30 Things You Didn’t Know About Karena!


Today I’m excited to share a few fun facts that you may not know about me!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed reminiscing and writing them down. I would love to hear what makes you uniquely…YOU!  Share with us @KarenaKatrina @ToneItUp  and in the community #TIUnique




**You can check out my dads song ‘Reflecting’ and other tunes HERE! One more fun fact…my dad is a therapist by day and expresses his artistic spirit through music as a singer/songwriter.  He loves playing in local coffee shops and music venues on the weekends.  I always grew up with music in the house….I guess that’s 31 things you didn’t know ;)






  1. Karena, you are such a sweet spirit. Ever since I worked at #Anthropologie I insist on making sweet, welcoming smells a part of being in my home with a candle or two, for me and for guests. I have heard of the books you mentioned and they are on my (long) list as well as #DaringGreatly by Brene Brown. Thank you for sharing these awesome things that make you, you! I am so happy to be a part of this community and I hope someday I can hug your and Kat’s necks in person!

  2. I can’t whistle either!!! I just sound like I’m having an asthma attack and spit everywhere. Super cute!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Karena! I absolutely loved reading this post and learning more about you.

  4. Wow! that’s a lot of information:) So fun to learn more about you Karena :) I can whistle but my mouth makes a weird pouth when I do and my BF makes fun of me every single time lol I’ll for sure look up your dad’s song! Thanks for sharing with us, bring us closer :)xoxox Have a good one!

  5. Love this post!! It is fun to learn more about you! I’m definitely on #TeamBobbyGoldsManBun — he should definitely grow it back!
    Looking forward to learning more about Kat in a similar post?! ;)

  6. This was such a great post. It means a lot that you allow us to get to know you better. When I was 18 my mom let me get my belly button pierced. I thought it went well and wasn’t too painful until I stood up, took a few steps and passed out cold! Haha!

    1. I got my belly button pierced when I was also 18. Everyone who had had theirs done told me it didn’t hurt, but I personally thought it was excruciating! I also passed out and my friend caught me before I hit the ground!

  7. What a lovely post. This was a fun read. Everybody is going to be turning on their scented candles now!!! I just did. LOL
    Thanks for sharing Karena!!

  8. I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing! And it must have been fun to reflect on all of the unique things that make you…you! It’s not often that we sit down and list all of those out!

  9. Loved learning more about you, Karena!! You have such an authentic & compassionate soul, and I’m so happy you found love! A lyric by one of my favorite bands, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, is:
    “Music, the great communicator, use two sticks to make it in the nature” always reminds me that everyone has a beat inside them – the world is always vibing! Everyone has their own rythem, and yours is rockstar status. Your dad sounds awesome, and I will definitely check out his music :) Your soul is beautiful!! xx

    1. Chili Peppers are the best! My favorite line is from Scar Tissue, “…I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl.”

  10. Love this post!! My sister and I had a library, too – with a rubber stamp we “borrowed” from my mom’s work! The kids in our cul-de-sac would borrow books from us. We recently found some of the books packed up and laughed at our nerdiness but glad to see we weren’t the only ones!! Happy Thursday <3

  11. Awww, love getting to know more about you and all your cute and quirky things that help us to relate :) Also love love love the top in the picture-you look gorgeous! #TeamBobbyGoldsManBun all the way!!!

  12. I love this post! Always love reading about other people and seeing how everyone is different. Also nice to know that you cant whistle because I have never been able to do that. I love to sing and dance but only sing when I am in the car or shower so no one has to hear. And I love to play music and dance around my house while I am cleaning. Not sure if I am good at dancing but love doing dance fitness classes. So much fun and doesn’t even feel like you are working out.

  13. OMG! My mom used to drive to to Peru, Indiana twice a week for ballet class. I lived in Rochester, about 30 minutes away!

  14. I loved this!! Especially the sparkling water bit. We had to develop a system in our house due to the “who drank the last of the sparkling water??” conversations

  15. Oh Karena!! I love this post ? All those things is what makes you….YOU ?❤ Don’t change ?

  16. Love this so much! Thanks for sharing, Karena!! You are darling. What is up with the men drinking our water??? My husband actively chooses coffee and green tea all day long, but I open a bottle of water in front of him and he takes a “sip” which turns into half the bottle. Why?!?!?!

  17. Loved reading this! :) Thanks for sharing! When I was in high school I was president of the science club (and took home 1st and 3rd two years in a row in a Rube Goldberg Machine contest with them!). I was also vice-president of the National Honor Society…most people wouldn’t think I was (and am!) so nerdy!

  18. Thank you for sharing all of this, Karena! I love getting to “know” who you girls are behind the brand! <3

  19. I also fall asleep 15 minutes into a movie and I would love to see some grunge fashion inspiration – the best era!

  20. I loved this post so much!! I just listened to the song- I can’t believe you had your car stolen! So happy for where you ended up in life and all you’ve accomplished.

  21. Loved reading these!!! I was bad about the puppy pads for my dog too haha, my fiance said nope. And I totally agree with #30 :))))

  22. I loved reading this so much!! I love learning things about you ladies and seeing the more laid back side of you girls and what you’re into :) ALSO, Karena those pics of you are GORGEOUS!!!

  23. I had a library as a kid too! I was just telling this to my boyfriend the other day! I just moved to the Palm Springs area, would be amazing to run into you some day!!

  24. LOVED your librarian story. Props to commitment AND you had a stamp. Color me jelly. :)

  25. It’s so great getting to know more about you!!! We all have our own, unique things about us…and knowing that you have them also, makes it that much more relatable!! And now I have 2 new books to start reading :) Thanks, Karena!

  26. Thanks for posting! Listening to the “Reflecting” song and just downloaded a Kindle sample of “The Power of Now”. Happy to be more like our trainers :)

  27. LOVED this post! Learning more about our trainers helps them become so relateable…and makes me want to be their BFF that much more ;)

  28. Loved this! I also think that Bobby should grow out his hair again, super hot! When I was 19 I also got a bunch of piercings, still have a few, only removed the one in my nose :)… kind of miss it.

  29. Okay I have no clue how I didn’t know this, but Karena – I’m FROM Peru, Indiana!!! This is amazing to hear that you were born there! :) :)
    My family is still in Peru …but I’m in Indy now. When did you move from Peru/Indianapolis?! :) :)

  30. Cute list. I also want Bobby to grow out his hot man bun for your wedding!! He looks so good with his long hair and can totally pull it off!!

  31. I loved this post! I really made me smile because I am glad I am not the only person who sweats garlic during hot yoga! ?

  32. Thank you for this post Karena :) I loved reading something more about you. Now, what about Katrina? We are waitinnn’

  33. This is my favorite post ever!! Karena, thank you for sharing with us… So cool to get to know you more! I would love to see Katrina’s version too! And now you have the whole TIU community to be #teammanbun! ?

  34. This was such a fun post to read! I can’t whistle or sing either, which is such a bummer because I love music! I also have to say, I am shocked that you don’t like grapes! You learn something new every day ;)

  35. I love this! Oh how I miss Manic Panic lol! Hoosier girls unite! (I was born and raised in Fishers)

  36. Karena, this was such great insight into who you are!! Between you and Katrina, you are definitely the more “mysterious” one (in a good way!! I relate so much with Kat, especially her dancing and disorganization). Anyway, I am glad you’re opening up to the TIU team and letting us get to know you better. Also, I went to Purdue, and know a bunch of folks from Peru!!

  37. I loved this! Always great to know more about you ladies. I bought The Power of Now last year after you posted it on IG. I finally just started it the other day. I’m excited to read it!

  38. Karena, you got into my head! I read this in the morning. Just now I walked into my bedroom to get something and finally made my bed for the first time in days. haha!

  39. Just reading this makes me feel so happy to have the opportunity to have attended the retreat in 2015 and have gotten a photo with you karena and seen how wonderful you and katrina are as trainers and as everyday people with family history jokes and first jobs and little quirks. I’m going to write something like this down before the end of tonight too :) thank you so much for teaching me so much, tone it up team and headquarters and k&k!!!! :) :-*

  40. What a pleasure to get to know you more, Karena! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You have such a kind, down-to-earth and fun personality! It was because of your inspiration in Fit, Fierce, Fabulous that I began creating beautiful little spots in my home and getting up earlier to have a quite time before the day’s craziness. Twinkle lights, candles, music and inspirational quotes whenever I’m stressed or overwhelmed makes a world of difference! You girls are the best! xoxoxo P.S. Oh, and I finally read Tuesdays with Morrie. Amazing! :-)

  41. Karena! Love that you did this! We all love learning so much about you two. You make it so we can all relate. Another big reason why this community is so close ❤️ I’m from crown point, Indiana more north but growing up in a small town was good for me. Made me appreciate all this gorgeousness we get out here in MB! Am I right? Haha see you soon! ??

  42. I loved this post! I really want to read The Power Of Now! I’m always looking for new books like that to read!

  43. Adorable! I am an author (AUDREY STYLE, JACKIE STYLE, etc) and will have to send you a copy of one of my books someday. (I also have your TIU book!) xo

  44. As if I need another reason to be FAN GIRL… You were born just 30 mins from my home town. I frequent Mississinewa Resevoir! I love your realness. Thank you so much for sharing!

  45. I knocked my 2 front teeth out as a kid too! Still can’t live down.. “All I wan’t for Christmas is my two front teeth…” Grr… lol

  46. My whole family is from Peru,IN!!!! The circus capital of the world! No one ever knows where that is. I now live in sunny San Diego!!

  47. Wow Karena! I love this post and am super inspired, as I often am by you girls. I have also knocked out my front teeth :) I slipped in the shower and ate porcelain (seriously, there was a chunk missing from the shower floor). Ouch! Thanks again for sharing these cool bits about you.

  48. Mmmm that Ginger Essence sounds yummy! I’m literally the pickiest/most sensitive person when it comes to perfume and will only wear Stella by Stella McCartney. Might have to give this a try! ;) This was so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  49. Obsessed with this. I was so blown away meeting you last weekend at the Fit Expo and now I feel like we really could be amazing friends! Thanks for staying so real and authentic with the TIU Community. <3

  50. Absolutely loved this, thanks for sharing Karena! It’s always fun to get to know our trainers a little more :) TOTALLY on #TeamBobbyGoldsManBun and I looove that picture of you with the wine! You look so happy!

  51. 1) Thank you for ‘writing’ this post out
    2) I love your heart even more!!! Thank you for letting us TIU gals get to know YOU a bit deeper.
    3) YESSS to bobbys man bun back for the wedding! I love when my husband had long hair!
    4) you can’t whistle .. I can’t wink ?
    5) Can’t wait to read all the TIU Unique posts

  52. Karena, Your dad’s song Reflecting that he wrote about your journey, is really good! you have an awesome dad! i can you see how much influence he had on your life, cuz you’re pretty awesome. (my fav color is blue too for the same reason!) <3 xoxox

  53. Love this post! I make my bed everyday too! And I just put “The Power Of Now” in my Amazon cart :) Thanks for sharing Karena!

  54. I absolutely loved this little glimpse into what makes you you!! Thank you for sharing! Also- yes to the bun!!! He rocks it so well ! Loved that look on toned up!

  55. Love reading this! Us TIU girls love every opportunity we get to know more about our awesome trainers :) Thank you for sharing this Karena!
    1. I can’t whistle
    2. I can’t roll my tongue
    3. I am allergic to dogs but I love them. I am allergic to my dog, but I take allergy med for him.
    4. I am the official photographer for my family because I love to take pictures.
    5. I originally wanted a very simple, plain wedding dress, but I ended up picking a ball gown
    P.s I love Krave Jerky! Sooooo good

  56. Absolutely loved reading this Karena and what makes you uniquely YOU! We actually have a lot in common lol (whistling, bed making, books). Thank you for sharing!??? Ps. Bobby totally needs to grow out the man bun again!

  57. 5 things about me:

    1. I’ve always wanted to be a Veterinarian but didn’t want the responsibility to diagnose the pets.
    2. I’m in school to be a licensed vet tech
    3. I’m a mom of two boy’s who are ages 11 and 3. (Far apart haha)
    4. My pet peeve is when people can’t park in between the lines. Grrr
    5. I LOVE getting my nails done. Something about it is so therapeutic to me. ?

  58. LOVE this post! I love how real you and Katrina are! Thanks for sharing!! :) I LOVE all the posts you guys post and all the tips you give!

  59. Great read! I’m from a small Indiana town myself! And it’s always great to get to know our trainers better!

  60. I can’t whistle either, and I LOVE Krave jerky. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real :)

  61. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing Karena! I’m so grateful to have found Tone It Up. You and Katrina are both so inspiring and beautiful inside and out! ?

  62. Ahh! This made me love Karena even more<3
    Five things the community may not know about me are….
    1. I can play the guitar, bass, sing, and I'm taking up drums this year!
    2. I always make my bed (like you, Karena!)
    3. My favorite music to listen to when driving, cooking, or just relaxing, is definitely a mix of Indie, Gothic-Country, acoustic covers
    4. I am studying Health Science, but really have a passion for wedding and event planning<3
    5. I want to live in another country in the next few years :)

  63. Thank you Karena for being so transparent with this community! It makes you seem all the more humble & willing to be who you are and not afraid of others opinion. You are an inspiration to me and I’m happy to know we share the same favorite color :)

  64. Thank you for sharing. I absolutely loved reading this!! Thank you for giving us a little more insight into what makes you an awesome person/trainer!! ??

  65. Love this post, can’t wait for Katrina’s turn! I also joined the reading challenge of Emma Watson, so i’m currently reading the same book! Hope to finish it this weekend, since everybody is starting a new book on monday.

  66. Love this! Thanks for sharing Karena!! I always love when you girls personalize things for us…we spend so much time with you daily I think it makes us all feel the community love from the leaders themselves!! But seriously a man bun?

  67. You are super cute Karena. Love everything about you. We all have what makes us unique. Thanks for sharing for I will continue to embrace mine ♡

  68. Aw, I loved this!!!! SO great to learn a little more about you!

    The Power of Now TRULY changed my life. It was the first of many books devoured on my spiritual journey.

    YOUR DAD IS SO SWEET! And talented!!! That song is definitely catchy!

    UMMMM YES to #30. I am working on making my BF have a man bun now. Yumm ;)

  69. 90’s 4EVA – that is all. LOVE the piercing one too – I was a nose ring girl for a loooonnnngggg time. ;)

  70. GIRL!! my front teeth were knocked out too!!! Got mine glued back together twice… Now trying to get 4 crowns put on it time for the wedding ? Lol thank you for sharing! I feel a little better about it now ? #tiubride

  71. I adore you Karena! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!!! You sure know how to make the best of everything ??(a toothless skunk??Brilliant!) And yesssss, 90s everything fo lyyyyyfe?? I’ll check out that book! I’ve been into fiction lately so it’ll be a great change up! I also had my belly and tongue pierced when I was 19- didn’t take my tongue piercing out until I was almost 30 lol and still have my belly one in! I love it and love you girl☺️ You’re incredibly special and it makes me so happy to learn more about you!

    Here’s a few things about me
    1. I’ve only been to 6 different countries but one of them was North Korea for 10 days
    2. I’m lucky. I win so many things-vacations, concert tix, giveaways, etc. I think I’ve won close to
    3. I have ADHD
    4. I’m mostly in the buff when I’m home & anywhere else I can be- I feel much more free when I don’t have as many clothes on. Apparently as a kid I didn’t like tight fitting clothes and would cry if the sleeves (or whatever) were too tight. This explains the next fact ?
    4. I posed for Playboy several times and ended up working with them for several years. I hate wearing clothes and when I do, i don’t like to be bundled up ?
    5. I love puzzles- they’re very therapeutic for me!
    6. There’s nothing I dislike more than when people lie.
    7. I’m a spelling and grammar brat- I edit everything I read! You’d be surprised how many errors aren’t caught in published articles?
    8. I really don’t care for alcohol. I know, I know! I feel left out when everyone is all about the Champs and Rose?so I do the spritzers on WineNotWednesday?
    9. I once save a girl on the side of a mountain while hiking. She couldn’t figure out how to back herself down. By the time the Fire Dept arrived, I’d guided her down!
    10. The love of my life is an addict. It makes life challenging but as with any other disease it’s something we all work through. I never let his course derail mine- I keep those TIU workouts coming and they’re what keep me SANE and make sure I still take care of ME!

    #TIUnique (ps- love the hashtag!)

    1. I meant to finish with “I’ve won close to $25k in prizes in my life!”

  72. I loved reading about you! I,m currently listening to your dads song now! It is catchy!!
    I also dyed my hair hot pink when I was around 13! I loved it and recently did it for Halloween as a mermaid and am super tempted to do it for real!

  73. Totally loved to read this, thanks for sharing, Karen :)! Hopefully, we’re gonna read more of this from Katrina too ;)..?

  74. I love getting to know you better outside of amazing workouts and nutritional excellence :) xo

  75. I love guys with long hair. When I met my now husband he had long hair about the length that Bobby had. Unfortunately he had to change it for a better job and says he will never wear it like that again. I miss it too. I don’t blame you for wanting him to grow it back!

  76. My son has very very long hair but im so sad, he wont let me put it in a man bun :( Love you girl, you are so inspirational in every way. Fitness your personality, and more recently I have wanted to express my creative side. I see the both of you ladies and the happiness when you show your pieces, its amazing!

  77. I had no idea you were from Indiana :) that makes me hopeful for my sucess with getting out of Illinois xP and it doesn’t surprise me that you had your tongue, eyebrow and belly button pierced… I can totally see that hahah. Karena is a badass at heart.

  78. Oh my gosh Karena, I absolutely love this post! Beef jerky ha! My husband LOVES it too, and I’ll admit I like to snag some ;) – and mmmmmhhhh to the hot man bun!!!!

  79. Absolutely loved this Karena! ? You girls should do more personal posts like this. It’s nice to get to know you a bit better! Also I’ll have to take a look at The Power of Now. Thanks so much for sharing!! ?

  80. Love this Karena! You are so unique, hilarious, and beautiful. You and Kat are for sure role models of mine. Keep being amazing <3

  81. Keeping a library for your family, made me giggle. This is a great post. I still love 90s grunge clothing too. x

  82. Love your list. And I can’t whistle either ;-) Or sing, for that matter, but I’ve never even been brave enough to try karaoke!

  83. I’m obsessed with jerky as well! So good. I was so happy to see it at the retreat! Loved reading these facts about you Karena. Beautiful inside and out! ?

  84. Thanks for sharing Karena! Super cute! Such a good read! And I’m going to pick up your favorite book, looks good! Much love! xoxoxo ?

  85. That’s awesome Karena!! So cool to get to you know more. I also am one to ALWAYS fall asleep in a movie too, thought I was the only one :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  86. Karena, thank you for sharing. You are such an inspiration and a gift to us all!! Thank you for being you!

  87. I can’t whistle either and my younger sister is still making fun of me, because she could do it sooner than I :D
    The Power of Now is such an amazing book! I reread it just recently and it’s one of my favorite books too.

  88. Enjoyed reading this post and getting to know more about you, Karena! :) Ps. totes agree that Bobby should rock the man bun for the wedding…

  89. So sweet to share! I like your sense of humor! I love books & all things stationery. So imagine my excitement when I recently found library card & pocket sets I can buy to put in all my books, in my planner, etc?! I’m an only child but I liked playing librarian too:) Sounds like I still do?!

  90. Love this! I’m a therapist and am from Clarksville Indiana but moved to LA (now in Boston). I love power of now!!

  91. Loved this! When watching TIU, Karena, I feel we are similar…quirky, silly, up for adventure! I can’t whistle, but recently was able to get a ‘noise’ out! ;) I love 90’s grunge, and my sneaker collection is growing rapidly!

  92. Oh my goodness… my husband recently decided La Croix was an acceptable replacement for regular water (I keep insisting it’s not), and I feel like every time I open the fridge my favorite flavor is gone! I now have to buy sparkling water in bulk. Drives me batty!

    1. I can’t either!!! I also couldn’t snap my fingers until recently…. A friend taught me, but I can only do it with my right hand. :)

  93. I grew up in Peru, IN! Was in the circus and all! haha
    SUCH a small world!! XOXO

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