3rd Trimester Pregnancy Vlog ~ Registry Must-Haves, Cravings, Stretch Marks, & Balancing It All

Hey beautiful mama! How are you feeling? Is it just me or does this journey go sooo fast? I can’t believe I’m already almost 3 months out with Isabelle! I meant to post this just before she came and BOOM…reality with a newborn hit. It’s so much busier than I ever imagined!

Today I’m so excited to finally share this vlog! (You can find my first trimester vlog here and second trimester vlog here.) I’m answering all your questions about my third trimester — everything you want to know about workouts, nutrition, my registry, workout clothes, stretch marks, and embarrassing moments. Wait ’till you hear the one that happened at the end of my third trimester! 🙈

I filmed this right after our babymoon and since then so much has happened ~ we finished her nursery (nursery tour coming soon!), I had my shower (see that post HERE!), and the HQ threw me a surprise shower too! And of course Baby Bella arrived ;) I’m including some updates and lots of advice below.

I’ve also been sharing lots of highlights as a new mama on Instagram in my stories @KatrinaaScott.

Comment below and let me know how you’re feeling and if you have any more questions for me! I love chatting with you, and your advice and support mean the world to me. Can’t wait to continue this journey together!

Love you girls!


Kat & Baby Bella 💕

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

3rd Trimester Workouts

I’ve been fortunate to feel really good in my 3rd trimester so I’m taking advantage of every morning I feel energized to get my workout in! Lately, I’ve been doing lots of workouts in the pregnancy channel in Studio Tone It Up, plus strength training with the Daily Moves. I’ve been focusing a lot on arms and booty and just keeping my core engaged through all exercises, but of course not doing crunches. I’m also comfortable doing yoga but have been modifying a bit. And I’ve been walking around the block….slowly! haha Brian has to push me up the hills! 😂

If you’re looking for more pregnancy-safe workouts, I’d definitely recommend checking out the pregnancy channel in your app ~ it’s so amazing for mamas-to-be!! I filmed over 20 prenatal workouts for you!

What Am I Eating?

I still follow the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, which is lean, clean, and green~ and I just listen to my body and add extra food when I feel like I need to or when I have cravings.

My cravings have pretty much been the same as my second trimester ~ yogurt parfaits, protein smoothies, and allll the ice cream 🍨 Brian has been ordering pizza and I have a couple slices with extra marinara (I don’t love cheese) and a big salad.

I’ve also been craving salt more lately this trimester. I did a Taco Tuesday recently with my girlfriends and we made these baked tortilla chips, guac, and an insanely amazing salsa. You have to try this simple recipe ~

Set oven at 350. Spray pan and tortillas with a little olive oil spray. Place on baking sheet and sprinkle a little salt. Bake for 10 minutes or until perfectly ‘toasted’.

Workout Outfits & More Fave Clothes

For my workout pants, I’ve just been sizing up in some of my favorite brands. I love the Align leggings from Lululemon and anything Avocado. You can also get prenatal leggings from Avocado and Koral.

For non-workout clothes, I went to Forever 21 so I didn’t spend a lot. Search for ‘Knit dress,’ ‘sweatshirt dress,’ ‘maxi dress,’ and any other comfy clothes and they have great basics — who wants to spend a fortune on maternity clothes when you’re never going to want to wear them again…trust me, you won’t even want to look at them after lol. I already donated mine last week!

I have one pair of maternity jeans from Good American and they’re super cute, but I mostly lived in sundresses, maxi dresses, and pajamas!

My Registry~ Must-haves!

Thank you so much for your suggestions on my registry! It was sooo helpful! I asked you girls for your recommendations on Insta and went through all 1,800 comments. If an item was mentioned more than 10 times, I marked it down to add to my list.

Here are some of my favorites from my registry ~ I wanted to wait until I tested them to recommend them too. Here’s what I use all the time and what is actually useful! If you have any other recommendations, share below!

  Dockatot! This has been amazing. Especially when I need to shower or bring her somewhere and ‘dock her’ haha.

Owlet Baby Monitor – Brian and I ordered this and we highly recommend it. It tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, which for us we just really wanted it for peace of mind. It’s worth it for us…it’s a higher price item so you could add it to your registry.

We went with the Nanit Baby Monitor from BuyBuyBaby ~ she’s not in her nursery YET, but we love it so far when she naps in there. We registered for it and our friends pitched in and gifted it to us!

Mesa Car Seat and the base by UPPAbaby – we have them and LOVE them!

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller – which works with the car seat and you can add another seat to it if you’re planning for more kiddos :) The quality is insanely amazing, so we fee like it will last for years to come…and hopefully future babies! We also included the Bassinet stand, mattress pad, snack tray, and parent organizer. I got it in the “loic”color, which is a soft white.

Minu Stroller– we haven’t used this yet, but we’re excited for when she can! We ordered it in this pretty teal color!

Solly Baby Wraps – I also got her some newborn outfits on here and they were my FAVORITE thing to put Bella in!

4moms mamaroo, highchair, and breeze yard! We’ve only used the mamaroo so far and WOW you girls were right. She loves it! My mom got us the Breeze Playyard :)

Haaka Pumps– As you may already know (from my Q&A on my Instagram) I use these all the time. I use one as a letdown catcher and I also use them as pumps on the go! There are no parts (just a suction), no electricity needed, and they’re so convenient. Make sure to register for the ones with the base at the bottom. Keep in mind what works for me, may not work for you. We’re all individual, so just test things out for yourself!

The Willow Pump– I’m excited to use this wearable pump. You girls highly recommended it, so I’ll be trying this especially when I’m at work.

Wipe Warmer- I actually bought two more of these after I registered for one since they’re so great! Grab them from wherever!

Mustela- Someone gifted this to us and we loveee their products. We received this KIT and it includes shampoo, lotion, and just necessities.

Nose Frida – it’s a gross concept… but it’s saved us a few times already! You basically suck out their boogers. It’s the worst thing when your baby’s nose is stuffed though, so it’s a must-have!

Nipple butter – no need for an explanation ~ you’ll just need it!

Boppy Pillow – I got this + a cover. A lot of you recommended the Breastfriend too! I didn’t get it, but I saw great things. It just comes down to preference! Also- check out Etsy for the cutest Boppy covers!

Those are my must-haves! Other than those things, you can register for smaller things like swaddles, baby clothes (onesies! I love the Spearmint baby and kickee brands. They’re both so soft. And seriously ~ you won’t want to put your baby in anything else, so they’ll wear these same things over and over since they’re so comfy. Make sure to follow my stories on Instagram too as I discover more things from you girls! I really appreciate all the moms in the TIU community helping me so much!! Nursery tour coming later this week!!

Stretch Mark Oils & Creams

You girls also had amazing recommendations for stretch mark creams and oils. I’ve been using them on my belly, hips, booty, everywhere! I love the brand and Mama Mio and Eraorganics- I order it on Amazon.

My Baby Shower ~ Ciao Bella!

I couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate baby Bella!! I shared all the details, inspiration of how it came together, and tips for throwing your shower in this new post here!

HQ Baby Shower!

The team at the HQ surprised us with a baby shower and we were so shocked and touched! Baby Bella already has so many TIU aunties and uncles! Some pics from the shower ~

Balancing It All…

I saw this question a lot ~ how do you balance your pregnancy with work, family, friends, and everything else going on? Balance is something I’m always working on. During my 3rd trimester I was prioritizing work, sleep, food, exercise, and time with Brian. Sometimes my priorities had to shift when I had a lot going on at the office and that’s OK. I always feel like there’s more I should be doing. I know this is natural so I’m working on showing myself compassion and knowing that everything will happen with time. I mean…I’m just finally getting my 3rd trimester vlog live~ so that’s a start! BUT, good news is I’m almost done with the Nursery Tour, which is going up later this week!

I hope I covered a lot of your questions!!!

More questions for me and each other? Comment below! Love you all so much! 💕


    1. YES! I’m working on that now! You definitely want to keep up with the calories burned from breastfeeding~ so adding on healthy calories. I’ve been adding overnight oats, almonds to my snacks, and sweet potato at night ~ all things that help with milk supply. It equals to about +400-500 calories a day! Also, make sure you’re super hydrated!

  1. Love all the fun things for moms to get! We also love our uppababy and think its worth every penny of your going to expand your family ❤️ I cannot wait for you to release the postpartum workouts and if possible emphasizing on core rehab!

    1. YES! It’s from Anthropologie! I recommend waiting until they have a storewide sale (they do it often!). Also, since we have beadboard, we only had to buy ‘half’ the amount for the room. You could also do an accent wall with it, which is super cute!

  2. I became a mom Friday and I’m trying to get nursing down. I have the haakaa too and it’s great! Does Bella ever spit up after feedings or did she prefer a certain side? I’m hoping to get this whole routine down. His spit ups make me so sad though.

    Thanks girl!!

    1. Hey Kayla! CONGRATS!!! Yes! Bella spits up a lot. She goes through a lot of burp cloths. You may have a heavy flow when nursing which can cause them to spit up more (kind of like a bottle). My lactation consultant told me to give Bella breaks. Have her feed a little and then burp her and let her breathe and then go back. Hope this helps you and your lil guy :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, mama!! You are such a beautiful inspiration and have handled your transition to motherhood with such grace, humility, and best of all HUMOR! :) I’m due with my first baby on March 7th (a baby girl!! <3). Do you have any recommendations for good parenting books to read? Any favorite books you read to Bella? (can you tell I like books? hah) Thanks, Kat!! xoxo

    1. Hi!! I actually didn’t read any books! There are so many amazing books out there though. What I did follow was the ‘What to expect’ app which was really great, digestible content each week. I also have ‘the wonder weeks’ app. I did hire a woman for CPR lessons though and a lactation consultant since those were things I knew I def needed. I’m going to do ‘taking cara babies’ program soon for sleep training which came highly recommended from the community! If anyone is reading this and read some great books~ please comment below! :)

  4. Congratulations Katrina!! What a beautiful baby Bella is!!!
    In the video you mentioned comefortablr shoes and swelling feet.. what did you wear on the baby moon and day to day?

    1. I wore sneakers (Adidas) and then anytime I wore anything else I snuck in some gel dr scholls insoles :) Foam sandals are good too…avoid flat, non-supportive shoes. I did wear platform heals one night…that was a mistake lol

  5. Any suggestions for healthy meals to freeze ahead of time for once baby comes?

    1. YES!!! The blondie muffins from the plan are a MUST! You can add some oats to them too to help with milk supply! I also recommend making some crockpot recipes and freezing them! The Tone It Up protein bars and bites were a huge help too!

  6. Hey Katrina! Thanks for all the tips. Can you tell me what pink muavy bag you’ve been carrying lately?

  7. I remember you posting about how to make the padcicles at some point. Can you tell me where or re post? What kind of pads did you use?? 33 weeks and trying to get my life in order!!! 🤪

  8. Yayy i’ve totally been waiting for this vlog even though i’m still in my last week of first trimester. I’m ecstatic that you shared about the willow pump, I never knew there was such a product out there and I feel like I might actually be able to go back to work while breastfeeding after I have baby Randel in July so thank you. Where did you get your white dress that you’re wearing at the HQ baby shower?? So cute! I’d also love to know what bags/diaper bags you’ve been using for all of Bellas necessities when you’re out and about! -TaylorTheFitChick <3

  9. Thank you for the on demand pregnancy workouts!! They will be the I my thing getting me through the next 9 weeks. I found out Monday I have ICP and will have to deliver early to keep the baby and me safe. These workouts give me peace of mind for just a little bit in the day. Thank you for helping this scared first time mama have something she can look forward to for self care.

    1. Hey Jaclyn, we’re so glad the pregnancy workouts are a source of care and happiness for you right now. This whole community is sending you and your family love 💕

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! What brand/design name is the cactus swaddle that’s pictured? Thanks again!

  11. LOVE this post! What crib mattress did you purchase for Bella? There’s so much choice out there and I’m having a really hard time picking one for my newborn.

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