Babes With Summer Bundles!

You’re lookin’ so amazing with your Summer Babe Bundle…its the best way to spot a TIU girl out on the beach 😍😍 (We have ours in Greece!!) We’re loving scrolling through all your gorgeous pics on Instagram to see where you girls are bringing your bundles! Keep ’em coming!! 🤗💫

Check out these bombshells  ~

This beautiful bundle has everythingggg you need for summer!!

These gorgeous TIU girls are loving their bundles ~


“Major summer vibes with my @toneitup #SummerBabeBundle 💓☀️🌊 You can always count on Tone It Up for creating the CUTEST stuff for our #tiuteam 😍I meannnn this towel is everything (like hello, so adorable) and matches my Bikini Series suit perfectly 👙I’m a crazy bag lady too so this one is perfect for bringing all of your summer essentials along for any beach trip or adventure🏖 I’ve been bringing the neoprene blue TIU bag everywhere lately and have been using it to store all of my summer makeup, including @coola sunscreen, baby!”


“Saturdazzzzze with the cutest @toneitup#SummerBabeBundle 💗 This bundle is seriously EVERYTHINGGGG 🙌🏽 It’s got all my summer essentials & not to mention how ADORABLE all this gear is!! I’m OBSESSED!”


#SummerBabeBundle came in ✨ and yes I posted two selfies in a row. I’m so just excited, haha! This is my favorite bundle yet! The towel is sooo soft and the silicone wine glasses are perfect for this accident prone gal 💕 The new Boutique is pretty amazing. It’s full of beautiful apparel and my fav @toneitupnutrition protein powder. One stop shop for all things @toneitup and they even offer XL sizes with @avomuse!”


“My momma and I both got the bundle and we LOVE it! By far my favorite bundle and I know I’m going to use every single thing—especially the wine glasses 😉🍷 It’s perfect for beach days or just being silly drinking wine in the backyard with my momma ☺️”


“Who else is OBSESSED with their Summer Babe Bundle?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I have no idea how Tone It Up can always include such high-quality items their bundles for such a low cost to us but I will not complain about it! 😋 I’m having a girls day by my pool today and you bet your 🍑 I’ll be using ALLLLL of these items today. 👙😎☀️🍷 I’d try and choose my favorite item but I just can’t… I love them all!! 💕☺️ The towel feels AMAZING and there’s just something so fun about the circle shape. I normally don’t love hats on me but somehow this one works. 🧢 The wine glasses? PERFECT for the pool or a picnic! The cosmetic bag, @sally_hansen nail polish, and all the @coola products are perfect for travel anywhere. And the macrame bag itself couldn’t possibly be more cute!”


“I am absolutely in love with the @toneitup #SummerBabeBundle! The towel is perfect for the beach, I’ve already used the wine glasses by my pool, the beauty products are amazing to keep that summer skin and nails fresh and of course, who doesn’t love a cute Tone it Up hat?! I love that the bag can hold all the bundle products, and more!”


“The bundle is a fun way to treat yourself for killing your workouts + nutrition the past 8 weeks! @toneitup nailed it with this bundle…hello the colors but it’s literally everything you need for the beach 🌊 my fav items are prob the towel + bag 💖 but I really love everything 🤗”


“Strolling into the end of the #tiubikiniseries feeling super strong & accomplished! @toneitup has shown me to love my body, work this swimsuit & transform my lifestyle! Rocking the #summerbabebundle, this beach bag holds everything you need for the perfect summer!”


“I’m 110% a summer babe and I love that I feel that this bundle was made just for me so I can enjoy the summer out by the pool, the beach, or simply just to go hang out with girlfriends (gotta watch my stuff tho, pretty sure they’ll want it all 😂😍)”


“I am loving @toneitup 💕 it just works for me, today is the last day of the bikini series and ya girl has lost 20 pounds and is looking FOINE 😳 I treated myself to the #summerbabebundle from as an incentive. It’s amazing and packed full of goodies… like the cutest silicone wine glasses for my @healthade kombucha 🙌🏼 so much goodness!”

***If you’re one of the 10 girls featured above, email us at with your name & Insta username to get your prize! We’re sending you a bikini or Avocado outfit of your choice from the new Tone It Up Boutique!!! Plus a tub of protein…because every TIU girl needs her protein! 

We want to see you with your bundle!! Share a pic with us on Insta! #SummerBabeBundle

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