Something we do DAILY

Guess what both Karena and I do every day?

Yes… you guessed it: we workout, drink smoothies, work at our computer and eat kale ;)… and the occational rosé, but there’s one more thing that’s the secret sauce to success and happiness. Meditation! We know what you’re thinking- just laying with your eyes closed in savasana… okay, maybe sometimes, but most of the time it’s actually in a different form. You probably meditate and don’t even realize it! It can be anything from running, yoga, hiking or even cleaning. If you watched our recent boxing video, you also saw that even boxing is extremely meditative!

According to a Stanford Study, 8 weeks of daily meditation lead to increased activity in the prefrontal cortex (which helps regulates emotions) which significantly decreased stress. Meditation also helps with decision making, optimism, self-confidence and lowers the stress hormone cortisol which helps decrease belly fat… bikini season anyone!?!! HELLO WIN-WIN!


Today we’re going to go through the simplest form of meditation. This way you can bring it to other aspects of your life!


To help get you started, we’re giving you a simple guide to meditation.

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. No distractions and no computers ;)

2. Decide on how long you want to meditate. It can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes, or even longer if you have it. Set a timer for the time you’ve decided on so you don’t keep glancing at a clock or wonder if time has passed too quickly. We also recommend mediation sounds or waves playing on your phone. (but keep your eyes off instagram, girl!)

3. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Fill your tummy with each breath, holding at the top of each for a count of 10, before exhaling slowly. Allow your breath to return to normal and start observing each breath. This is all you have to do. Focus your attention on your heart and truly feel what it’s like to simply be with yourself.

4. Be present and aware of whatever sensations come up and just let them wash over you. If there are noises around you, or feelings of restlessness coming up, just let them be. It’s best not to resist anything that comes up. Your mind may be racing non stop and that’s okay. Keep breathing and when you remember, bring your awareness back to your heart.

If your mind wanders, as it inevitably will, don’t judge yourself. This is part of the meditation. Gently and lovingly bring your attention back to your breath and to your heart. Continue this rhythm until the time is up!

5. Once the time is up, don’t get up right away. Turn off the timer (if you’re using one) and close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths and open your eyes when it feels right. It’s sometimes nice to open your eyes and sit for a few minutes too.

Notice how much calmer you feel and take that feeling of calm awareness with you for the rest of the day!

You can bring this practice to whatever your personal favorite form of meditation is~ any escape you enjoy whether it’s cooking, swimming, yoga, running or even cleaning. Take that time for you and apply the above!


Comment below with how you meditate! What’s your favorite form? 

Karena’s a guided meditation (you can download your choice from iTunes) on her porch or painting. I actually find myself meditating in the shower and in yoga. I also feel really centered and stress-free with any DIY or arts and crafts~ not even kidding! A lot of people are using fun coloring books now.  I see them everywhere :) 




  1. Meditating is so so wonderful. I’ve gotten into it the past year to cope with work and new baby stress, and I love it. Thanks for posting, K&K!

    1. Hi Christina!

      Any tips on meditating? Do you get up early to do it before the kids wake up? I have 3 year old, and one almost 8 months and I’m struggling to be consistent! I know it would help and I should probably give myself grace, but I feel like if I don’t start getting on a routine with meditating, exercise, etc. I’m just going to keep running in circles and not actually getting anything done! Would love to get advice from other moms!

      ~ Jess

      1. Yes! I have a 7 month old and can’t imagine meditating:) I’d just fall asleep cause I’m so tired every day. I’d like to see what other mamas have to say. I don’t think I’m ready to try this yet. Once she sleeps through the night I’ll revisit it:)

  2. I might sound weird, but training dogs. I LOVE working with animals and when I sit with my dog and work with her…. there is clarify and a sense of calm. We did work on meditation in my Yoga Teacher Training and I found it SO hard to sit for so long (vatta type) so meditation in movement is ideal for me. I doesn’t matter how you do it, just get it in! xo

    1. I totally agree that working with animals is meditative! It can be very soothing when my cat decides to curl up next to me in my own home, but I also volunteer regularly working with cats at the local animal shelter and I really appreciate having that time set aside to dedicate to animals and put my other worries at ease. I similarly feel very restless sitting still so actually cleaning and playing with the cats at the shelter can be more meditative for me than resting at home.

  3. This post has perfect timing! I downloaded a meditation app last night – cannot wait to try it later today to help me unwind and destress from the day!

  4. I have been trying to meditate every morning but I always find my mind drifting. Reading this made me realize that meditation, just like anything in life, can be learned and mastered through constant practice. Thank you K&K! Let’s do this TIU Team!

  5. I started doing some cat/cow, twists and 5 minutes of meditation before even getting out of bed. It is a GREAT practice <3

  6. I use guided meditations, but sometimes I meditate with Buddhist inspired music while counting mala beads.

  7. Hey girls! If you have the Starbucks app they just put a code to download a meditation guide app for free! Coffee + some time for you, I think so! Thanks for the tips K&K! Definitely going to start trying to do this every day for some stress relief. Xoxo

  8. I am so excited about this post! As busy as most of us gals are, with work, school, and family I sometimes am so overwhelmed! Trying to eat right and work out on top of all that, and sometimes it feels like life is sooo rushed! This focus on meditation comes at the perfect time– because I really do need to take time to relax and quiet my mind, soul, and body!!

  9. Love this! Perfect timing! I’ve been trying out meditation this week! I love the way it makes me feel!

  10. I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my daily routine since the start of the year. Sadly I don’t always find time to do it everyday but I hope to get better with time and I love the sense of calm I feel afterwards!

  11. Thank you for this post! I love to meditate! I do it in a couple of different ways. I am a big fan of guided meditations, I actually use them to fall asleep many nights a week. Running is very meditative for me, especially when I trail run. The fresh air, and quite forrest trails help me focus myself. Just taking some time each day to center myself, and clear my mind helps me manage my stress! I would love to see a TIU Meditation video?!! :)

  12. hi! first time commenting, and very new to tiu. I am also a long time meditator and yoga practitioner….so I am SO happy to see that you are promoting meditation, as it is something very close to my heart. Its new for me to exercise daily (oh how I am LOVING tiu) and I see how it supports my yoga and meditation and vice versa. It really just makes me so happy to see you promoting meditation, because it is often disregarded but so healing and powerful, so thank you. Also, I don’t really post on instagram, so just wanted you to know that even if I am not ‘checking in’ on social media I am ‘checking in’ in my heart! Your workouts have been a very special thing for me. Thank you, namaste, I love you both! :)

  13. I used to dread the Savasana time at the end of yoga but I’ve now learned to look forward to that time of just relaxing my mind and meditating!

  14. Love seeing this!! I used to feel like I had literally no time to myself to meditate, but now I just do a short meditation every time I go to the grocery store for my lunch!

  15. Before leaving work this morning, i was on the way out my door and stopped to look at the sun rise and just stood there a few minutes thinking how i needed to take time to appreciate this! What perfect timing, life is so rushed that we need to remember to stop and meditate and relax :) thanks ladies!

  16. I love guided meditation. I like Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Soul Chat (pod cast) has a few meditations in their program too. I find reading fiction feel like meditation as well <3 Thanks ladies!! Did this medication after lunch and now refreshed for the second half of the work day. Cannot wait for WineNotWednesday! Been looking forward to it this week :P here

  17. I also try to do this in the shower and during a stretching routine, def need to make it into an everyday habit though! Thanks so much for this post!! :D

    P.s Do you have a ETA on when Cali Retreat Hotel info will be coming out ? Just booked my flight and arriving a day early :) Can’t wait!!


    1. yay!! me too!!! i am DYING to get an email with itinerary or at least hotel info so that I can book a place to stay on Wednesday night! a bunch of us girls will be arriving and are trying to find somewhere to stay and maybe share rooms and split the cost together. you should try to meet up with us!

  18. If anyone is looking for an app recommendation for sounds I use Rain,Rain and Zen Spa. I like Zen spa because you can set a timer in the app for how long the music/waves play (in the free version it’s only 5 mins but it works for me haha)

  19. If my mind is racing, I find the best technique is to simply count your breaths; 1-10, 10-1, etc. If you lose count, just start again. you breath will slow and your mind will quiet.

  20. This is so funny because I’m in a graduate class now on meditation and there is soooooo much research on supporting meditation and it’s healthy benefits! Improves attention, processing speed, academic achievement, and reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and more! Great to hear!

  21. I am blessed to work for a company that makes time for mindfulness and meditation twice a day—once at the very beginning of the workday as an entire company, and once right after lunch for anyone who feels called to sit quietly for 15 minutes and breathe. We even do a few moments of mindfulness before big meetings so that we’re all connected and ready to get crankin’! It’s an amazing practice and I’m so glad you girls are highlighting it here.

  22. I just recently downloaded the free app “Headspace” for guided meditation and it’s awesome for any one just getting started with meditation.

  23. Love this so much!! Thank you K&K!! I already tried it and it is an immediate mood changer!! Hope to see more Wine Not Wednesday videos soon!! Love you ladies!! Happy #HumpDay!!

  24. Love <3 I meditate without realizing it, I suppose. During prayer, workouts and all in between. Great reminder to just stop and take a deep breath.. it really gives a much more fresh and grounded perspective to whatever craziness might be happening.

  25. I have been meditating for the past 18 years. I love it and when I let my practice slip I eventually notice I do not listen as well, I am more agitated, and I am often more focused on past events or seeking future events to make me happy. The benefits of the practice are many but living fully in the moment is one I find helps me daily:)

  26. Loved this post, thank you K&K! I actually love meditating on God’s word! I will pick a verse and then just sit and think about it for awhile and how I can apply it to my life! Or I make a list or say out loud what I am thankful for, this really helps bring back my focus :)

  27. I find making time for devotions and praying to the Lord really helps clear my mind and brings me peace.

  28. Love that you do this daily! I’ve been meaning to get back into it myself though I find my runs to be extremely theraputic! ?❤️

  29. I use the Calm app and I love it! It offers a variety of different meditations, guided or not, for anxiety, happiness, depression etc. Only downer is that its about $40/yr and not completely free but you invest in what you love I guess!

  30. My absolute favourite way to meditate and destress is horseback riding. It may be different from the norm but it is the most amazing feeling when you and your horse move as one. Breathe as one. Amazing.

  31. I am so happy to see that you’re promoting meditation. I have been practicing it for a little over a year now and I feel it is life changing. My favorite forms are body scan (a form of mindfulness) and tonglen! They’re absolutely life altering! I love doing them after my morning bootycall! The tiu workouts have made my meditation practice much more productive and powerful!

  32. LOVE THIS! A really great guided meditation app that’s only 10min a day is HEADSPACE!!! It’s easy and takes the pressure out of feeling like you have to do it a certain way…. Happy Mediating Ladies :)

  33. Amazing post! Meditation is a powerful tool! I try to meditate everyday because i love it and it feels amazing for the rest of the day! I do yoga, meditate with mantras, observing my breath, while i run… Yoga is my passion and it become a way of live for me! Yoga is magic! :) Thank you very much K&K for an amazing & beautiful post!

  34. Try the Buddhify app :)! It has a ton of great guided meditations, and it got it for about 3 dollars in the app store❤️

  35. I started with guided meditations, which I found to be super helpful for my wandering mind. I love Tara Brach and Carolyn Anne Budgell. I also have a beautiful mala from Tiny Devotions that I use for japa meditation. Lately, I’ve been meditating in the bath with the lights turned off and a big candle burning. I love getting so intensely relaxed! And now that spring is just around the corner, I’ll sit outside with my dog and paint. It’s a great calm and creative outlet!

  36. I love meditating with my husband. It gets me in the right mindset to rock the day or sleep easier and relax at night.

    Oprah and Deepak Chopra do free 21 day guided meditation series. One is starting on Monday.

  37. For meditation I like to clean out the whole house. Don’t judge or I sat down to my laptop turn on Blogger,put on some music and write. That’s what I love to do and it turns down the entire world around me in those stressful times <3

  38. Downloaded the Calm App and I have to say I need this in my life, get all into the hustle and the bustle sometimes we just need to stop and breathe. ❤️❤️

  39. I just started using the headspace app for daily meditation as well a sleep meditation – such a big difference in the quality of my sleep when I use it!

  40. I use the app Calm to meditate with! I also use it to fall asleep. Thanks for the helpful tips! What a beautiful and inspiring post! :)

  41. I love the ‘Stop, Breathe and Think’ app. There are different guided meditations to do for different emotions, etc. The app. is free to download as are a majority of the meditations, there a a couple of them that you have to pay for but they aren’t expensive (from memory about $2 per package). This article has been a good reminder to get back into my daily meditation practice, I’ve been a bit slack lately xoxo

  42. Love this practice and it’s something I use in my daily life. My form of meditation is a cup of coffee, the bible, and my journal right after my bootycall and before I get ready for work. It’s a great time to pray and reflect on life, goals, dreams, and praying for the lives of friends and family. I have seen first-hand the benefits you mentioned above!

  43. I love this practice. I do it often! I even try to hide in a bathroom stall or anywhere quiet and out of the way at work for 5-10 mins with headphones in and ocean waves playing just to relax the mind if the day is stressful. My other forms of meditation are nature walks, cycling, reading, and the barre class at the gym…so relaxing

  44. I am on the meditation train too! In recovering from a concussion it has been the best way to learn to listen to my body. Silent meditations while sitting are my favourite, but walking meditations are a close second. I’m so happy you posted this :)

  45. I used to do a ton of yoga and meditation but have run out of time since I had my twins. This was a great reminder to me! Thanks! I really need to make sure its apart of my daily routine…I miss it.

  46. L8 says:

    Thank you for the great tips. And its importent to not Only take Care of out lovely Bodies but also our Amazing minds???⭐️⭐️❤️

  47. Wow!! Thanks Katrina and Karena for this amazing write up on mediation and how important it is in ones daily life. I am feeling a little more centered within after reading this and I am looking forward to adding this to my daily routine especially with Spring coming with more daylight hours what a great time to wake up with the sun and start the day off right with a peaceful mediation.

  48. I love meditating and I should really get back into this and finding more ways to. It really helps with my anxiety and just sends all the good vibes.

  49. Some time since this was posted now, but I will give it a go for some advise :)
    I would really like to get this into my daily routine, and preferably in the morning, anyone who has a good tip on how to combine with the booty call? Meditate first then do the booty call, or meditate after booty call?
    I don’t want to loose the energy and “pump” I get from morning booty calls, but I also would love to get centered before continuing with the day :) How do you girls do it?

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