5 Tips to Get Your Booty Out of Bed!

Rise n’ shine, sleepyhead!

As a #TIUgirl, you know your Booty Call boosts your metabolism, ups your energy, and releases those feel-good hormones. But sometimes the snooze button is JUST. SO. TEMPTING! Especially during the fall, when the sun rises later in the morning. (Trust us, we get it – waking up before the sun’s up is really tough!) We’re here to help you become the boss of that snooze button! Preparation is key to ward off those sleepy feels, and we’ve got you covered. Morning, beautiful!



Prep your java buzz

Waking up to coffee already made will get you out of the sheets and on your feet, especially when you can smell it from your room! If you have a coffee machine with a timer, set it to start right when you wake up. Or for an iced brew, pre-make a batch and put it in a large mason jar the night before. You can prep enough for up to four days! In the morning, pour yourself a glass over ice and you’re ready to go! ;)

You can also try one of our healthy coffee recipes! Check them out HERE!

Stick to a sleep schedule

When it comes to snoozing, your body likes to stay consistent. In fact, a study done by Brigham Young University found that waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day is associated with lower body fat!

Plan for eight hours of rest each night. For example, if you set your alarm at 6 am for your Booty Call, hit the hay by 10 pm. Set a reminder on your phone to start winding down 30 minutes before bedtime. This will help you feel more rested when your alarm goes off in the morning,


Get out and about

As soon as you wake up, take a step outside! The fresh air will energize your body. If it’s too rainy or chilly for a stroll,  try opening a window and breathing in the fresh air. We love doing this! A taste of the outdoors will help clear your head and prep you for the day to come!


Open your curtains

Your body has an internal clock that resets itself with the morning sun. Give your bod the go-ahead to start your day by letting sunlight filter into your room. If your schedule requires you to get up while it’s still dark out, try a dawn simulator alarm clock. It slowly brightens your room before you’re set to wake, easing you out of sleep.

When all else fails…

Things happen. Sometimes you sleep in a little later than you planned, and it’s okay. That’s what a backup plan is for! When you’ve accidentally hit the snooze button, we have the perfect workout for you! As long as you have 10 minutes to spare, you can get your heart rate up, raise your metabolism, and tone every part of your body with the Snooze Button Workout! Try it out HERE!


What are your tips for getting up in the morning?! Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I use the Rock Clock app as my alarm. The sounds are hilarious to wake up to and the Rock does not believe in snooze buttons so there isn’t one!

  2. Love this and I really need to start putting this stuff into action! Thanks for always getting but K & K <3

  3. This is perfect! Was just talking to my girlfriends about how not having a 9-5 schedule (hello grad school and odd jobs) has been really hard to find a routine, and get up…even when I do work at a normal 9am time.

    My goal is to start charging my phone and setting my alarm outside the bedroom. Then I’m not tempted to waste time at night or in the morning scrolling insta. Hope it works 🙄

  4. How timely! My boyfriend yelled at me this morning for hitting snooze too many times!! Thanks for the tips :)

  5. Tips for a mama who has to wake up in silence? I have to wake up to a vibrating alarm and then get dressed in the dark and sneak downstairs. No snoozing so I don’t wake the hubs and no sound so no one else wakes up. It’s hard when its dark!

    1. Ditto @adrianne1207 !!! Luckily lately either my 3.5 yr old gets up to pee at 5:30, or my hubs is coughing or blowing his nose at 5:45. I take advantage of those moments to sneak downstairs! I lay out my workout clothes downstairs and will keep contacts downstairs too.

  6. Just downloaded a dawn simulator alarm clock app and the rock clock ; ) Such helpful tips!! Thanks girls!!

  7. Love this! AND I’m downloading the rock clock now! THE snooze botton is my enemy!

  8. @toneitup that’s awesome that you shared the study done by BYU, graduated in exercise science from there, and the researchers were my teachers!

  9. My alarm is birds chirping. It kind of tricks my brain into thinking the sun is up! Also, thanks for the tip about prepping coffee the night before! I do that now, I get it all ready so all I have to do is push “on” when I get to my kitchen and I love it! xoxox

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