Chyna’s Monday Motivation ~ My Message To You

Happy Monday beautiful! It’s Chyna, your Studio Tone It Up Trainer! 💕

I wanted to share a little personal encouragement to start this week off right. My biggest piece of advice to help you choose a positive perspective is to remember that you are GIFTED with today! It’s a clean slate, blank canvas for you to focus on what’s in your control. It doesn’t matter what 2019 has looked like this far, it doesn’t matter what your weekend looked like — what matters is what’s ahead and what you choose today.

Shake off anything that’s weighing you down and remember how incredible you are. You’ve already come so far and this is only the beginning! Give yourself a goal for the week and choose to commit!

Can’t wait to see you in the Studio! I have a feeling this is going to be a great week for you! Big things are ahead!! 🤗

What are your goals for this week? Tell me in the comments!


  1. My goal is to hop back on the workout and clean eating train this week!! I’ve taken some time for myself and I’m so ready to get back at it!!

  2. My goal is to focus my energy on simple and positive things, do workouts that I enjoy and relax more too :) maybe Karenas meditations will help too after/before a workout!

  3. My goal this week is to get in at least 3 bootycalls- 5:15am. Trying to get back into early workouts since they allow me to start the day clear headed and determined. Hoping this helps to face the day with determination and confidence.

    1. I’ll do the same Marie!! I’ll start next week! I didn’t this morning and I’m off work tmw, so I’ll sleep in. But I’m with you!! 5:15EST here!!

    2. That is so true! The mornings that I get my workout in seem to be more productive and focused.

  4. I got injured about 4 weeks ago while working out. I guess I have Trochanteric Bursitis. I was told to stop any form of exercise. That was very hard for me when you are told not do any walking or exercise. After 3 weeks, I was getting really down but this week I am trying to stay positive and heal properly so I can gradually get back to my normal. xoxo

    1. Hey Adriana! So sorry to hear about your injury babe. Definitely take it easy and give your body the rest it needs. So glad to hear you’re staying positive. Sending you so much love 💕

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