Busy Babes With Tone It Up Protein Shakes

We LOVE seein’ you with your new on-the-go Tone It Up Protein Shakes! We created these delicious chocolate and vanilla plant-based shakes to help keep your busy babe lifestyle healthy! These shakes are perfect for boss babes, students, mamas, and all the Tone It Up busy 🐝! Whether you sip your protein shake post-workout or for an energizing snack, you’ll be giving your gorgeous muscles the clean fuel they need!💪🏻

 We asked you why you love your protein shakes and where you take ’em! We love reading how the shakes work in your lifestyle and help you reach your goals!✨

Keep posting on Insta #TIUShake and let us know what you love most about yours! If you haven’t tried the shakes yet, grab them at your local Target this weekend! Cheers babe! 🍫🍦



Bombshells Who Love Their Tone It Up Protein Shakes ~



“Today has been one CRAZY 14 hour work day! Missed out on a few meals today but don’t want to spoil my dinner on the way home. I was soo excited to have the Tone It Up Protein Shake in the fridge at work! It was a perfect snack to hold me over until I get home for dinner. Thank you @karenadawn and @katrinaascott for making these for the busy, working babes! They’re perfect for times like this!!”



“These shakes are good for any time, any place😉 #TIUWedding #TIUBride”



“Enjoying my Tone It Up Shake ~ I already love how easy these are to grab from the fridge and as per @llbrisco the chocolate flavor is🔥🔥🔥”



“HIIT this morning + a 10 minute cool down jog! Recovery was a Tone It Up Protein Shake🍫so so gooooood!”



“Taking care of myself is key to showing up for my family and being the best Mom and wife I can be. So find your why and show up for it! I may be tired today but like @katrinaascott and @karenadawn always say, ‘You will never regret a workout!’ Thank goodness for my Tone It Up Shake that will refuel this busy/tired mama!”


“Finally got my hands on the new Tone It Up Protein Shake and it did not disappoint! Tasted just like chocolate milk! Perfect for on the go and especially because my Nutri Bullet is broken 😂”



“Just picked up my protein shake from Target and it’s DELICIOUS🙌🏻😋🍫Definitely going to be drinking these post workout when I am on the go! They’re the perfect size💪🏻🤗”



“When in Cali we of course went to Target to get the Tone It Up Shake! This #TIUGrandma loves the vanilla shake!”



“I am SO loving the new Tone It Up protein shakes! Especially on days when I have events at work and need to be there earlier. I can just grab one of these bad boys and I’m out the door!”



“Seriously these Tone It Up Shakes are probably my favorite product so far! Already blended and ready to go! I’ve been working on a huge event that takes place next week so these shakes have been a staple for me! 🙌🏻💕✨”



“Tone It Up shake after this morning’s HIIT workout! It was nice not to have to turn on my blender and wake the whole house up!”



“Give me life as I work a 13 hour day…Teaching then parent teacher conferences till 8 pm. Just happy I’m getting some healthy protein in me!”



“LOVE the new Tone It Up Shake🍫 The perfect snack after @studiontoneitupstefanie Head To Toes Cardio!”



“Loving this new Tone It Up on-the-go protein shake! When I feel like I need a little extra added protein for my meals these are perfect! So so good.”


“On this Tone It Up Flex Friday, I’m flexing with my Tone It Up Protein Shake!”



“Tone It Up Protein Shakes are my saving grace! Grabbed this one after my boxing workout since I didn’t realize dinner would take so long to make and I was starving!! You can find them at Target! So delicious!”



“The PERFECT M4 for a busy Mama always on the go! Thank you Tone It Up 🙌🏻😘”



“Perfect pick-me-up for a 24 hour shift ~ so glad I grabbed these Tone It Up Protein Shakes before the weekend!”



“Tone It Up teacher lunch break walk to fuel up with my Tone It Up protein shake and selfie😊”



“Early morning run requires a protein shake post haste!”

Join these babes and grab your shake!!



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