brb…freaking out about the Tone It Up TOUR!!!!

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 We can’t even believe it…the Tone It Up Tour is just a few weeks away! The countdown is ON baby!!

15 cities across the US in 30 days…it’s going to be crazy amazing! Kat and I have always wanted to do a tour to come work out with YOU in your neighborhood and now with your love and support, we’re making that dream a reality!

We have so many cool things planned for you ~ workouts, beauty bars, music by our favorite babe DJ Madds, rosé, TIU themed games, and time with your local TIU girls!!

We’ll be workin’ out with ya soon!

#TIUgirl love

Imagine yourself entering the Fitness Festival…welcomed by your TIU Team. It’s literally going to be a DREAM!

Fitness is what brought Kat and I together ~ and we became lifelong girlfriends. We both moved to town at the same time and were open to meeting new girlfriends. I love the quote, “new passions only come with new experiences.” You just never know the connections you’ll make when you show up completely present with an open mind and an open heart! We’re so excited to see how this tour changes your life in so many positive ways. We’ve actually never seen anyone walk away from a TIU retreat the same person– she’s confident, she’s smiling, she’s inspired for a more beautiful life, she’s driven, and she’s READY for what’s NEXT!

If you need this right now, we understand, because we actually need it too!

It’s funny, because Kat and I technically have desk jobs…we film workouts every now and then in front of our cameras, but most of the time we’re on our computers so it’s not often that we get to do LIVE events with all you girls. But NOW we finally get to truly connect! Feeling the energy of the community is like nothing else. Words cannot describe how inspired, driven, and READY we are too when we work out YOU! So thank you!

Share. Love. Inspire. Sweat.

Some of you may or may not know this, but when Kat and I were trying to come up with our community mantra, we came up with Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat. It was the first thing that we wrote down and it felt so right. That was 8 years ago now and it feels better than ever! We’re going to share – a LOT, Love – each other, Feel Inspired, and Sweat- through the best workouts!

CorePower Yoga, Jillian Michaels, and us!!

Speaking of sweatin’ together… CorePower Yoga — one of our fave yoga studios! — will be leading all of us through a rejuvenating flow to stretch your body, warm up your core, and get you ready for ALL the toning. Then JILLIAN MICHAELS will be bringin’ the heat! 🔥

Once you’re warmed up and your metabolism is revved, Kat and I will be taking you through the best toning workout! We have a lot of fun surprises planned too…you’re going to FREAK!


No need to bring a bag! You’ll be getting a brand new Tone It Up one ;) Inside each Tour exclusive workout bag, you’ll be getting…

✓ A baseball cap in the most beautiful cool blue hue! (which we’re OBSESSED with!!) It’s going to be your new workout & brunch staple!

✓ A Booty Band that you’ll be using during the Tour workout and at home with your Daily Workouts. Every TIU girl needs one!

✓ A workout towel that will be your best friend during the Tour…and every day! Because we get it- things can get a lil’ sweaty while sculpting your gorgeous bod ;)

✓ Plus, Core Water will be hydrating you for the whole day!!

Fit Girl City Guides!

We’ve seen that a lot of girls are road tripping to new cities for the Tour. That’s amazing!! We love exploring new cities, finding cute coffee shops, and dining at #TIUapproved restaurants. We’ll be releasing Tour Guides for each city on so you can scout out local spots to explore when you arrive! We’re talking #TIUapproved restaurants, juice bars, hikes, running trails, Insta-worthy spots, must-try workout studios, and hotels if you’re bunkin’ up with other TIU girls!

 You’ll be totally set for the perfect getaway!

And don’t forget to pack your TIU approved road trip snacks!

New threads

We designed NEW apparel for you! It’s coming soon, so be on the lookout… ;)


We can’t give it all away just yet…but what’s a Fitness Festival without games, beauty, music, and ROSÉ?!

K&K Week in the life

 Can’t wait to work out with you! If you haven’t already reserved your spot, check out the Tour dates below and join us!

Be sure to get your ticket ASAP so you don’t end up like Annie & Lillian… ;)

you entering the tour like…


Can’t wait!!

xoxo K&K


  1. SO SO SO SO EXICTED!! Can’t wait for the tour in Scottsdale, AZ. Been a TIU girl for 3 years, ready to finally meet my trainers in person.

    1. Same here girl!! I was so excited to find out I’ll be in Arizona at the same time the tour is in Scottsdale! Can’t wait to meet all of you!

  2. After the success of your US tour, I cant wait for your EUROPEAN/Worldwide Tour!
    😉 hint-hint, nudge-nudge..
    #italy #southafrica

    1. And Australia!!

      I’m from Philadelphia and moved to Australia almost 4 years ago (which is also when I started Tone it Up!!). I was gutted to see that you were hitting up my home city and I’m not there! I very seriously considered flying home just to make the tour, and it’s been a devastating decision not to. I just couldn’t justify the distance and money for a few days away :(

      That said, I will fly anywhere in Australia for you girls, you would love it here!!

    2. Agreed! I’m up here just waiting for them to come to Canada and we’re right next door lol! 😂

  3. OMG, as I was checking in after my bootycall, I saw this new post AND got the email about the tour!! The excitement is killing me!!! Can’t wait to work out with K&K and meet & reconnect with so many beautiful TIU girls!! Miami AND Tampa, Let’s do this!! #tiuteam #tiugirlforlife #tiutour

    1. i’ll be at miami too, and I’m going alone! Would love to meet up and say hi!

  4. Any TIU girls coming to DC? I’ll be going solo so would love to meet up! So excited!

  5. So exciting!!! A question though:)
    I start a new job in a new city (DC!) the week you’re coming. I likely won’t get to the festival until 6 or 6:30 (even though it runs from 4-9)…. Will I miss all the workouts?

    1. Hi Kelly! Congrats on the new job and city! Coming at 6 or 6:30 is totally fine. You’ll still be able to catch some of the workouts and tons of FUN!! And you can meet girlfriends in your new city ;)

      1. Ahh thank you so much!! :). And great to hear that I’ll catch some of the workouts too! So looking forward to meeting the DC ladies and an amazing experience!! Thanks for all you do ❤❤❤

  6. I’ll be hitting up NYC! I can’t wait to finally meet K&K and work up a sweat with all the other gorgeous TIU babes!!! I can’t wait!!!

  7. I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! I can’t wait!! It’s like having to wait for Christmas as a kid! September 15th can’t come soon enough!!!

  8. I would love to go and work out with K and K one day!!!! I’m just a bit far away (I live in Colombia) but hope you guys have lots of fun and sweat a lot in your city!!!

  9. Driving from Detroit to Chicago to join the tour! So excited! I’m flying solo so I hope I meet some new friends!

  10. I’m soooo sooo sooo excited! Can I add any more sooooo’s?! HAHA! I can’t wait for the festivities! Thank you K&K and TIU HQ for making this happen! XOXO!

  11. See you in SF!! :) I just moved to the area and I’m so excited to meet some TIU girls!

  12. Soooo stuck!!! Do I stick w/ general admission or splurge an extra $110-150 on VIP tickets?!?! 😭

    1. I broke down & got the K&K VIP tickets!!! Happy month-early bday present to me!! ♡♡♡

  13. I’m so excited!!! Will we be able to bring sunscreen into the venues?

    1. I believe they said they are providing it in the bags from one of their live Q&A sessions but it doesn’t hurt to bring a travel size in a small purse/clutch :) just in case what they said earlier changes

  14. I’m going to Tampa! I’m so excited to finally meet other TIU girls. I can’t wait to connect with other girls with similar goals and have some fun!

  15. So sad theres no Denver stop :'(, I hope you guys go more places after this one!! Sounds like so much fun!!

  16. Ah I’m so excited! I’ve told several people about this tour and that I’m going. They think I’m crazy but I couldn’t be happier 😁.
    Cannot wait to get my sweat on with you girls here in Houston! Bucket list ✔️.

  17. What do we bring if we can’t bring a bag? Just a mat with a strap? Also, I feel like I am going to need face wipes and a change of clothes with all this working out!

  18. SO incredible that you ladies are going so many places to workout with us!! Can’t wait to finally meet you, workout with you, have quality time with my #tiuaccountability partners and other TIU besties for the entire weekend!! Is it #TIUTampatour time yet?! :)

  19. So jealous right now! Please K&K, come to Europe once! I would even travel to another country in Europe to work out with you :-)

  20. I am so excited for the tour, I’m registered VIP!!! I love the swag, but I was really hoping we would get a tank, too. I love the ones the girls got last year on the retreat.

  21. Im so excited! Im going to be going to the Scottsdale tour. Im not a TIU girl yet but I’m really interested. It looks like such a welcoming community, they helps motivate and support each other. Im looking for a routine that I can actually stick to and motivate my self to do. The community looks amazing and I can’t wait to experience the fitness festival.

    1. We can’t wait for you to experience the TOUR!! You’re going to feel so welcome and meet so many amazing women. We’re so excited to work out with you!!

  22. Super excited for Philly! I can’t finally wait to hug the two women that have not only changed my body in a way no one else could with their fun, sometimes find me laughing along with them workouts, delicious GF food that isn’t just plain and boring but recipes that I love and taste great, along with a mindset that others has seen change from years of knowing me and have verbalized to me.
    Katrina and Karena, be prepared, I might just cry when I actually get to thank you/hug you both in person in 3 weeks <3 SO excited, see you then in VIP!

  23. I am so excited, I will be travelling from Cornwall, England to New York for holiday and I am so lucky that you will be there at the same time 😀 VIP ticket printed, can’t wait to see you girls and Jillian ❤️

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