Coffee Chat With K&K ~ How To Get Lean & Maintain It!

Good morning beautiful! Grab your ☕️ sit back and relax cuz you don’t wanna miss this morning’s coffee chat! We’re talking the number one question we’ve been getting during the Bikini Series ~ how to get lean and maintain it! You’ve been crushing your Tone It Up workouts and now it’s time to reveal all your dedication and make those muscles POP!!!

The KEY to getting lean is eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. The plan is designed to work for a woman’s body and hormones to get the best results. We break down all the science behind what to eat, when, and why…ya know we love the science-y stuff 🤓 And then we make it easy by laying out all your recipes and meal-by-meal guides.

Karena and I both feel our leanest ever on the Plan and it truly is all about finding balance and what works for you — I feel my best when I cut out fried food and buttery crackers and I have chocolate every day. I have a sweet tooth so I’m obsessed with all the healthy treats like donuts, muffins, and cookies on the Plan; Karena is more of a savory girl so she loves our healthy spicy wings, dips, and tacos! When you join the Plan HERE, you’ll find all your fave recipes and have everything you need to feel lean, light, energized, and more confident than ever!

Comment below with your tips on what has worked for you and your fave recipes! Can’t wait to chat with you!

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Eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green With Nutrition Plan!

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  1. I feel best when I cut out gluten and refined added sugar. Also, eating dairy in moderation helps too for me! I love all of the TIU recipes because I’m eating delicious food but I still feel amazing after each meal.

    1. I totally feel you. I’ve done the same thing (no gluten, no refined sugar and actually also no dairy), an I feel amazing! I do love everything sweet, so I always top my morning smoothie with some granola (also no gluten, sugar and dairy).

      1. Hey!
        My dad actually suffered severe migraines since his teens and I suggested him to cut out gluten…it was a big struggle at first because he’s Italian but he eventually cut it out and he has been free of migraines and is overall feeling a lot better! Tone It Up muffins and cookies helped satisfy his cravings a lot too🍪
        I agree on having a sweet tooth so I always have tone it up muffins meal prepped!

      2. Totally with you. The no dairy, no gluten and no added sugars consistently has helped me also :)

  2. This video says when you sign up for the nutrition plan you get the book sent to your door and the add ons to your email to print out yourself.. Im a memeber and have no physical book…

    1. I’m with Stephanie… I have been a Nutritiom Plan member for years, and I love the updates, but I would REALLY LOVE a copy of the book! I have dreamt of getting it printed and bound for a while but never have. If this is something that comes with signing up for the nutrition plan, I would really like to receive my copy :)

  3. I am loving the TIU nutrition plan! I really love that there are vegetarian, vegan and my fave, pescatarian versions. I find that cutting dairy out of my diet is a huge help. I wasn’t sure I could cut out cheese and butter, but with the the delish recipes in the TIU nutrition plan, it hasn’t been hard at all.

  4. Recording and reflecting has definitely helped shift my mindset about the lifestyle choices I make. Moderation, like they said, can really add up to half your month if not mindful. The guideline summaries for the meals make adapting so easy.

  5. I’ve got the sweet tooth with you Katrina! I love the sweet options on the plan but I keep getting stuck overeating the portions! :( Any advice for me? If you can eat chocolate every day and look as amazing as you do then there’s hope!! love you and thank you for everything you do for us! xoxo

    1. Hey babe! After you whip up treats like mini muffins, it’s great to portion them out into servings. We like to put them in our small meal prep containers or individual bags so we have them portioned out and ready to grab and go! It also helps to share with girlfriends ;) Love you lots! xxo

  6. Writing my intake on food and water has really helped me. Also PLANNING the meals a week ahead is key! It has saved my life and I end up using most of the food I have in the fridge by the end of the week, which I am proud of. I do modify some recipes whenever the family wants a pizza night, cookies.. etc..i replace flour with whole wheat, sugar with coconut sugar, butter with coconut oil etc. Moderation can be different for everyone so write this down and see how often you are moderating ;) I tend to strive for 1 or 2 days out of the month and even when I make such recipe, I still modify to the guidelines(minus the dairy). Your moderating days do not have to be full on bad food, you can adjust any recipe even if it’s just a little. I also find my self making desserts from the nutrition plan on special occasions and house get togethers. So that I have what I want 😏 other people that try my desserts are always surprised how good it taste(TIU Organic Protein 😊). And I’m like I eat dessert all the time!

  7. I signed up years ago for th nutrition plan. Is it possible to purchase the book version of the plan to have a hard copy of it?

    1. Hi babe! We recommend doing the detox for 5 days as a refresh and then following the guidelines of the Nutrition Plan as part of your everyday healthy lifestyle. That’s what we do to feel our best! xxo

  8. my biggest tip to get & stay lean while being a tone it up girl is to practice PATIENCE. Patience with the plan & yourself. Remember that you’re not going to get lean by just eating one lean, clean & green meals. You need to be PATIENT and consistent, and for sure you’re hard work will pay off. Secondly, you also need to be PATIENT with yourself. There is a big learning curve when it come sto figuring out how to eat the proper nutrients to fuel your body, based on your activity level, hormones, work schedule, energy level, etc. So remember you need to be patient as your troubleshoot and try different recipes and combinations of meals. Also remmber that you are going to have slip ups, and that is ok. In fact, tahts a beutiful part of life. But remember to be PATIENT with yourself and never beat yourself up over that second serving of ice cream or not drinking as much water as you had hoped. <3

  9. Hydration is so key, you are so right! My trick is to everyday fill up my pitcher that I know holds 90 oz of water and just fill my glasses and water bottles from there- then I always know how much I have to drink all day! I learned once in a physiology class that your body is like 60% water, and my professor had told us about what blood cells look like when they are dehydrated vs. hydrated. She said it is the most beautiful thing to see under a microscope- a fresh healthy beautifully hydrated blood cell! Imagine what that does for your entire body- skin, hair, everything! I always think of that. Love you girls! You keep me inspired! ☺️💕👍🏽

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