Home Is Where The ♡ Is ~ Your Boston Tour Recap!

Reminiscing about this beautiful weekend ✨

Flashback Friday ~ Our Fave Coachella Memories

Meet us in the desert!

Our Story | Tone It Up

Welcome to Tone It Up! We’re your trainers — Karena and Katrina. Here you’ll find a community of women…

Valentine’s Video ♡ First Kisses, Best Pickup Lines, and Ultimate Bestie Dates! K&K Tell All!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mindful Meditation ~ Keeping Up Your Amazing Momentum

This is just the beginning for you!

Mindful Meditation ~ Open Your Heart to Positivity

And let to go of judgment

Snowy Paradise, San Fran, & Studio Magic!

A week in our life!

Mindful Meditation ~ Perseverance To Achieve Your Dreams

You can make anything happen!

Mindful Meditation ~ Embracing Your Inner Strength

You have the power to make your dreams come true!

Mindful Meditation ~ Community, Friendship, & Support

Everything is more beautiful with your loved ones!

Love Your Body ~ Mindful Guided Meditation With Karena!

Join me and take a few moments today for YOU!

Karena’s New Fave Inspiring Books

I’m looking for recommendations too!

Girlfriends Gift Guide ♡ Vlog

See what we got each other!

NEW VLOG ~ Random Acts of LOVE Challenge!

For you & others!

VLOG: Healthy Holidays & How to Explain to Family!

You won’t believe what happened!