30 Things You Didn’t Know About Katrina!


Hi, babe! A little while ago, Karena shared 30 things you didn’t know about her, and it was incredible. If you haven’t already, you need to read it HERE! Today, I’m dishing on some secrets you didn’t know about me. We’re talkin’ fave guilty pleasures, biggest fears, and hidden ‘talents’, haha. Xxo


Katrina 💕

Now, it’s your turn! Share below or on Instagram (@KarenaKatrina @ToneItUp) 5 things the TIU community may not know about you with the hashtag #TIUteam. You’re unique; you’re special; you’re incredible. And I can’t wait to learn even more about YOU!


  1. Ahhh this was such a fun post and SO much I didn’t know! Omgosh that is the cutest that brian cuts your hair. I LOVE MERYL STREEP!!! She is everything. Its so nice to get to know you girls on an even more personal level and always thanks for letting us in.


  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to learn these personal tid bits about our trainers!! :)

  3. Such a sweet list. Thank you Katie. xx
    No. 27 is something I would do too. Coming from hospitality on ships, I used to LOVE sitting down with the oldies and listening to their life stories. I still have a penpal (yes…no technology, only handwritten letters), with my friend Terry in NYC. She is 94yrs old. :)

  4. I love finding things in common, makes you feel closer to your friends (trainers, ;). 1. I played the clarinet in middle school too. 2. I am not competitive. I played volleyball and basketball when I was younger in middle school and I hoped the ball wouldn’t come to me because I didn’t want to be responsible for whatever I did or didn’t do. 3. I shut me eyes and covered my ears through Lord of the Rings at the theater with my family and then cried on the way home…I cannot watch anything scary! I’m a cry-er too. 4. Ice cream is my fav…love gelato too. 5. I love that you talk to older people!

  5. LOVED this! I am 20 and have had a really hard time keeping my acne under control. Could you share some tips on how you manage your acne ? I never would have guessed because your skin is beautiful!

    1. https://geneo.ca/ my partner work with this facial monitor who works with oxygen and it’s amazing how it can change your skin i am in Québec but i know you can have this in United states.

  6. #23 is surprising, I thought it’d just be a square of chocolate or something, but it’s nice knowing you like sundae’s like a lot of people do. Love knowing more about you girls, makes the community closer to you and it’s nice to know your aren’t perfect, even though you seem to be:) love you both. #TIUTeam

  7. Omg!!! ‘It’s Complicated’ is my fave movie too!!! My sister and I have watched it probably 30 times lol! Love this post. :-)

  8. I’ve never heard of braces on the inside. I can’t believe your husband cuts your hair. Now that is trust! You look so different with dark hair. Definitely love you as a blonde! I want to know more about the boat rescuing you. As someone that doesn’t live near water, I’m fascinated! Love ya, Kat!!!!

  9. Kat it was so great and fun getting to know you a little better through this post! Thanks Karena and Katrina for doing this kind of stuff, it’s amazing when we get to feel closer to our life/fitness models like this and seeing just how much we have in common!! Lots of kisses from Mexico! Love to come visit you soon in a retreat!! Love you girls! :* <3

  10. 1. I, too, played the clarinet from 5th grade until Senior year of high school.
    2. My first job was in the Dietary department at a nursing home.
    3. I continue to struggle with acne at age 31. Darn chin!
    4. My undergrad degree was in teaching, before I went back for my masters in Social Work.
    5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the elderly and love working with the older Veterans that come in to my clinic.

    Thank you so much for sharing Katrina!

    1. 31 here, too, and acne is like a life partner or something… That’s so cool you work with veterans! I want to, as well, so that I can give back to them. <3

  11. Katrina it is SO NICE to know a little bit more about you! My mother used to be au pair in New Hampshire, she is a painter and used to play clarinet! :-)

  12. I lOVED reading this!!!

    1. I had an “Annie fro” until about 4th grade. Older ladies said I was adorable, but I was always embarrassed and was made fun of at school for looking like a boy.
    2. I have a BS in Fashion Design and spent many years working in fashion before giving it up to be home to raise my kids.
    3. I also played on my high school tennis team – and also felt so bad about wining, I’d give away some games (still an issue for me!)
    4. I was also a highs school cheerleader. I continued in college cheering my Freshman year and was on the dance team Soph and and Junior year. (I gave it up Senior year to focus on my apparel collection)
    5. I can’t function unless the beds are made in the morning!!!!!

  13. 1. I play the ukulele. I have a banjo uke that I call “Newt”
    2. I have been singing since I was in kindergarten
    3. Sports and any thing athletic always intimidated me. In high school I wanted to play softball or swim, but never did.
    4.I also never wear matching socks <3
    5. I was a vegetarian for five years.


  14. Kat you are such a beautiful soul! Loved reading this! I always sneeze in bright light/sunlight, especially coming out of a dark building!! 5 facts about me:
    1- I love calligraphy and have been teaching myself the art of handwriting for the last few years!
    2 – I am the worst impulse shopper — I don’t think twice about buying things!! My cat was an impulse purchase!! But I love her. A good one.
    3 – I was named after my dad — Steven
    4 – As much as I LOVE wine (like every TIUgirl) I really dislike grape-flavored things!! Yuck!
    5- I knew my husband was the One on our first date <3

    1. I love calligraphy, too! After I graduate, I want to help people write their wedding/graduation invitations! :)

  15. ooh! I love this and reading everyone’s comments about their lives, too.
    1. My hubby of 10 years (11 in August!) got married 6 months after we met and have been super happy ever since!
    2. I played clarinet, then alto sax (LOVE Jazz), sold the sax for my ’82 Fender Telecaster in Arctic White, and I’m waiting to graduate before I learn to play my fiddle/violin.
    3. K&K were a motivational factor for me to go back to school to be a dietitian (I graduate my Master’s/ Internship program in 273 days! …Not that I’m counting.)! This time next year, I hope to be helping people put nutritious foods and exercise together for healthier lifestyles.
    4. It took me about 4 months to start liking to run.
    5. My being overweight is completely caused by portion control. I have to log food in my FitBit app to stay on track! (Anyone else? Thank you for giving me the idea, Carrie Underwood!)

  16. Aw! I love this! Bright light sometimes makes me sneezy too ;)
    Here are my 5 things:
    1. I have a little obsession with pineapples. My 31st birthday is in a couple weeks and I asked my family for only pineapple themed gifts.
    2. I live in a 117 year old farmhouse and am addicted to home reno shows… actually watching HGTV this very moment.
    3. My insta followers may know I’m a fiction writer and editor, but what they probably don’t know is that my first multi-draft short story featured Garth Brooks as one of the main characters. It was a mystery. I was in 4th grade.
    4. I’m 5’2″ and have a weird habit of storing random celebrities’ heights in my brain. But please don’t ask me to remember anything from pre-calculus.
    5. I was not named after the city, and only visited it for the first time a few years ago, for my honeymoon. I hope to live there one day. And decorate my home with pineapples ;)

    Love you all! Having so much fun reading these!

    1. Totally love number 3!!! When I was in 4th grade my first short story was about a dog who hijacked a plane to Cuba.

    2. I really want to read this mystery featuring Garth Brooks! :)
      I’m 5’1″ and I also store random celeb’s heights in my brain (and I hated pre-calc)!

  17. I love that you ladies do these! <3 1.I wear one pear of shoes till theres about 5 holes in them cause theres always something else id rather spend my money on :P 2. I played basketball and volleyball until i reached high school and started skipping class 3. My first Horses name is tattooed on my back (Young Gun) and i drew the original peice, i have not drawn since, I was 16 4. Everything in my house has to have a place or (home) unorganziation drives me crazy so as a mom with a 2 year old i am pretty busy all day long 5. In school i was known as a BUTCH girl and i played it out even tho im a huge softy

  18. Ahhh! I totally played the clarinet in band AND I still cover my eyes and ears during scary movies!!
    My boyfriend teases me about it all the time. Love these little fun facts!
    So now it is my turn!!
    1. I adopted a dog I saw on Instagram (Sgt. Peppers Friends- Check them out)….. from Aruba…..without telling my boyfriend. Oh and we had to get her… at JFK on a Sunday… at 10… I thought AM, but it was NOT lol and we had to be at work the next day in Pittsburgh, PA … oh and teach 3/4 grade :)
    2. I will burst into song and dance at random, any where.
    3. I am a DIY diva… arts, craft, home improvement.
    4. I am addicted to sprinkles. Sometimes I just eat them straight out of the container.
    5. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I have never met a pancake or waffle I did not like.
    Can wait to read everyone’s comments!!

  19. Love love loved learning more about you! It’s Complicated is one of my fav movies too, the music, the baking and of course Meryl! The one about the flood and the boat sinking sounds terrible… loved your school picture and how you used to wear black and now you don’t… and so many things! but this post would be the longest ever, just thanks for sharing! Love you girls!!

  20. Sneezing as a reflex to bright lights is known as Photic Sneeze Reflex, also known as ACHOO (Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome). It’s estimated that about 20-35% of the american population has it and it’s a genetic trait, kind of like hitchhiker’s thumb. It’s a cool little body quirk some people (including me) have! :)

  21. Yess Kat! I feel your pain! Looking at Bright lights or looking at the sun makes me sneeze all the time!! Thought it was just me =D xxx

  22. Dying over #7… my mom said I quit gymnastics around that same age because it made me too tired!! Needless to say, my struggle with endurance is real.

  23. I have loved learning about both of you! You ladies are so inspirational and empowering and you each shine a different light on my life :). Let’s see… 5 things about me: 1. I worked at Texas Roadhouse for just under 13 years. That company has my whole heart and soul and I miss it every single day. 2. My husband’s name is James Brown but he does not sing or dance (unless I make him :)) 3. I am obsessed with planners. I have the date that my next year’s planner is available to buy written down in my current planner (March 22nd!)…. ahh the things you look forward to in adulthood. 4. I love love love cereal. Of all kinds. I even made a business plan for class about opening a cereal bar. 5. I moved to Fort Worth, Texas a year and a half ago and STILL haven’t found a TIU buddy! help!

  24. Wow, I had no idea about #29! I have braces right now and get insecure about them. Sometimes I feel weird about having them at 28 years old!

  25. LOL! The clarinet picture!! Oh that cracks me up (especially because I played clarinet too). This is such a cool post. I’ve talked to quite a few older people on benches in my day, too — I always learn something. Thank you for sharing Katrina!

  26. The sneezing in bright sunlight thing is a genetic trait, affects roughly 20-35% of the population. :)

  27. Katrina, I loved reading this list about you! I have not sneezed with sunlight but I used to sneeze when I went from warm to cold temperatures. And I am so glad you have a tender heart for older people because I am heading there each minute! LOL.
    Here’s a few on me.
    1. When I was a little girl I hated my middle name. I don’t know why. I grew to love it. It is Claire.
    2. I am an unconscious mimicker. When I am around someone for a while, especially a very expressive person, I tend to unconsciously take on their mannerisms, gestures and energy. Then I’ll catch myself. :-)
    3. I was a little boy-crazy as a girl. I had very intense crushes on boys from school I hardly even knew. I hope they all trashed those love notes.
    4. I love all reptiles, including snakes. Snakes get a bad rap. People, they eat rats! :-) I am always disappointed if I go a year without a snake sighting. Fortunately in Tucson, that’s only happened a few years since I have been here. In fact, last year I kept my husband from stepping on a rattlesnake two different times when we were walking in the neighborhood at dusk.
    5. Like you, Katrina, I like being around older people. Most of my closest friends over the past 30 years have been people in their 70s and 80s. (They had time to be friends!) Such fascinating stories they have and I love hearing about life before so much technology.

    Thanks for doing this! Hope you are making time for the kind of art you like to do. Although you put art into everything you do! Love you.

    1. I was boy crazy too ❤and I do the manuerizums thing lol😂I didn’t know anyone else did that haha thanks for sharing

      1. I am cracking up at the unconscious mimicker comment….I do the same darn thing even when I REALLY don’t want to!! Btw if Tucson has a TIU meet up sometimes that would be good to know. I cover AZ for work (but live in Cali..) usually I am just doing TIU workouts in my hotel room ;) it would be fun doing something with some ladies when I am there!

  28. Love this!! If I have to sneeze and it isn’t coming out, I look at a light or the sun ;) Thanks for sharing more about you!! <3

  29. Hi Katrina! I too sneeze in the bright sun light, I also played the clarinet, I have clothes that are over 20 years old that i wear and are still in style today, I speak Italian, and I have always struggled with weight loss and when I discovered Tone it Up in 2014 you great gals helped me get fit and love my shape! Thanks Katrina and Tone it Up!!

  30. That’s one of my favorite movies too! If I come across it on tv I HAVE to watch it even though I own it on blu-ray and watch it all the time!

  31. I literally thought I somehow missed this because it has been so long!! Mint chip and cookie dough😍❤️You are my kinda girl @toneitup thanks for sharing !

  32. Oh Kay I love you even more now, you are such a lovely person. I am also always the last to leave a party!!

  33. Love it! Love learning/reading about the girls in the community! I too love Meryl Streep especially in Julie & Julia and Mama Mia (she’s so cute!). 5 things about me: I love to travel and have been to more than 25 countries, I don’t wear make but want too (any tips to get started?!?), I am going back to school for a masters in Nutrition, I an terrible at relaxing and doing nothing, and I love all things outdoors!

  34. Okay, I rarely post on TIU…. but I LOVED this. I think sometimes, you and K can seem to “perfect,” but this really humanized you and made me realize: “You’re just like us!” I loved #27 — what a great heart you have — we need more of that energy in the world today (boy — DO WE EVER!). Thanks for sharing — proud to be part of this community. xo

    Oh, and I played the sax in eighth grade. Fortunately, no photos survive.

  35. ps — Meryl Streep spoke at my college graduation. Spoiled me for life! xo

  36. I’m so appreciative of this post! Katrina, thanks for sharing! Ladies, you are an incredible and impressive group of bombshells!

    1. I also started playing clarinet, then moved to flute and French horn. I have a BFA in vocal performance.
    2. I also shut eyes/ears for scary movies. I have nightmares, even from things that are obviously fake.
    3. I am afraid of spiders. Even fake ones. Had to leave the theater for Harry Potter #3 (my BF at the time worked in a theater and covered my eyes at the approprite parts in #2) and haven’t been able to watch another one just in case.
    4. My favorite movie is the Princess Bride, but the one I watch the most frequently is You’ve Got Mail.
    5. I have no self-control for any junk food, salty or sweet, so I just can’t buy it, but I can leave cookies in the freezer for months, and not eat them. (Except Thin Mints, because those were made to be eaten frozen.)
    6. I ran a marathon yesterday, but I still went to the gym for brief cycling today, because it helps to keep me from being excessively sore.

  37. You guys are on the top of my list with Meryl Streep as most inspiring females to me. And how the heck did you luck out with the hair-cutting hubby?! Thanks for sharing : D

  38. Love this! ok, my 5 things:
    1. TMI – but a song always pops up in my head while in the shower and I have to youtube it. It may be a song from the past or christian worship song that will last ALL day :)
    2. I like wine
    3. My step sister was a fitness instructor and I learned a lot about healthy nutrition and learned a lot about exercise at a young age and carried that with me my whole life. Even after living in five different states!
    4. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and still raising two of five of my children
    5. LOVE Chalk Paint
    Love that you and Karena are so transparent. You Rock!

  39. Ahahahaha Sneezing bc of bright light or sun is so totally me :) And I have it from my father.
    1) I’m always singing in my car, but JUST in my car.
    2) I have my timer/journal always besides me (I love planning and writing)
    3) I hate the feel of terra-cotta… can’t tell why, but I absolutely hate to touch it
    4) I can eat A LOT for a woman :)
    5) I’m drinking 4 espressi every day

  40. So funny, I have the same with sneezing because of the sun or light and mostly I have to sneeze 3 times before I’m okay again ;) Loved this post! xx

  41. You girls are the BEST! I love learning even more about you! And so many people share my sneezing thing!!! 😅

  42. Love learning more about you girls! I was especially shocked that Brian cuts your hair!! He should go into the hair business :P
    Here are my 5 things:
    1. I started playing the harp when I was 8, but I haven’t played it in 4 years.
    2. I can touch my nose with my tongue!
    3. I was adopted when I was three days old
    4. I have always had curves on the bottom. My mom said that when she first changed my diaper she thought to herself, “she is going to hate that” haha! Just like you Kat, I have learned to love my booty with help from the TIU community and of course from the #Katbooty inspiration!
    5. I met one of my best friends through Tone It Up! (Hey Aly!)
    Love you girls!! <3

  43. I wear retainers at night too haha And my boyfriend always makes fun of me because I’m talking funny with them 😂😂😂

  44. I had an ex boyfriend who sneezed at the sun. He had a kid who also did! I think it’s genetic on some level. Does anyone else in your family?

  45. I have a similar body type and you’ve been helping me learn to embrace it with the help of this community! I am an esthetician and totally get the acne struggle. Would love to help you out! I finally found something that works for mine!

  46. Hey K, I really loved this post too and have also been waiting for it as many of us have! Don’t even get me started on the adult acne, I’m pretty sure mine is magnitudes worse than my adolescent teenage pimples, ugh! Diet etc is supposed to help but I’m a few dots away from pizza status! Def acne management posts would be much appreciated for us unlucky ones.

    Here are my 5:

    1. When I was little my sister wanted to take tennis lessons so my parents signed us both up. It was super serious and if you goofed around too much they would make you run laps around all 5 tennis courts…needless to say I ended up on the track team, not the tennis team.

    2. I have been running for exercise or competitively for as long as I understood what exercise was. I hate to run and always have…I’ve never really been sure why I do it, but I still do and probably always will.

    3. I am 29 years old and the only social media account I’ve ever had was LiveJournal where I posed song lyrics when I was in middle school 16ish years ago. The closest I’ve come since is occasionally following the TIU community but it only ever lasts a few days because it is not in my habit to read or post anywhere. (Just yesterday I wanted to join a running group -go figure- and had to call someone else to look at the meeting place because it was only posted on facebook and I do not have a page in that book!)

    4. I got put in charge of the social media department at a company I worked at but I didn’t know how to use any of the accounts so I secretly had my secretary do it for me.

    5. Most people get stressed out about turning 30, I cannot wait to be 70. I believe the glimmer in old peoples’ eyes is wisdom, years and years of great wisdom (Although technically a doctor would probably argue that they have cataracts). I can’t wait to share my story to people who will listen to me on a bench someday :)

    1. Yessss! I agree! I didn’t even actually know the show existed until I came across episodes on YouTube. I watched all of them… Loved it!

  47. I have struggled with my curves too. I lack curves on top but definitely not on the bottom (child bearing hips, anyone?!). I was told in the past that I was disproportionate, and it made me feel very self-conscious. This community has been SO helpful with my body love and acceptance over the few years I have been following it.

    So here are five things about me:
    – I was born and raised and currently live in Tucson, AZ. Tucson is the best!
    – When I love something, I REALLY love something, like I have to have everything and anything associated with it. Obsessions I have had over the years include The Little Mermaid (kids in school called me “Little Mermaid Girl” – not very clever, guys!), Hanson (I still have many Teen Beats and Bop magazines in storage from back then), the Beatles, Vincent Van Gogh, owls and sloths.
    – Speaking of sloths, I have a sloth tattoo…and a Beatles one. I have 3 tattoos total.
    – I bought my 1st house last year in April with my boyfriend of 11 years, Mike. He’s a doll!
    – I recently learned that Katrina and I have the same birthday – November 4th! YAY! :D

    1. I have a Beatles tattoo as well!!!!

      And how cool you have the same birthday 😁

  48. Oh my gosh! This post was super cute!! I love reading things about you: makes it feel so personal! Like I know you in real life!!

    Here are 5 things about me that you may not know:

    1) I have three nicknames= Tess, Tessie and Kiwi. Now the kiwi nickname came about when I was camping with my Poppa when I was 10. I had a love for the dried kiwis in my trail mix and ate all of them! So it stuck and he still calls me this (14 years later!).

    2) Because I was so involved in many sports and dance recitals when I was in high school, I didn’t have a job until I turned 20!
    It was a customer service job and it honestly feels like it’s the best entry job- it has helped me in every aspect of my career!!

    3) I’m a very competitive person… I just LOVE winning! (Hello who…)

    4) My favorite movie of all time is Across The Universe. I am a HUGE Beatles fan and also fell in love with Jim Sturgess. I mean that voice is mesmerizing!

    5) I show off as a tomboy a lot- but I have so much fun being a girly girl!! I own so many dresses (I purchase one a year) and I love cute date nights where I dress up, flowers, candles… omg. All of it!!!

  49. Love this kind of stuff! Funny what we can learn about each other from simple little details isn’t it?

    1) I love to write
    2) I’m a massive cosmetics junkie and spend way more than necessary at Sephora
    3) I believe in aliens, ghosts, reincarnation, time travel…kooky stuff intrigues me
    4) I identify as a Democrat, a Republican…I LOATHE when people are intolerant and cruel toward others whose opinions differ from their own.
    5) I have a recurring dream of driving off a bridge and plunging into deep dark water in my car…so I have a fear of death by water (or fire)
    I should end on a happy note, ah, got it
    *) Tone It Up is my all time favorite health and fitness program!!

  50. I LOVE these fun facts posts about K&K! Keep ’em coming! I also loved reading all of the above comments from the TIU community!

    Here are my 5 :) …
    1. I have a bit of an obsession with Kelly Clarkson. I love her and think she is so talented!

    2. I did gymnastics from the age of 5 until age 18/19. I Loved it and miss it so much!

    3. Both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Exercise and Sport Science.
    (Thanks TIU for all of the great work that y’all do! I love how TIU inspires, empowers, motivates, & encourages!!!)

    4. I am originally from Wilmington, NC… Met the love of my life in Barbados while I was on vacation in 2014… He was on vacation as well …. He is German. I now live in Germany (it’s been almost one year)!
    What a crazy amazing journey it has been.
    I used to think that romantic soul mates/love of people’s lives was all a bunch of B.S. but Soul mates definitely DO exist. It’s real!

    5. Plain vanilla ice cream bores me so much haha. I have to have some sort of chunk in my ice cream… Oreo pieces, Snickers pieces, almonds, blueberries, strawberries, cookie dough, etc.

  51. I loved this post! It is so much fun to learn about you and Karena! One of these days I will get to meet you guys! You two are my heroes (sappy I know but it’s true!) and tone it up has changed my life forever. Meeting you is on my bucket list 😊. Love you ladies!

  52. So cute! Thanks, Kat! And you’re definitely not alone with the sneezing in the sun/bright light- it’s well documented, and actually called Achoo syndrome, lol! :)

  53. I have been a member of the TIU nutrition plan for a year, but have never posted anything in the community OR created a TIU instagram account (so if you find me following some of you amazing inspiring gals, it’s just my boring normal Insta!!). Anyways, thought I would share 5 things just for kicks!
    1) I am scared to death of heights, but I have been bungee jumping in South Africa, sky diving (on a blind date…that was scarier!) and cliff “diving” in Jamaica (more of a running cliff jump..after a shot…but still did it). I don’t like regretting not doing something apparently!
    2) I grew up dancing but gained the freshman “20” (i think it was only supposed to be 5 but I like to go overboard!). But thanks to Buns of Steel, my passion for fitness started!!
    3) I have this weird aversion to gum chewers….it seriously grosses me out.
    4) I live about 10 minutes from Newport Beach, yet every time I see a sunset over the water, I act like it’s the first time I have seen the ocean! I love where I live :)
    5) I am seriously obsessed with hiking…last week I went 4 times because I was actually in town! I would rather be outside in nature…though my TIU workouts are what keep me sane while traveling for work (which is 60% of my time).
    I am older than many of you (in my mid 40s…gulp!) but love the camaraderie and support of this entire community…wish this had been here 20 years ago! Happy Friday everyone!

  54. Haha before I read this I was thinking “you’ll never guess which instrument she played? I bet she played clarinet.” I was totally right!! I’m a flautist, myself :) This was fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

  55. I just purchased the Tone It Up book and I can’t wait to start the 28 day challenge on Monday! :)

  56. Yes Me too bright reflect of light on the water or on the snow make me sneeze too!!! I have to cover my hear if I see a scary movie but I prefer just not watch any. ;)

  57. This is awesome!! I struggled with acne as well so its good to know that even people like you go through the same things I do! And I can’t believe you played the clarinet in school!! I play the flute ahahaha :)

  58. HA! If I have to sneeze I always look into the sun or at a bright light and that makes it happen! LOL!

  59. Kat I LOVED reading this! I don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner. I’m pretty sure you are my spirit animal <3. I played the clarinet from Elementary-High School and to this day will "boast" about how I was a first chair all shoreline clarinet player (HAHA). I also believe that in another life I would be a Makeup Artist/Hair Dresser. Thank you for sharing more about yourself!

  60. Aww I loved reading this! Okay here we go, 1. I have a really hard time talking about myself which is probably why it is hard for me to stay consistent with self posts on IG. 2. I have 3 children and 2 dogs! One of my dogs my husband brought home thinking it was a baby chiwawa, it turned out to be a very active jack russell terrier lol. 3. I am a CT technologist, but I hate working with radiation and would rather do something centered more around natural healing which is why 4. I am working on my bachelors degree in health sciences and doing a lot of self study on natural healing. And finally 5. I am staying really positive but super struggling with not meeting my fitness goals. I have seemed to plato and can’t move past my current fitness level. Thank you Kat for sharing about yourself and reminding us that we are all in this together!

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