7 Ways to Destress Naturally

This community is made up of busy babes who balance a lot of responsibilities, from work meetings, to family commitments, to school exams. Stress is inevitable, and we get that. It happens to us, too! We’re always running from workouts, to meetings, to shoots, and events, and those stress vibes can creep in. But here’s the thing: We can’t let stress take over. It doesn’t serve us mentally or physically. In fact, having too much of the stress hormone cortisol in your bod can slow metabolism, increase blood sugar levels, and weaken your immune system.

So today, we’re talkin’ about 7 natural and healthy ways to relieve anxiety and bring on some peaceful vibes. We try to incorporate these into our lives every day!


Lean on your girlfriends

That’s what they’re there for! When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, talk to your friends, family, or partner. Instead of keeping those feelings bottled up, it’s much healthier to tell someone how you feel. They can help you work through your feelings, and just the act of expressing yourself will help you feel better. We always call each other when we need to talk something out!

Go for a walk outside

Coworkers stressing ya out? Walk it off! Stroll 10 minutes away from your office and back on your lunch break. Exercise releases the feel-good hormone endorphins, which can combat stress. Research also shows that viewing nature can help people recover from a stressful experience. ¹



We like to devote at least a few minutes every morning to meditation. According to a study, daily mediation can lead to increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, which helps regulate stress. The practice also helps lower cortisol and boost self-confidence and optimism. Read more about our mediation practice HERE!

Take a yoga class

Tons of research has linked yoga to decreased stress levels. A hot yoga class always give us relaxed, happy vibes! Stop by your fave studio or try one of our yoga workouts like THIS one!

how-to-destress-naturally-music-tone-it-upListen to a great playlist

Bust stress with some Beyoncé! Research shows that when college students listened to music they reported feeling less anxious. Tunes also lowered their cortisol levels. ² Try one of our fave playlists HERE! You’ll be feelin’ the love.

Watch a rom-com

Studies find that the act of laughing releases those feel-good endorphins! ³ Invite your girls over for a movie night and watch a fave comedy or rom-com. The Holiday is always our go-to! Plus, if you’re anything like us, your pals will have you cracking up! ; )

Turn it into a positive

We like to take our stress as a challenge, and anything that challenges you makes you stronger. Ask yourself, “How can I use this feeling to achieve more? What can I learn from this situation and how can it benefit me?” You can use that feeling to help you achieve things you never thought possible!






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  1. Love this! Walks, meditation, music, and yoga help me so much especially through grad school. You can also turn things into a positive by using positive affirmations (total cognitive behavioral therapy technique right here ;)). Negative thoughts often come up during stress, so saying something positive that you can believe helps change your thoughts. I love all these posts!

  2. I love this! I am currently doing a 31 day yoga program on Youtube and adding those 30 minute videos to my TIU workouts every day, I’ve only been doing them for 6 days and I already feel peaceful and happier! Also I love to meditate in the mornings writing in my journal while I have some coffee before my bootycall. Mornings are definitely my favorite part of the day!

  3. This article is so perfect! Goes hand in hand with what my yoga instructor said today. He was helping me with a posture and said to go as far as I could until I felt uncomfortable. Everyone in the class chuckled because hot yoga can already be uncomfortable. He then responded by saying that’s what makes yoga so great because we challenge ourselves to find comfort in uncomfortable situations which can be helpful in our day to day interactions. So take a deep breath y’all and thanks K+K

  4. I love all of these tips. I think the last tip, turning our stress into a positive, can be so stinking hard! But I do believe that if we focus on keeping a positive mindset and looking at each stressful situation as a challenge rather than a chore we can totally succeed at reducing stress! #TIU

  5. Totally agree with the comments about friends, nature and yoga! I especially love getting outside in the mornings with my dog or getting out of the city on weekends either hiking in the mountains or heading out to the beach. Sometimes I didn’t know how much I needed it until I get out there! I’ve never really tried meditation and have been thinking about giving it a go. Thank you for the article :)

  6. Oh my goodness! The Holiday is my favorite movie! It’s a go-to for my sister and I as well! It’s such a feel good movie! It makes me happy.

  7. I literally had a day yesterday where all I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position and sleep in a cave! But I ended up talking to my mom and my best friend (hanging out with her later and laughing at stupid tv), talking to my chiropractor about attending her yoga classes, and went for a walk down the road with my dogs. I love that this list exists and that I was on the right track to feeling better, definitely going to save this for future use! <3

  8. This is a MUST READ! Finding healthy ways to relieve stress, whether its a venting session with your bestie or a yoga class, is so important. I want to get into meditation as well. When I get stressed, my immune system suffers and I experience inflammation. I’m working on recognizing the difference between busy and stressed and making sure to take time for myself. I won’t be effective otherwise.

  9. Building on the morning routine post from yesterday, I want to add meditation & yoga to my morning routine. I just cannot do high intensity workouts in the a.m. Meditation, yoga, coffee, shower & brekkie; my new booty call/ a.m. routine <3 Writing it down & beginning tomorrow. Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much for posting!! I swear it’s like you KNEW I had been having one of those weeks! i’m blasting some awesome dance tunes, got in a lunch workout with my busy babes, and I can’t wait to get in some yoga! xoxoxo

  11. I love all the new articles with research-backed facts in it! Thank you for doing your research and providing us with the sources!!

    The Holiday is also my go-to Rom-Com! Glad I’m not alone! :)

  12. I needed this exact article today! It was one of the most stressful days i’ve had at work in awhile and these are great reminders of ways to calm myself down. Thanks TIU! :))

  13. Love having a bit of Vitamin N (nature) to help with stress – sometimes a walk away from a stressful morning into a beautiful park can not just revitalise you, but give you perspective on your stresses – deep breath…

  14. Thank you for this! I deal with stress and anxiety on a daily so finding natural, feel good ways to improve it is always on my radar!
    This week’s goal is to have at least 3 booty calls this week and more morning me time! Doing this more and having more time for me in the morning will help me have more time in the evenings, feel less stressed getting ready for work and already get my body and mind moving!

    Thanks ladies and love always!

  15. Great list! I recently started dealing with panic attacks/anxiety – that I think (and hope) are just related to my parasympathetic nervous system being so rundown. I’ve been really trying to be more mindful of de-stressing lately so when I stop taking my medication in a few weeks, hopefully everything will just go back the way it was before and I can keep up the mindfulness – to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Of course the TUI workouts are part of that too :)

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