drums, AND sings. *MELT*
    And yes, more yoga with Emily! A longer routine would be fantastic. :)

  10. I got married 10 days ago and I started the nutrition plan with you girls 6 weeks ago. It was the best decision I made in Prep for the wedding – I toned up so much and I had so much energy because I was eating so clean. I loved being a TIU bride. Best transformation ever.

  11. Favorite coffee chat to date!! All three of you are so precious and genuine. Brian, Bobby, & Mike are lucky guys! Thank you for sharing your girl chat with us :D

  12. Nothing dorky about step counters! I love my FitBit LOL.

    My first AIM name was Star2Sh1ne. Is it weird I kind of miss AIM?

  13. Brian needs to post his own recordings!!! He is amazing!!! My boyfriend is one of my brother’s friends from middle school. We don’t really remember meeting each other before, but he came out on my birthday this year and we hit it off. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day this year. And by like our third date I had a moment like Kat. I’m going to marry him!! :D And my first screen name was kkhottie635, so bad!!

  14. I met my husband at a friend’s birthday party. My dear friend Angela was dating his brother, now they are married and so are we. You just never know :)

  15. This was SUCH a FUN chat sesh!! I loved hearing all of your stories :) I actually met my husband at my best friend’s wedding (he was a groomsman) in Houston, but I lived in CO. So over 3 years of making visits after that first meet, he was always hanging out when I was in town! Then fast forward to 3 years later, I actually moved to Houston, just for a new perspective and fresh start in life; 2 weeks later we were dating, haha. And then less than a year later I found I was pregnant, so we decided to plan a wedding in 3 months before baby girl was due to arrive. One of the craziest rides of my life, that all fit together when I took a leap of faith and moved to Houston. <3 I think my first screen name was Coloradocutie or something ridiculous like that!

  16. What a fun coffee session! Small fingers, big butt, that’s me too!!!!! That had me laughing so hard!!!!!

  17. Love this! You ladies give me hope that there are still amazing guys out there to marry! Thank you!! Yes, to more Yoga vids w/Emily!!

  18. Love this!!! Too cute!!! My hubby and I met in high school, and he was 6 inches shorter than me at the time. If you would have bet me that 11 years after graduation we’d get married I would have taken, then lost, that bet!!

  19. Such a sweet post. I love love!!! Thanks for sharing your life & joy with us.

    My husband & I met in 2011, while we were studying abroad in Italy. We both were receiving our Masters Degrees online through Boston University. A summer Landscape painting program drew us to the program, each living half way around the world from each other; he lived in Korea (from NY) & I live in Cali. We met for the 1st time at the airport in Bologna, It. We hit off right away & became BF while bonding over great wine, music, art, and Italy. He moved to Cali two weeks after the returning home from Italy and the rest is history. We were married last spring at a winery & traveled for 2 months through Europe for our honeymoon, of course returning back to were it all began… Italy.

  20. Loved this coffee chat especially because I am currently a #tiubride :) I am getting married on September 30th (under 4 months to go!) and I’m so excited to do the TIU wedding program for my prep! I met my fiancé when we were both 18, and we started dating when we were 19. I definitely sought him out and probably wanted to go on a date with him more than he wanted to with me haha. But eventually he said yes and we’ve been together ever since (almost 8 years now)! P.S. Brian’s voice is amazing!

  21. loved this coffee chat. It is sooo cute how you all met your beau’s. The duet at the end was particularly cute ;-)

  22. I totally loved this coffee chat. I especially loved the shout out to the Boston Sports club. That was the first gym I belonged to when I moved to Boston (BSC Woburn) and where I met my first TIU girls. I’m now an Equinox girl but the TIU friendships I made are still going strong!! Love this team!!

  23. Omgosh this was the cutest K&K coffee chat and omgosh Brian’s singing literally sent chills, I had goosebumps all over. PLEASE DO A COVER!

  24. My husband’s AIM name was AntLuv 😂😂😂 My first one was Sunnisweetpea because my dad called me sweetpea growing up but sunny spelled right was taken ☀️

    This was such a heartfelt video and I love hearing all you ladies open up about the special moments in your life!

  25. AWWWWW! This is so sweet! I loved all the convo. Thank you for sharing! My ##TIUHUSBAND and I met when we were very young also, just like Kat & Brian. We met when I was 16 yrs old and my husband was 17 yrs old volunteering at a local hospital. We were friends first for a few years and eventually started dating while in college. Fast forward to dating for 13 years and then we got married. I agreee w/Kat, we are so lucky to have found our loves at a young age and grow together while supporting each other throughout all the life events.

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