5-Minute Gorgeous Brows Tutorial

Hi beautiful! We’re back with our amazing girlfriend and makeup artist Ashley for your new summer beauty series! ICYMI…last week Ashley showed us how to do Kat’s favorite look ~ a gorgeous golden eye. You can watch it HERE! We also shared two skincare tutorials HERE! 

Today Ashley is showing us how to achieve the perfect natural-looking brow! This has been one of the top requested tutorials because brows are IN! I spent so many years over-plucking my eyebrows…anyone else do this?! Now I like to fill them in so they’re more sculpted and full. Ashley is sharing all the tricks on how to find your natural brow shape to enhance your beautiful features! 

This tutorial is super quick and easy — it only takes 5 minutes! We listed the products down below too. Share a pic of your beautiful brows on Insta #TIUteam once you try the tutorial! And tell us your requests for future videos in the comments below! 💄💋



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Favorite Brow Products ~

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ~ My favorite brow pencil! It has the perfect applicator tip!

*The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel ~ This gel helps brows stay in place all day! They also make tinted brow gels if you have light or fine brows.

Ashley’s Brow Tips ~

*When filling in your brows, brush them all the way up so you can see what your natural shape is. From there, do small hair-like strokes with your brow pencil to follow your shape, filling in any of the sparse areas.

*You always want to take a step back from the mirror (especially when tweezing) to see the balance between the two brows! No over-tweezing girls!

*Avoid filling in your brows too much outside of your natural shape. If you’re struggling with your brow shape, you can let them grow out for a couple months! Then go see a professional to help you shape them and for maintenance once or twice a year!


  1. Love this! So quick and easy! Need that brow pencil! I would also love to see an easy natural contouring post. It always looks so intimidating! Would love to see countouring made easy with a natural beach look!

  2. That’s my go-to brow liner as well and I also use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo along with it!

  3. Omg I NEEDED this. I never knew how to do my eyebrows. They used to be so over plucked and I would just draw a line. I just tried the tutorial and they look SO much better. Thank-you. Keep these videos coming. In love with them.

  4. What would you suggest for brows that don’t naturally grow inward enough so that they’re in the same line as the inner corner of your eye? I almost did microblading but they tested a patch of my skin first with it and I broke out in hives. I have sensitivities to a lot of skincare products! I hate how it looks like I have this massive gap between my eyebrows and I’m not sure how to fix it

  5. Ashley is so awesome! Love the naturally beautiful looks she creates! Always enhancing your beauty and not “masking” it! Love love love!

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