BIKINI WRAPS ~ A Sneak Peek Inside your 8 Week BIKINI PROGRAM!



As you many of you know, we just released the summer-ready edition to members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan… This 8 Week BIKINI PROGRAM is incredible! NEW delicious recipes, weekly grocery lists, meal prep tips and most importantly, every single meal for the next 8 weeks is laid out for you. We designed it to go hand-in-hand with your BIKINI SERIES to help you feel like a total bombshell on the beach and by the pool!

Today we’re giving you an exclusive look inside by sharing one of our favorite lunch recipes… The Strawberry Fields Bikini Wrap is OMG good! Fresh strawberries, filling chicken and mint combine to give you a sweet and satisfying burst of flavor…



Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.03.16 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.03.05 PM

This recipe is easy to make ahead of time, meaning you can bring it with you to work or school. Mix things up by using tofu or fish in place of chicken!

Want more amazing recipes like this along with a detailed plan of what to eat? Get your 8 Week BIKINI PROGRAM when you join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Change starts now, BOMBSHELL!


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Your sexy, toned bikini bod is just 8 weeks away. We’re ready for you… Are you ready!?

You can get this amazing edition by becoming a member of the Nutrition Plan HERE! Or save 30% off with this BUNDLE

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  1. I was worried I would hate the Bikini Wraps since I have never eaten collard greens… I am OBSESSED with them!!! I’ve tried it with the Strawberry Fields and Tuna… and Love them both!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wrap!! It’s so simple and everything tastes so good together! I couldn’t find collard greens so I was putting them in romaine lettuce the first time but when I made it again I just grabbed more greens and tore them up into my container with the chicken, strawberries, onion and mint and ate it like a salad!

    1. I never though about eating it like a salad! I think I may like it better that way. Thanks for the tip!

  3. K&K! I downloaded week 2 vegan and the Sunday meal-prep guide seems off. No recipes to make ahead of time except veggies and salad that isn’t on the menu til Thursday? Is this accurate? Last week I prepped 3 whole meals on Sunday!

    1. Hi Jennifer. I think that seems about right. I have the vegan plan too and thought the same thing, then I looked at week 2 of the bikini plan and it is basically just salads all week :( so just a ton of veggies to chop. Although there are 2 different salads for lunch time meals so we could prep those ahead of time?

  4. I absolutely LOVE these! So far, I’ve had the cajun shrimp, teryaki tofu and today I will try the strawberry fields w/chicken. They are so delicious!!!

  5. thank you for sharing this!! i couldn’t purchase the meal plan so i’m so happy to get the recipe for a bikini wrap! can’t wait to try it! :)

  6. This was the first bikini wrap I made and it’s amazing! I’ve been putting them on chard since my store was out of collard greens and it’s just as good. The chika chickpea one is my favorite so far (and lunch today!).

  7. i really want the recipe to the hot pink drink they are making above!! all i know is its dragon fruit!!! so gorgeous :)

    1. I am not but my sister is currently there studying abroad! It’s beautiful over there!

  8. Anyone know if there’s an option on the plan for gluten free, but also egg free? I eat everything but gluten an eggs, so not vegan.

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