5 Ways to Save 5 Minutes in the Morning

Morning beautiful! I’ve always been a night owl ~ I curl up on the couch or in my bed and dream up some of my most creative ideas at night. Brian’s usually sleeping and telling me to turn off the light from my phone or computer ;)

But in the last year I’ve been really focusing on my mornings. I’m constantly inspired by Karena’s morning routine. She gets up before Bobby, lights candles and her fireplace, and takes time to meditate, journal, and read her favorite inspiring books. Check out her full routine HERE! It’s GOALS!!

When I wake up, I scroll through your checkins first thing ~ you’re what motivates me to jump out of bed and get after it! After my Daily Workout and whipping up a Tone It Up Protein smoothie or a scramble, I’ve been setting aside a few minutes to journal and set my intentions for the day. I think about what I need for the day and what others in my life need from me ~ kindness, support, motivation, grace, whatever it may be. Since I started yoga teacher training, I also like to jot down ideas for inspiring affirmations (Karena and I are sharing some of our faves soon!).

When things are especially busy ~ like right now when we’re in total TOUR prep mode ~ it can be tough to set aside those extra few minutes in the morning. We totally get it. Just this week, I woke up one day thinking about a million TIU Tour ideas and to-dos and wanted to run right to my computer. I had to take a step back and remind myself that I will be much more creative and productive after my workout and mediation time. Never forget that when you prioritize yourself, you’re more present for the people around you.

To give myself some extra time in the morning, I have some tricks to save a few precious minutes. Trust me these will make your mornings so much easier and give you more time to devote to your gorgeous self ~ you deserve it!



 tone it up bikini series prep for success clean closet

Watcha wearing?

If you’re anything like me, you can spend 10 minutes digging through your closet and deciding what to wear. Instead, I lay out my clothes and workout gear the night before and make sure all my favorite leggings, hats, and sneakers are front and center in my closet. I also pack my tote bag with everything I’ll need for the day so I can just grab it and go in the morning.

Tone It Up Best Healthy Berry Cauliflower Smoothie

Smoothie ready ✓

I have a smoothie with Tone It Up Protein most mornings. I’ve been really into the Berry Cauliflower recipe lately! A little time-saving trick ~ you can get all your smoothie ingredients ready the night before and keep them in a mason jar in the fridge (or if you have a NutriBullet, you can put them in the container). Then all you need to do is blend in the morning! Your creation also blends more smoothly if it’s been in the fridge overnight.

And of course I have my lunches for the week meal prepped and ready to go! I just portion everything out and pack it the night before. Check out some of our go-to meal prep tips HERE!

Coffee brewin’

I always start my day with espresso with a little almond milk. I like to freeze almond milk in ice cube trays so I can just add them to my coffee in the morning. That way my java won’t get watered down when I take it in a to-go cup on a walk or to the office!

Bed head

I talked about this a little in your new Tour Lookbook…lately I’ve been trying out some heat-free hairstyles thanks to inspo from Kiki! This helps keep your hair strong and healthy and it saves major time in the morning. At night when my hair is still damp, I’ll put it in a loose french braid and sleep on it. When I wake up, I take it out and put our Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo in. Then, if some front curls need to be touched up, wrap pieces around a low heat iron going away from your face. Spritz again with Sea Salt Spray and you’re ready to go!!

You can also experiment with different braids. My favorite is an easy fishtail you can do in minutes. Check out the video tutorial HERE!

 Stop the snooze

Winni is all of us in the morning…

It’s soooo tempting to hit the snooze button and snuggle back under the covers with this guy! But here’s the thing: Research shows that people who hit snooze end up feeling more tired because after snoozing you fall back into your sleep cycle and get interrupted just as your deep sleep hormones kick in. This can leave you feeling groggy like…

Instead use those 9 minutes as “me time.” Once you’ve gone a week or so without hitting snooze, your body will get used to it and you’ll be so happy to have that time for you!

So instead of waking up like…

You’ll be feelin’ like…

And you’ll totally be the first pup ;) 


Have a beautiful morning babe!!


  1. Great post, even though my work schedule is flipped right now (working overnights) Back when I did work a 9 to 5 I loved getting up like 2 hours before I had to leave for work so I could take my time and not feel rushed. I enjoyed drinking my coffee, making breakfast, and watching the news. So now that my schedule is flipped I try to take some “Me Time” when I get home and I have the house to myself, I foam roll, sometimes take a bath, get my oil diffuser going and get myself ready to sleep :) I would like to get into journaling. I bought a passion planner that’s supposed to have extra pages throughout for journaling, drawings, or goal setting. I’m excited for that to come in! See you on tour soon :)

  2. Thanks for this post! I’m in the habit of turning off my alarm and not getting up right away, which has been detrimental to my morning #TIUbootycall. :-( I feel so much better when I get up when my alarm goes off. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Thank you for this great post! I have a HUGE problem of hitting snooze. I am a night owl so switching to mornings for workouts and intention setting has def been a big change.

  4. Loved this post. I have always been a morning person but this is a great reminder to set some time to set an intention for the day. Usually I jet out of bed once my alarm goes off, work out, go swimming, make breakfast, and then leave for work. But I definitely have enough time to slow down and think about the day ahead. Definitely think I will try to set 5 minutes to meditate and make an intention for the day. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite because I always tell my clients (I’m a psychotherapist at an eating disorder treatment program) to set an intention for the day but haven’t been doing it myself! Thanks K&K for another great post :)

  5. I love this! These are all those good habits that I KNOW I should have but for some reason can never commit to them for more than a couple of days in a row. This is re-inspiring me to re-dedicate my evenings to prepping for perfect mornings. Thanks for the inspiration, Katrina! I can’t go to the tour, but I’m following everyone’s journey and excitement on IG (Yes, I’ve got some serious FOMO) but you and Karena and the HQ are doing SUCH AN AMAZING JOB making sure this is the most memorable experience for everyone going. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what else you all share with us :)

  6. Love this article and mornings for me are the HARDEST I definitely need to get back on track and have my mornings back without rushing around. Prepping is so huge! I am finally realizing that. Hehehe that last photo is so funny & cute.

  7. Thanks for posting @toneitup! Great tips! I cannot WAIT to meet you girls on tour — I’m dyinggggg! #tiuchicagotour #tiutourvip #cantwait #giddywithexcitement

  8. Love this! I will definitely add these tips to my morning routine!
    One thing I do to absolutely make sure I get out of bed for my #tiubootycall is to put my phone far away (out of arms reach!) from my bed every night – this way I have to literally get out of bed to turn my alarm off. Once your up, your more likely to stay up rather than go back to bed! I’ve found this helps me so much!

  9. I am a working mom- with an 8 and 4 year old. I wake up every day between 5:30 and 6- and my Booty Call workout and post-smoothie are my Nirvana before the madness kicks in. Appreciate your time while you have it!

  10. Great Post! I’ve been definitely doing the “don’t hit the snooze button” and I do feel a lot better and more awake. Even though I work the night shift until 2am, I come home, wind down and slip into bed. Before I would stay up until 5-6am, and then end up sleeping away my mornings. Thanks for the tips/tricks. Can’t wait to see you both and my fellow TIU gals on the Tour. Tour Chicago! :)

  11. My perfect wake up time would be 7am, but that’s impossible with my work schedule! I need to stop hitting snooze and use those extra minutes to have a cup of tea. Setting out clothes the night before and having breakfast/lunch ready to go makes a huge difference.

    I’m signed up for a 5:45am barre class and will have to get up at 4:30 to be there in time. I’m going to use these tips to get my bum up in the AM. Thanks for the tips, Kat!

  12. Love this–thanks for inspiring me to not hit snooze! (Although I always set the alarm for earlier than I have to get up so I can snooze, lol.) I make my smoothies (all but the liquid) during prep & use individual baggies that keep in the freezer. Then I just get the liquid ready the night before & in the morning dump the baggie from the freezer into the blender cup & go. Perfection!

  13. Thnak You. Ill always been a morning girl. But since spring I kind of stay in bed too long in the morning. I’m back to getting up as soon as I start woking up since a week an dit makes a huge difference on my whole day. I have more energy and I am overall happier :D

  14. Thank you so much for this post! And it made me feel a little better realizing I’m not the only that struggles with hitting snooze! Haha! But also….great tip on the nutri-bullet and having the ingredients in the cup ready to go!🤗 I am sooo gonna do this all the time now! And one of these days I need to watch a braid tutorial cause it’s every day ponytail thing is boring! 😘

  15. Great post, & it’s made me think a lot about my bad “snooze button” habit!! I don’t only hit snooze once!….it can be for 30mins or more, how shocking is that!! Really need to sort it out, because, not only is it making me more tired, I’m wasting all that time I could use to make my day so much better!! I’m going to start this tomorrow! Good luck on the TIU Tour!….I’m in England so unfortunately can’t be part of it! Please come to the UK on Tour one day, you’ve got loads of fans here!! Love! 😘💕

  16. I love this post! It’s a great reminder to take some “me” time in the morning before the craze of the day.

    Katrina, I’d love to know where you purchased your sweater from? It looks so cozy!

  17. I agree that getting up early is a goal and I do feel better for the day if I do it (even though I’m the first to admit it’s not easy). With the return to school, I’ve been trying to get up about two hours early so that I can get in my booty call and still have time for some reflection, a little pampering/glam session, a good M1 + even time to pick up the house so I come home to everything neaten up. It’s a great thing to aim for!

  18. Not only a great post, but oh my goodness! Where is that headboard and bedding from? We have a Cal King sized bed and I’ve had the hardest time finding ‘the one’ :(.

    Thank you!

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