How Breathwork Can Transform Your Life

Morning beautiful! I’ve talked to you before about how meditation truly changed my life, and it makes me so happy to see you join for Summer Tone Up mediations in the app. I’ve heard from so many of you girls that you’re feeling less stressed and more centered by introducing meditation into your life. 

Another wellness and spiritual practice that has been deeply healing for me is breathwork. I started incorporating it into my routine a few years ago, and I work with a coach and healer who guides me through it. 

So today I wanted you to hear from two incredible women about the power of breathwork ~ my personal coach, healer, and breathwork guide Gwen Dittmar and my girlfriend Millana Snow, an energy healer, breathwork facilitator, and the founder of

I asked them to tell us more about what breathwork is, its transformative benefits, and how you can get started with the practice even if you’re brand new or just hearing about it. I really encourage you to give it a try and explore!

If you have any questions or want support to get started, feel free to DM me @KarenaDawn, Millana @MillanaSnow, and Gwen @GwenDittmar

Sending you so much love ✨


Breathwork Benefits - Millana Snow

All Your Breathwork Questions Answered

What is breathwork?

“Breathwork is a practice of consciously changing your pattern of breath to change your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic state,” Millana says. “I have led thousands of people through breathwork all over the world and it never ceases to amaze me what can happen when people really let go in breathwork. You can heal very deep trauma and pain through something as simple as consciously changing the pattern of breath.”

Like mediation, yoga, and exercise, there are different forms of breathwork, Gwen says, but at its core, it’s a breathing practice that “helps you connect to your body and mind.”

What are the benefits?

SO MANY! Where to start…breathwork helps you move through and release emotions. “You’re clearing out all the energy in your body that is trapped,” Gwen says. “It helps with stress relief, depression, feeling disconnected, overthinking, it clears out grief and anger, and it opens up a lot of clarity and creativity.” 

As Millana puts it, “Breathwork helps you to drop into deeper liminal states so that you can start to become more aware of what has been operating unconsciously below the surface. I find that this leads to deeper awareness of the self, release of stress, and suppressed emotions.”

Physically, it supports your parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest system) to help you release stress and anxiety. Plus, it promotes your gut health and digestion. 

How much time should I set aside for breathwork?

Like mediation, start small and work your way up. Gwen suggests starting with just 7 minutes, and then as you get more comfortable, you can work your way up to 14, 21, and eventually 28 minutes. But starting with just a few minutes is amazing and the perfect way to dive in!

What can I expect from my first session?

Everyone has different experiences with breathwork, so it’s not a one-size-fits all thing. “Each time is different based on what is present inside of you,” Gwen says. 

Physically, you may experience some buzzing in your head or maybe even some lightheadedness, and that’s totally natural. “What’s happening is that you’re filling your body with so much amazing oxygen that it’s not used to,” Gwen notes. “We typically only use 7 to 12 percent of our lung capacity so in breathwork, like in exercise, you’re starting to flood your brain with oxygen. That’s why exercising feels so good.” 

You may also feel extra energy (like tingling, vibrating, or sensations of tightness) in your hands, arms, legs, and feet. That just means you have a lot of energy stored there and it’s also natural. 

Emotionally, you may experience a range of emotions. “People cry, laugh, scream, shake, sneeze, and cough, but sometimes I find that if someone is really struggling to face an emotion or long held belief that is coming up, they tend to have a lot or resistance come up,” Millana explains. 

Or you may not experience any of this, and that’s OK too. It’s personal to you!

Even if it feels a little weird or uncomfortable the first time you try it, Gwen encourages you to keep with it and try it a few more times. “It’s like a tough workout,” she says. “Once you keep doing it, it becomes more natural and you start to feel the benefits.” 

What if I’m intimidated to jump in?

I’ve been there! I was uncomfortable when I started too, but I’m so grateful I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. As Gwen says, it gets more natural ~ just like a workout or mediation practice!

And even the healers have felt this way. “I totally understand, I have been there,” Millana says. “I can tell you this, don’t delay healing. Don’t delay the opportunity to know yourself. Breathwork is a free and simple way to get straight to the heart of you”

How can I start?

Both Millana and Gwen have AMAZING resources if you’re new to breathwork. 

Millana has a 7-day breathwork mini-course that’s an incredible way to get familiar with the practice. Find it here! You can also work with her or another practitioner at to teach you. 

You can find guided breathwork on Gwen’s website and she has a 7-minute guided session on YouTube here that’s perfect for beginners! 

Where can I find more info?

Check out Millana ~

Millana Snow



She has an Integrative Energy Healing Training and Immersion in LA July 17th-20th that you can join in person or over live stream. Check it out here!

Check out Gwen ~

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The Beautiful Grit Podcast 

And of course always feel free to reach out to me with any qs or if you want to hear more about my personal experience 💜 xx Karena 

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