28 Days to Fit, Fierce & Fabulous!


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Fit, Fierce & Fabulous is a 28 day program that encompasses the Tone It Up lifestyle! The New York Times Bestselling book (!!!) incorporates new workouts, lifestyle tips, and daily spiritual challenges to transform your mind and body! In the book, Katrina and I share our heart-felt stories of how fitness helped us overcome life’s obstacles to live our life to the fullest. You’ll love all the new stories, beauty secrets, and girl talk! This book is a perfect companion to your Tone It Up Nutrition Program!
Thank you to all of YOU for inspiring us to write this book and for helping make it a bestseller! <3
Lots of love,

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Get ready to be FIT, FIERCE & FABULOUS!

FIT. Daily fitness challenges, workout plans, and moves to make you feel so toned & FIT!

FIERCE. Empower and align your mind and body with your intentions through visualization exercises, daily meditations, and confidence-boosting tips. Get ready to move outside your comfort zone!

FABULOUS. This is the fun stuff: beauty, friendship, inspiration, joy, and all the things that give you an unmistakable glow that radiates from the inside out!

Order your copy of the New York Times Bestseller at any of the retailers below. We can’t wait to see you with your copy! Hashtag #FitFierceFab on Instagram! :) We have so much in store for the community and can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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Here’s a peek from behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the book! Love our team Nicole Hill, John Segesta, Jenna Anton, Rodale Press, Cindy, Eileen, Debra, Marisa, our family, our TIUteam, this incredible community, & everyone who made this dream possible!!




K & K book launch

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  1. toneitupcom says:

    Thank you again to everyone who came to meet us on tour!!! It was such a thrill to meet each and every one of you :) We hope to do more events in the future where we get to workout with you and meet even more TIU girls!!!


    1. lisa says:

      Thank you for writing this book! Just completed the 28 day challenge! It was fun and rewarding in more ways then the inches I lost!

    1. toneitupcom says:

      ahh! we’ll do more meet ups and events soon! On weekends too :)

  2. Christina says:

    I just finished my 28 days. LOVED it! It helped me become more positive about myself. It was fun and easy to do. Im so glad I have this book!

  3. Alex Eichler says:

    random question – how tall are you girls?!

  4. Jennifer Wolfe says:

    Are you still coming to San Diego on August 1st? I would love to meet you both! You are such a huge inspiration!

  5. Starflykiwi says:

    Here’s the comment I posted to your Facebook, just ’cause I’ve loved #FFF so much:
    “I am just finishing my first go at the 28 days this weekend. Every day I’ve read the book, written the word & mantra in my journal, put it on my alarm & set phone reminders to go throughout the day. I tried the foods, I did as many of the challenges as I had time for & most importantly….. I got thinking, & in such a lovely positive way. The book arrived at the perfect time for me. Work has been insanely stressful, so much so I came out in giant HIVES (which I’ve never had before) & I was sick for weeks with a nasty cold. #FitFierceFab restored my balance & I feel great now. I’m organised, happy & have lots more energy. I am gutted that the 28 days is drawing to a close. I’m going to replace reading the book each night before bed, by reading a positive blog post or article & I will start the program again in a couple of weeks, I don’t want to be without it. Now that I’m in a much better place, I should have more time for all the challenges after work each day. Will probably buy a few more copies as gifts for my girlfriends too. Thanks guys! xo”

    1. your comment really made me realize that i need to get myself in gear, i just got an outbreak of hives for the first time over stress as well so im going to take your positive energy and get the book and stick to it. thank you for the motivation!!

  6. Ana says:

    Hi!! I´m from Mexico, and I really want your book!! How can i get it?? Please tell me!!

  7. Nina says:

    Hey! I am looking for an accountable gal who is also doing the 28 day book challenge! The book mentioned there was a link on the website with a community for this stuff? Can’t seem to find it.

    1. Melissa Veldman says:

      I was looking for the same link–did you ever find it?

  8. Nicole says:

    Was so great getting to meet you gals!! Starting FFF after round 2 of the Bikini Program. Are there pictures from Dallas; I’m not seeing them. :(

  9. Stefanie Pennell says:

    Girls where are your swim tips from? The picture at the very top?

  10. Melissa Veldman says:

    I just started the 28-day challenge! I was hoping to find the link you mentioned in the book for finding a local community of Tone It Up gals?

  11. I am just getting ready to start. I am very excited. It is so nice seeing that it has worked for a lot of people.

  12. Ok girls!! Two questions: 1. I feel like I’m too out of shape & too old to get my former competitive gymnast body back!! (YIKES-5 kids later). 2. My teenage daughter & I want to know where to find your clothing?? Links? Thanks!

  13. Just starting the 28 day challenge!! Anyone out there still looking for a bombshell buddy? I need someone to keep me accountable and motivated! :)

    1. Yes! Need a Bombshell Buddy! I have lots of friends around here but would love to find someone doing the same things I am on the Fit Fierce & Fabulous journey. 👍

  14. Hello Ladies! So I just started the the TIU #FitFierceFab challenge yester day and was wondering if anyone was looking for a bombshell buddy. If so please let me know so that we can hopefully keep eachother motivated and focused on out goals.

  15. Hello, lovely ladies!

    I’m on Week 2 and I have a question regarding Magical Mermaid Moves: Are we supposed to do just one set or three? It was tough making it through just one set and realized there might be two more… :P

    So far so good on the rest of the program! I’m enjoying the challenge and quick results. :D

    1. Hey Bethany! So glad you’re loving the program. For the mermaid moves, you can start with 1 set and work your way up to 3 as you feel ready. No rush though ~ make sure you’re listening to your body. Keep up the amazing work!!

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