Beach, Braids, & TIU Babes!

Hi babe! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far. Last night we wrapped an incredible few weeks of filming. We have so much magic coming your way…new Studio Tone It Up classes, new workouts for, and YouTube, and your 2018 BIKINI SERIES!!! ✨🎉 The time we spend filming is some of our favorite because Karena and I get to create together and share our inspiration, passion, and vision with this beautiful team. These are just a few sneak peeks of everything we have coming soon~ we can’t wait for you to see the rest!

This weekend we’ll be relaxing, stretching our muscles, doing yoga, and nourishing our bods with some Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals to rest up. Brian surprised me with a TIU approved dinner and some 🍦last night ;)

What are you up to this weekend? Tell me in the comments! Sending lots of love!



Ps…Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes this week! You made my day so special 🤗🎂

How amazing is Karena’s hair?!

Power walkin’ with babe Tori!

Get ready for more dance cardio with Jillian!!

💗 Stef!

Sarah on set! 🎥

📸 by our girl Nicole Hill!

Your new trainer Chevy! Her energy is amazing~ you’re going to love her!

Jake Loskutoff’s taking over with the workouts…I’ll be over here sipping rosé

What would we do without him?

Karena’s aaaamazing braid before

And after….

SO important to refuel with a Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved dinner after filming. Karena’s salad with grilled chicken and tons of greens and a glass of kombucha.

Karena’s reading up on anatomy for yoga teacher training.

She made Tone It Up Protein pancakes to snack on during training!

From two of Karena’s fave books~ “A Year of Miracles” and “Journey Into Power.” I shared my November Book Club picks this week with my fave books on leadership, business, and science. Check them out and tell me your recommendations HERE!

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  1. Is the Bikini Series going to be centered around the app? Or will the workouts be uploaded to YouTube like in years past?

    1. Hi Jennifer! For the Bikini Series, we’ll have new content on the website, YouTube, and the app. We want to offer you girls as much as we can – the app is just an additional option!! We’re so excited to share the stuff we’ve been filming the past few weeks!!

  2. I was wondering the same thing…??? And I noticed in the “Shop” that there is a November Studio Tone It Up subscription to purchase. Does that mean you’ve just purchased it for one month of workouts & it stops at the end of the month? Or does it keep your subscription going?

    1. Hey babe! While we work on the Android app, we wanted anyone who doesn’t have access to the app to have a chance to check out the Studio workouts! The November Pass is available until the end of the month and it’s a great way to try out all the amazing new workouts!

      1. If we get the November Pass, are the Studio Tone It Up workouts available on a Mac then? I’m also curious, at some point will the app subscription be available to use on a Mac instead of your phone? My internet on my phone tends to be so much slower than my laptop where I live. Thanks! xoxo

        1. Hi!! With the November Pass, you’ll have unlimited access to Studio content anywhere, including a Mac! Right now the app is optimized for the iPhone and you can use AppleTV mirroring or Chromecast for a larger screen. We’re always looking for ways to improve in the future and have lots of surprises planned for you! xxo

  3. I was wondering the same thing as above… really hoping it’s going to be a full “dvd” like the previous workout series. It’s so much easier to mix and match workouts! Also, noticed the TIU yoga mat isn’t in the shop any more. Was it discontinued or maybe a new design coming out? Thanks for all of your hard work ladies😘😘

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