1st Pregnancy Vlog! How to do the Bikini Series Pre & Postnatal ♡

1st Pregnancy Vlog! How to do the Bikini Series Pre & Postnatal ♡

Hey loves! I’m so excited to get this series going, especially for all of you that are planning, currently pregnant with me, and postnatal. The woman’s body is so remarkable and as we go through everything, we get to do it together. I have so many exciting things planned for you on this journey, and knowing there are over 8,000 of us currently pregnant together in the community is so beautiful! If you haven’t taken my survey, take a few minutes after the video and take it HERE! I’ll be sending special tips and advice to everyone who fills it out that won’t be found anywhere else. Today I’m sharing everything that I’m eating, what I’m avoiding, and how I’m working out— and how 1st trimester was! Below are my exercise modification suggestions~ more are coming along with prenatal workouts! The smoothie I’ve been having is below! It’s packed with folate, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. Let’s call it the “Oh Baby” haha


• Handful spinach

• Half handful of kale

• 1 frozen banana (pre-sliced)

• 1/2 cup fresh blueberries

• 1 Tbs unsweetened coconut shavings

• 1 scoop Vanilla Tone It Up Protein (plant based protein)

• 1 cup almond milk (add more as needed when blending)

Put all ingredients into blender and blend! Add almond milk if you need to blend more. Top with 1 more Tbs coconut shavings, 2 tsp hemp hearts, and blueberries. Enjoy mama!

*** A lot of you have been asking me if I’ve been adding our protein to my smoothies while pregnant. I am! I love our ingredients and I feel great having it every day (chicken and meat actually started sitting wrong with me first trimester, so it’s been amazing to add a plant based protein). If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor since we’re all unique and you may have different needs.

Here are the Certified Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Plant Based ingredients in your protein to share with your doctor: Organic Pea Protein Isolate & Pumpkin Seed Protein, Organic Natural Flavors (vanilla), Guar Gum (makes it smooth~ it’s in things like almond milk and yogurt), Monk Fruit extract that makes it sweet + a little Sea Salt. It’s so clean! :) That’s why we made it for this community!

I’ve been also looking into ingredients in my deodorant, make up, lotions, and household items. Remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body, absorbing everything. Check your labels! I’ll do another post soon on labels soon. I’ve been picking up things from the Honest Company and using natural make up brands like Tarte cosmetics and deodorant from Schmitts.


Here are some more foods with Folate~ remember to take your mutli vitamin that has folic acid. I also take DHA every day.

Dark leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, collard greens, romaine). Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, broccoli. Load up on citrus fruits and beans. I’ve been loving lentil soup and adding garbonzo beans to everything!

Right now, I’m following the Tone It Up Nutrition Program! I’m incorporating salmon to get my Omega-3 (DHA & EPA) helping lil baby develop a brain and eyes! So wild to think! I’m also eating lots of legumes, egg whites, yogurt (I’m craving it like crazy), dark leafy veggies all day errday, lean proteins, avocados, sweet potato (love it sliced on the grill when I’m French fries) and tons of citrus fruits– in the video I talk about how many clementines I eat! They’re in my purse, at my desk, I bring them on walks~ I’ve never had so many in my life!


Here are foods I’m avoiding~ again, like I say in the video, these are my personal preferences. Not all pregnant mamas avoid every item on the list.


• Wine :( I’m having tequila fomo today for Cinco De Mayo, haha.

• Coffee – some mamas still have a cup, but I’m not craving it, so I’m not having.

• Kombucha – probably one of the first things I’ll have post natal! I’ll come back to you Health-Ade! :)

• Apple Cider Vinegar (unless posterized)

• Unpasteurized Juices – so think bottled juices on the shelves. I’ve personally been getting fresh made juices from a place that I love and trust.

• Soft cheese ~ you girls know I’m not a cheese gal, but this is a no no. You can ask if it’s pasteurized. Avoid cheese like feta, brie, blue veined, camembert, queso fresco, and queso blanco. At restaurants they’ll tell you if their cheese is pasteurized if you ask!

• Deli Meat

• No sprouts (sprouts like alfalfa, clover, radish, mung bean sprouts)- they can carry bacteria that’s not safe for the baby


For all of you that haven’t joined the Tone It Up Nutrition Program yet~ it’s amazing! Read more about it HERE!


~ Planning for a baby right now?  The entire community is sending you love!!! Consult your doctor to make sure you’re good to participate in an exercise program. I’m sending you a BIG hug right now! ~ For all of you that are pregnant~ congratulations!!! As always, consult your doctor before you do Tone It Up, exercise, and ask any personal needs for your nutrition. I don’t know everyone’s unique journeys, so it’s important that you check to make sure you’re cleared to workout. ~ For all of you that are post natal~ AHHH! You made a baby! Congrats mama!!! I’m going to have lots of questions for you! Same as above, consult with your doctor to make sure you’re cleared to exercise and any unique needs you need nutrition wise. ~ Breastfeeding? You probably heard that you’re burning through an additional 400-600 calories a day! Keep your energy levels up and fuel your body with more calories throughout the day (healthy calories that is!). When you’re following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, you can easily add healthy, nutrient dense calories throughout the day from foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut, and healthy oils. Healthy fats add up and give you sustainable energy. Also, add foods like salmon, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes~ basically everything on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is amazing for you and fueling your baby right now.  When working with my postnatal clients, I’ve never recommend using breastfeeding as a sole way to lose weight, or it may decrease the amount of milk supply for your baby. Instead, increase your energy levels with healthy calories and when cleared by your doctor, add cardio and your daily toning moves from Tone It Up to lose weight and tone up. Be patient with your body~ it’s so beautiful and capable of miracles!!! I’m going to be doing so much more including nutrition and workout programs for Pre and Post Natal~ so stay tuned!


We’ll be coming out with modifications throughout the Bikini Series ~ so make sure to follow my Instagram at @Katrinaascott & Kristina who is in her 3rd trimester at @StudioToneItUpKristina! We’ll be doing the Daily Moves with the below guidelines! Follow our stories each day to see modifications! *** 1st trimester— you can start following these guidelines as practice for your entire pregnancy! I did, so it felt more second nature to continue.

• BURPEES– We are modifying by simplifying- going into a plank, and standing back up into a squat. This is a personal preference

• Plyometrics- you can do them or break the move down and do it more gentle on your body. Again, your preference.

• TWISTING– Any moves that involve twisting of the torso, we are modifying by facing straight on. If it’s a squat chop, we are just staying straight on. If it’s a v-sit twist, we are staying in a frontal plane.

HIGH INTENSITY- This all depends on your fitness level pre-pregnancy. A lot of doctors say don’t let your heart rate go above 140 bpm, but others say it’s ok if has already been in your routine. If you’ve been an avid runner, you may have a heart rate of 110 running vs me…who wasn’t running pre-pregnancy, so if I went out for a run, my heart rate would be like 160, haha. So I’m power walkin’!  Again, consult your doctor and do what’s best for your gorgeous bod!

• ABS ON BACK ‘supine’- If it’s a video, a daily move, or you’re in a class, do a plank or plank on knees. Make it fun with some knee taps! I also like side planks and standing knee lifts (stand and lift one knee at a time working the lower abs!)

*** Keep in mind that your joints are hyper-mobile, especially in the 3rd trimester, so take deep stretching and jumping easy mama!

~ Some of these are just our preference. Do what feels best on your body and your fitness level and of course, consult your doctor :)


Later on, you may find discomfort in bridge or in planks on your hands and forearms (especially if your belly is big now too!! Yay!)

Kristina is using an exercise ball or bench for support for her upper back. Make sure you have your legs really wide for balance. A bench or an ottoman at home is more sturdy. Do what is best and safe for you and your fitness level and what you are used to from pre-pregnancy.

For planks, push ups, and anything on the hands, Kristina is using a bench or elevated step to modify. You can also do push-ups against the wall!

If you find yourself off balance, you can always use a bench, bar, or wall for support. Depending on how active you were before your pregnancy, you may feel more or less balanced. It’s all unique to YOU!

I’ll say it one more time too~ always consult your doctor before participating in any exercise program or before a nutrition program. Every woman is unique and you may have different needs than me and Kristina. These are all our opinions and personal experiences.




I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to have so many of you on this journey with me! I can’t believe that what Karena and I once dreamt up is so much more. It’s so special that so many of us can go through experiences and connect with others in the community that are going through (or have been through) the same thing whether it’s a challenge, a struggle, a miracle, a celebration~ we’re always there for one another. I feel so blessed every day~ you’re all of my inspiration and my strength, so thank you! Love you!!!! xoxo Kat (and baby! :) PS~ Make sure to take my quick survey so I know to send you exclusive videos and info!!!


  1. “Man, those farts! That’s a way to end it!” Bahahaha I love this and man can I relate 😂 I think one of my craziest pregnancy brain moments was at a restaurant with my hubby. We always say grace before we eat together and we started eating and two bites in I said, “Anthony! We didn’t pray!” and he goes, “We literally just held hands and prayed. You don’t remember that?” I couldn’t believe it! 🙀

    1. The farts are real!!!! My husband said yesterday that our baby is going to be soothed by the sound of farting when hes born because he’s heard it so much in the womb 🤣

      Im so happy to have preggy TIU mamas to share my pregnancy with!! 🤰🏼💨🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Love this ! I used to eat a ton of air popped popcorn as my snack and haven’t wanted it at ALL during pregnancy !!! Also craving yogurt and love clementines !

  3. So happy for you Kat and loving the tips. Hubby and I are hoping to start trying within the next year but I want to get fit 1st 💪.

  4. All awesome info but please look into exercises that don’t make diastis recti worse/ heal it post pregnancy. Planks should be avoided during pregnancy and post natal (to close diastis back up) so please include these modifications in your program. Also- plyometrics put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor and no matter what sort of shape a woman is in prior to birth these moves should be avoided. The uterus does have capabilities of shifting, and it’s best to keep it secure. Excited to see what content you come out with for new mommy’s!

  5. OMG so exciting! This year’s Bikini Series will be one day ahead of exactly 5 months post-partum for me, and I can’t WAIT – especially now that there will be mama-friendly mods! Congrats!

  6. I would love to do the series but I may have to start a few weeks late due to morning sickness that is kicking my butt. 🤢

  7. Thanks Katrina for all the amazing tips. I’m 3 month postnatal and feeling so inspired for the Bikini Series. One tip I have for breastfeeding mamas is oatmeal with a little flax helps huge with milk supply.

  8. I have been waiting for one of you to get pregnant since 2013☺️ Selfishly so that we would have a meal plan & workout for pregnancy and post pregnancy! So happy for you Kat!!

  9. Katrina I absolutely LOVED this first pregnancy vlog! It made me feel like I could do the Bikini Series this year and that your vlogs are going to be an amazing resource for this journey. I am super excited. Thank you. This is my second pregnancy, I am in my first trimester.

    1. I’m in the same boat! 2nd pregnancy, just started 2nd trimester :)

  10. I’m 3 months post partum! I Loved working out during pregnancy. I stopped doing hiit and plyo. For post partum, I would love to see some baby & me workouts! I’ve found a few on Youtube, but not many that we’ve liked.

  11. Katrina! You need the hair tie trick for jeans! Before you get into maternity pants you can use a hair tie to loop through the button hole and then stretch across to the button. Just search “hair tie trick pregnancy”.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such a special, amazing time! Enjoy!

  12. Katrina and all TIU Girls…… For an “All Natural Deoderant” try rubbing a slice of straight lime or lemon juice underarms. Try to avoid straight after shaving to avoid burning..wait at least half hour for pores to close….but so far….its the Best Deoderant i have found!

    1. I just started using Kopari brand products and their deodorant is amazing – natural, coconut oil based and smells ahh-mazing. Their skin care line is incredible too!

      1. I have been using Primally Pure deodorant for three years now. This is my second pregnancy with it and it works amazingly!

  13. Hoping to be preggo by the end of the bikini series! Hubby and I were pregnant for the first time last year and lost the baby in October. It was super rough, but we’re ready to start trying again starting this month. :) So happy for you and excited at the thought that we may get to go through it together!

  14. I’m not even pregnant yet but we plan to start a family in about 2-3 years. So this makes me super excited to see you go through a full healthy pregnancy and then bounce back like I know you will! It will give me some major encouragement that being pregnant won’t be so scary! lol

  15. My husband loves when I am pregnant because I find him and everything SUPER funny. He calls it pregnancy prozac😂

  16. I am so excited for you! My husband and I have decided to start trying next month (eek!) so all your modifications are perfect timing! As I was thinking this morning about my “why” for this series and I realized I want to “get fit” in hopes of getting pregnant, not in spite of it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks- I’m not a model pre-pregnancy , so why should I care how my body looks post-pregnancy? I just want to be strong for my {future} little bean. :)

  17. Congratulations! Becoming a mama is the best! I’m excited to see tips for new moms and moms to be on TIU.

  18. Aww I love this! So nice to know that we are going through this together! The first trimester for me was so tough and I was falling asleep all the time! I absolutely have fallen asleep at work during a meeting…my co-workers were probably laughing at me 😂 but it was the same time everyday and just very challenging to keep my eyes open 😬 thank you for posting this I am so excited to learn more about how to have a successful pregnancy and also just be prego at the same time as you 💗💗😘😘 yay for second trimester!!

  19. So many congratulations to you!! I’m so happy for you! But I am also sooooo bummed. I just had my second baby and am 5 weeks PP. I have been waiting for one of you girls to get pregnant FOREVER and I have been a fan since you had your show on TV! I still did the TIU workouts when I was pregnant both times but would have loved to go through it with you and have the modifications available. However, I will be doing the Bikini Series to get this postpartum body ready for summer.
    My biggest advice to you is if you plan on breastfeeding, educate yourself. It’s a lot harder than you think it would be. When I was pregnant with my first I didn’t prepare myself for breastfeeding because I thought it was going to come natural and be easy. I was wrong. I had a rough time.
    Pregnancy brain is so real… I would put cold stuff in the pantry, not close the washer after I filled it up with clothes and then go back to see my clothes sitting in water for hours, left my garage door open while I was gone be all day, forget people’s names. He list is endless. And then pregnancy turns into mom brain after you have the baby. To be honest, it never really improves. Lol
    Good luck with everything you two are going to be great parents! And what a lucky baby to grow up in such an awesome community! TIU!! Xo

  20. I am nearly 6 weeks postpartum and am hoping to join the bikini series once given the all clear from the Dr this week. During my first trimester I locked myself out of my phone and had to get my phone reset at the store! I could not remember the password that I must have typed 1 hour earlier! I also left the keys to our apartment in the front door on multiple occasions! Pregnancy brain is real! Congratulations on your pregnancy Katrina! Welcome to a crazy, rewarding and life changing experience!

  21. Yes, earlier in my pregnancy I couldn’t eat enough clementines! Eat least it’s a healthy craving 😬 I’ve been pretty clumsy too. My funniest (to me) “pregnancy brain” moment was yesterday in the car with my husband. He asked me to open my YouTube app and look up a certain band and song. I typed in the info and started scrolling, and after a moment he looked over and said “what are you doing??” I had opened my Yelp app and typed in the band and song and was scrolling through a list of restaurants 😂😂 I have no idea how long I would have continued had he not said something! Then I started laughing uncontrollably to the point of crying and couldn’t stop 😂 Both apps are red and start with the letter Y, so I’m using that as my justification for opening the wrong app 😜

  22. I just reached my 3rd trimester and I forget things on a daily basis. I have forgotten my pin number, what things are called, why I walked into a room.. the list goes on! This baby brain is a thing!

    The food I have missed the most is cold cut sandwhiches and matcha! All the matcha recipies in the new plan look amazing! I can’t wait to try them out after the baby comes!

  23. Kat, I absolutely LOVED this! I love knowing that im not alone in all of this😂im so excited to do the bikini series now, now that I know I can follow your lead!😍💕💗

  24. I’m soooo excited for you! My babies are old now, but I was a childbirth educator and doula for years and still get excited about all things pregnancy! My funniest preggo story was when I was 8 months pregnant and my husband and were coming back from the grocery store and we were standing on the porch while he unlocked the door and I was so front heavy that just from standing there I tipped over and fell completely off the porch and landed back down in the bushes! lol! I was not hurt, the bushes caught my fall, but I was so embarrassed because the neighbors were all outside and saw my big bellied body fall into the bushes – I started to cry just because I felt so stupid! Maybe if I’d kept up the yoga my balance would have been better!

    I kept up exercise too until the day I gave birth with both boys. It made recovery so much easier.

    My biggest tip – HIRE A DOULA! Whether you plan to have a drug-free or medicated birth, a good doula is there to comfort you, massage you, coach you, support you and your husband and help you transition into motherhood. A doula will help you get the birth you want and many of my clients never even needed meds as I knew lots of way to make labor more comfortable. I gave birth sans drugs twice – the second one at home. He was a planned homebirth but I used Hypnobirthing that pregnancy and wasn’t feeling any pain even though I knew I was having contractions, so I waited too long to call the midwife and she didn’t make it. My husband got home 15 minutes before I gave birth and caught the baby just in time – in my younger son’s closet! (that’s where I was when I knew the baby was coming like now!)

    Loved this vlog even though my pregnancy days are long over! xoxo

    1. Thank you for this!! I’ve heard so many great things about doulas and we are meeting with one next week! I’m also doing hypnobabies so your comment is super encouraging!! 💕

      1. That’s awesome!! Hypnobirthing was amazing. I had a 4 hour labor, pain for only 15 minutes at the very end! Baby was born in 3 contractions, no pushing! It was an amazing birth! Doulas are awesome! I hope you find a great one that you connect with – don’t be afraid to interview several! Congrations and blessings to you! xoxo

  25. Thank you so much for this post, it makes all the crazy things I’m experiencing feel normal! :) I’m only in my first trimester and want to work out but I’m so tired and being really cautious, it’s comforting to hear that I might get back into it in just a few weeks. Keep all the great food and workout tips coming, they’re so helpful!! <3

  26. Oh Katrina, I can’t tell you how timely your vlog is! My first trimester has been very hard with all day morning sickness, constant nausea and lately insomnia. BUT can I just say it’s been so encouraging to see the tiu community energy around all the tiu mamas out there! It’s helped me feel less alone. This is my first pregnancy too and every day there’s something new, or sobbing, or major pregnancy brain, lol. So thank you for sharing your experiences and journey and for the tiu community for all the love. 💕

  27. Hi love, so happy for you! I also crave oranges, and turned up was I had iron deficiency and that’s why my body needed vitamin c. Check it out

    I have a 3 months baby and following your aiky moves, loving it!!!

  28. Congrats on your pregnancy! I was pregnant last summer and I kept wishing that TIU would have pregnancy tips and modifications because I was so lost on what to substitute for exercises that were done on the back or twisting motions. I’m happy that I’ll be able to look back on all of this during my next pregnancy.
    I craved citrus fruits during my first trimester, too. I ate tons of oranges and clementines! I also craved peaches like crazy, and I always wanted Mexican food (probably for the beans and avocados). And during the entire first trimester I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee…it made me SO nauseated, it was awful. And coffee is my blood. Thankfully that aversion went away after the second trimester and I was able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee again. :)

  29. This is all so very exciting, congratulations!! I’m hitting my 2nd trimester next Wednesday and finally getting my energy back and the nausea is subsiding, hallelujah! 🙌🏻 The falling asleep at your desk made me laugh. I’m SO grateful I work from home but I have so much respect for mamas who are pregnant and have to hide it at the office. They’d probably find me napping in a closet somewhere! This is our first and after three years of trying we are over the moon! I almost had to have a hysterectomy last year and truly feeling blessed with this natural pregnancy and miracle baby inside of me! Pregnancy is a blessing and there are likely mamas to be out there listening to you vlog who’ve been trying to get pregnant. Miracles can happen ladies TIU has been a part of my life for years and you are on the right path, especially the healthy eating is so important! It is so funny as I was secretly wishing you or Karena would get pregnant so we’d have healthy guidance! Just so excited to watch your journey and know that we are all not alone, burps and farts in all! Hehehe Sending love, hugs and excitement!! 💙💖

  30. First pregnancy, first trimester! The grandparents don’t even know yet! I’m totally digging into beauty product and home cleaning ingredients and cleaning out. Even searching for options for hair color…bc my baby daddy hasn’t ever seen my grays! lololololol :)

  31. Love this! And thank you for not making me feel so alone. I don’t crave chocolate or coffee either! so odd. I do miss a glass of wine and cocktail, but oh well! I’m super emotional, exhausted and just still in awe. These tips are exactly what I need and can’t wait to modify this challenge! XOXO

  32. Thank you Katrina for posting this vlog about pregnancy!
    First Congratulations to you and Brian! May you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery! I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant and am enjoying it! I agree with you that the first trimester is very difficult to have energy.
    I’m glad to join the bikini series again this year! And thank you for posting the modifications for workout and meals 😊 Xoxo

  33. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I just found out I’m carrying twins! I’m double exhausted and nauseous at 8 weeks pregnant but want to do the bikini series so bad! I need to start some of these long short walks 😁

  34. I’m not pregnant but I have a lot of friends and colleagues who are or are post-natal, so definitely sharing this with them! Love this video – it made me crack up! Congrats to Kat and all the rest of the TIU Mamas out there!

  35. Love this video! My due date is next week so im saving the bikini series for after my clearance to workout again😊 kombucha is probably what ive missed most alongside sushi! Enjoy this amazing time. Its the best thing ive ever experienced and i already cant wait to do it again. Like you said, take loooooots of pictures!! Listening to my body was key and while i wasnt able to workout a ton due to sciatic nerve pain, im glad i did what i could. Youll be an amazing mom & im so happy for you! Also some advice i got that i found teally helpful- when you get towards the end, dont be afraid to call labor and delivery if you feel like your baby isnt moving as much, never second guess your intuition because it is REAL, and ask as many questions as you need to about delivery and any procedures that need to be done to you or to baby 😊 i always felt bad asking questions or worrying and every single person i talked to told me that nurses are never upset at answering questions or monitoring you if you feel insure😊 best of luck💓

  36. Kat, this is just so exciting! I’m so happy for you and Brian (and Winston). I’m also so excited that I’m going to be able to come back to these posts when I decided to have a baby down the road to ensure I’ll have a healthy pregancy! Can’t wait to see you and the little bump at the NYC tour!!

  37. Love this and great timing!! I just found out I am pregnant and really nervous. I miscarried my first on Xmas eve 2017 and what’s crazy I am due Christmas 2018. Hoping and praying everything works out this time and super excited to see your tips !!!

  38. Congrats girl !!! Love this and your amazing personality!! and great timing!! I just found out I am pregnant and really nervous. I miscarried my first on Xmas eve 2017 and what’s crazy I am due Christmas 2018. Hoping and praying everything works out this time and super excited to see your tips !!!

  39. I LOVED this! I am in the first trimester with my third and am struggling at life at the moment (haha!) but am feeling hopeful to still keep this a healthy pregnancy and form good habits. Look forward to your nutrition tips!!

  40. I relate so much to this! I also have been craving sour foods! At first I was eating lots of gummy worms and realized that was getting excessive 🙈 now eating like a whole pineapple and a million oranges every week. Lol.

    Also the crazy dreams! And I am pregnant or have a baby in every dream as well.

    Such an exciting time! I’ve been following tone it up for years and I love that I can do it while im preggers now too. 💕

  41. I’m wishing the very best for your new little addition:) I was a workout fanatic before my pregnancy with my twins. I was sick 24/7 and couldn’t do anything. I missed working out so much but knew it was for the best to not push myself. I admire and encourage all pregnant women to eat healthy and workout during their pregnancy. I’m 1yr postpartum and just now trying to get back into shape. I follow you guys all the time and thanks you for those workouts that I can do at home with my babies watching mommy in their walkers lol
    Gooood Luck!

  42. Love this! Congrats to you both! :) Modifying moves to protect your back are super important… I actually wound up in the ER late one Friday night at 16 weeks and I went in bc I had been peeing every 15 minutes until late afternoon and realized I only had half a water bottle to drink and I’m not/wasn’t diabetic. They thought I was leaking amniotic fluid and make a long story short I wound up on bedrest for a week until I went to maternal fetal medicine, where I was told it was dun dun dunnnn… back spasms (lol!). But seriously, omgosh it was such horrible pain for someone that has a high pain tolerance. After that incident, I was super careful about working out when it came to my low back. The funny thing is is that I only gained 25 lbs during pregnancy and at 16 weeks had gained maybe 8 lbs… and it already affected me sooo much! Oh, and the peeing thing… they did a test in ER and I was retaining. Pregnancy really is such a beautiful thing. Best day of my life was the day I labored and they put my sweet baby Ellie on my chest :) xoxox, enjoy every minute of it mama!

    1. Oh girl I ended up in the ER too at about 12 weeks , I wasn’t drinking enough water and was dehydrated and passed out in the parking lot of the hospital! LOL they gave me 2 bags of fluids and then I started feeling better. It’s crazy the amount of water you have to drink. I hardly worked out when I was pregnant the first time but like you said, the day you go into labor and they hand you that sweet baby, it really is the best day!!!

  43. Before I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, I came home one day after an interview and fell asleep on my couch…it was almost instant that I fell asleep, I just sat down and suddenly I was waking up and had drooled LOL and I remember waking up and thinking “whoa! that was weird!” and then like a week later I found out I was pregnant! I tried surprising my husband with news that we were going to have a baby and bought him a gift bag of “Dad” stuff and threw in the positive pregnancy test and when he came across it he thought it was something that you plug into a computer (USB plug) we both laughed after he finally realized what it was and of course we were super excited too! pregnancy was fun, the last few weeks are the hardest! and I was very unprepared for the weeks following her arrival (nobody tells you how hard it can be or that after you have the baby they push and massage on your uterus in the hospital to help it contract back to original size and it hurts when they do that, also your body will contract while you nurse too! also getting outside every day and getting some natural light and fresh air and sunshine helps a lot with mental peace.) I had postpartum and that was difficult to work through but having a baby is such an amazing gift! it truly is a blessing and you and Brian are going to be amazing and wonderful parents and it’s so awesome that you are sharing your journey with all of us!

  44. This was so hilarious; I loved it!! You are going to be such a fun mom. I’m looking forward to your “cravings” list- that will be so fun to have! With my boy I loved hamburgers and with my girl I literally could NOT get enough chocolate. And it made my morning sickness so much better. I’m a WHNP and it seems like my patients either get super tired or morning sickness! I definitely was a puked until 16 weeks which made exercising impossible and eating healthy very very hard. First trimester was cereal and vanilla frappes. Terrible!! Anyways, it’s so fun to follow your journey! I just weaned my daughter 3 weeks ago so it will be fun to do a “normal”
    Bikini series this time!! :)

  45. So excited for the pregnant TIU mamas out there! I love all of Katrina’s advice, especially the exercise modifications! I’m 32 weeks and have been struggling with safe exercise! <3<3

    Ladies do remember that this is a really serious time health wise and it's important to seek professional medical advice! Check with your OB/midwife if you have any nutrition questions, also regarding skin care, check with a dermatologist! I actually asked my dermatologist before I got pregnant and thank God I did because one medication I was on she said "you do not want to be pregnant on this one" so I stopped taking it about a month before we started trying. I just bring her pictures of the ingredients lists and she tells me what to stay away from – a lot of really common stuff that you wouldn't have thought of. I also talked to my PCP before I had an OB because again, I wasn't sure what medication I may have too stop taking if I plan to get pregnant. Even "natural" ingredients can be harmful during pregnancy so do ask your doctor!

    So while I'm grateful Katrina is sharing her personal preferences, they are exactly that, not medical advice, please, please talk to a doctor! <3

  46. FYI regarding cheese, all imported cheese is required by USDA to be pasteurized!

    Also, FYI, fresh made juices are not pasteurized, bottled juices that are not refrigerated typically are (they need to be pasteurized to be shelf stable). Milk that isn’t refrigerated until it’s opened (like in Europe) are ultra pasteurized which is why they don’t need refrigeration. With fresh made juices, make sure the place properly cleans and stores the fruit, uses proper hygiene for staff and their equipment, and uses clean water (so, when I went to Mexico for example I avoided fresh juice). There are just too many variables there, so I only drink fresh juice that I make myself at home.

    You can also check the recall lists for food outbreaks.

  47. Thank you so much for this post! I’m about a week behind on you in my second pregnancy and the first trimester was a living nightmare with nausea ALL DAY LONG and a hospital stay of four days. Your energy, enthusiasm and silliness really made my day and connected me back to the miracle that is pregnancy. thanks!! Can relate to many other funky stuff as well ;)

  48. I can relate to the citrus! So many oranges and grapefruits! I can’t get enough! And so many naps, I’m not a napper so really making up for that I guess? Excited to start the bikini series as I head into 2nd trimster! Hopefully that means energy! Congrats to you and thanks for sharing your tips and connecting all 8,000 of us!

  49. Haha… spacial awareness!! Near the end of my second trimester I wasn’t aware of how big my bump had gotten and when I had parked my car I couldn’t physically get out of the car because the parking space was too tight and the door wouldn’t open wide enough for me to squeeze out! Needless to say I had to find another spot, but was laughing at myself the whole time : )

    Good luck mama!

  50. So excited for you and great tips!
    When I was pregnant, the smell of coffee about made me sick and my daughter hates coffee, but my second pregnancy I craved coffee and my second daughter has always loved the smell of coffee!
    Make sure to get lots of healthy fats. I’m sure you know, especially at the end, when the brain is forming it needs fats b/c that’s what it is mostly made of.
    Would love to see some info on diastasis recti. I got that with my last and have had to work on healing it, but after targeting exercises for that I have healed mine. It’s just sad that most doctors don’t know about it and don’t even check post natal so it goes undiagnosed. So good exercises to strengthen and avoid that would be awesome!
    Funniest pregnancy story-I taught high school while pregnant. As I tried to walk down the crowded halls, I would try to suck in my belly to squeeze down the hall-as if it did any good. LOL!

  51. I’m nowhere near being pre or post natal but i loved listening to your Vlog and reading your tips and thoughts for moms-to-be. I like to think I’ll still be with TIU by the time I’m having children and I LOVE that TIU will still be there for me during that experience. Love you K!

  52. So much great information in one post! Would you mind sharing what kind of prenatal and other vitamins you are taking?

  53. KAT I loved this vlog!! Hormones are REAL. Before I found out I was pregnant I was making dinner and ended up burning it, so I threw my spatula on the floor and fell to the ground sobbing! :D :D :D My husband was standing there like, what do I do?! I love the Oh Baby Smoothie, I’ve literally made a similar version of this like 10x already!! Can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy! We just found out we are having a little TIUgirl!! <3

  54. Omg! I feel so connected to you right now. Have so many stories to tell already. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and everything you mentioned has happened to me. I slept through my first trimester, was so nauseous that just scrolling down Instagram made me soooo sick. I didn’t want to eat at all; all I had was fruits, smoothies and limes and oranges. I was addicted to coffee but my pregnancy hormones have been all over the place and I don’t have cravings anymore. I’m very emotional too. I feel so happy for you & Brian. When I found out I was pregnant I wished for TIU to have a pregnancy program. Can’t believe it’s real now. I have listen to my body a lot and before getting pregnant I was walking a lot too. I’ve been doing modifications, and specially a lot of pilates and yoga which were my previous workouts anyway. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I’m sharing mine from my Insta @nenapiki_healthymeals and I would love to see you there. And yes, you are GLOWING!!! xoxo We’ve got this babe!!

  55. I’m so thrilled for you! And I’m happy for all of us that you are doing pregnancy menu and modifications. I just had my baby in January (a little earlier than predicted). When I first got pregnant, I thought, “What am I supposed to eat? I wish the TIU girls would do a pregnancy module!” And here you are!
    I’m hoping the bikini series helps me shed a little of the baby weight. If you have any postpartum questions, I’m happy to chat! I love being a mom. It’s amazing and I’m so excited for you!
    PS: hopefully, that means you will come visit your family in New Hampshire before you have your little one! :-)

  56. Congratulations, and you look stunning, you definitely have the pregnancy glow! I would say, if you are breastfeeding, you will still need to have more food. I actually struggled trying to follow the nutrition plan when I was 3 months postpartum because it wasn’t enough food to sustain me while I was nursing my little girl. I had to modify the plan a lot because I had to really up my food intake. Can’t wait to continue to follow you on this amazing journey!

  57. Hi Katrina – this is so exciting! I’m about as far along as you are, I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow and due on Oct. 17. I just wanted to say that it’s SO exciting that you are pregnant and the amount of #TIUpregnancy posts that I’ve seen. I’m one of the few prego women out of my group of friends so it’s been hard to find fellow moms to connect with. I plan to join the bikini series for the nutrition part – healthy eating has been a challenge for me as leafy greens (which I love) just taste so bad. I was considered high-risk during my first trimester and have been taking Bionic Mommy classes in Hermosa Beach. If you’re open to it – it would be so fun to plan a #TIUpregnancy class with Danielle. Being a new mom is kind of overwhelming so I’m excited at the journey ahead with TIU and so looking forward to following along your journey. XO, Jen. P.S. your video totally made me cry – it’s the hormones! I keep telling everyone that I’m not crazy, just pregnant. LOL!

  58. Loved this video SO much! I can totally relate to the clutziness! I ended up in the ER twice for stitches! It was crazy! First time trying to eat king crab 😋 and the second I broke a wine glass while polishing it 🤷🏻‍♀️! Love you girl! Thanks for being so vulnerable with us!

  59. So excited for you Kat! I hear ya there on the not wanting chocolate! Its weird that i dont want chocolate either during my pregnancy now because I love chcocolate too! Im so looking forward to the tips along the way as we go through this journey together! We have a little guy right now that’s 15 months, so when our new little one comes along he’ll be 22 months. It will be an adventure that’s for sure getting in some workout time, but I did it with him mostly in the papoose, so this next little one will have papoose time with workout time. Lol can’t wait till the next vlog 😘

  60. Super interesting that you’re choosing to omit kombucha. That was one of the first things I asked my doctor & nutrition consultants about when I was pregnant because I love it sooo much. They both did some research and came back to me saying it was a-ok because as far as they could tell the bacteria just helped digestion and didn’t carry any risk of unsavory effects 🤷‍♀️ So anyway, I kept drinking a bunch of it while my little one was in eutero and he’s healthy and wonderful and my pregnancy was totally uneventful and great!

  61. SO thrilled for you and Brian, Katrina! And the TIU family. You are so cute. Congrats!

  62. I’m so excited for this! As a mom of two, and hoping to have at least a third sometime in the future, I’ve been waiting for this! I love how you make everything fun and light and happy, and most of all relatable! Thank you :)

    1. …and CONGRATS of course! Enjoy every second your your amazing journey <3

  63. Can there be a Q&A blog lol
    I had trouble with some distasis recti after my first pregnancy I am curious on your opinion Katrina of what to avoid so you don’t make that works while working out your abs during pregnancy. You said not to twist when doing the v-sits but what about the extra pressure your placing on your abdomen on an already growing belly , I thought all “crunch” type exercises were out ?

  64. i am not trying to be mean and i love tone it up and have met some amazing women through following TIU, a few of those women i met through my struggles with infertility…there are quite a few TIU followers that can’t get pregnant and have lost babies, and yes, we are all happy and excited for Katrina, but after reading comments and posts, i think maybe we need to think about the loyal followers who have a hard time seeing this pushed in their faces, while yes, there is nothing wrong with posting about it and sharing, i think if i was still struggling with infertility (which, i’m not, as i’m celebrating my first mother’s day today) i probably would have stopped following. i know we don’t know her story and she might have had struggles as well, i just think it’s something worth thinking about and consider being sensitive too. as i have a beautiful healthy baby reading some posts today from some TIU women really made me think about what i post and how i can be rubbing my blessing in someone else’s face.

  65. Congratulations! One of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy was to take a yoga workshop to teach me how to safely modify my vigorous yoga practice. I ended up here after attending a pregnancy yoga class. Don’t get me wrong, it was OK. Lots of first time yogis and not personally what I was looking for. I did yoga up until the end, and in fact I made quite an impression with the labor and delivery nurses and on call doctor bc it was apparent to them during my labor that I did yoga. So memorable, my doctor who wasn’t there still joked about it when I went to my annual appointment 7 months after baby.

  66. Just joined the TIU group! I followed on Facebook for about a year now, but I am now registered as I am pregnant, and would love to follow Katrina’s advice and pregnancy! Congrats to those pregnant or post pregnancy, and just simply to those badass girls in the TIU community!

  67. Hi! First of all,congratulations! Enjoy It! It’s my second pregnancy and it’s a little different from the first one. I have a doubt about some cosmetics. Is it recommended to use self-tan on the skin being pregnant? Thanks

  68. Thanks so much! I heard about ToneItUp from my friend who has loved it! I haven’t been working out much besides walking prior to pregnancy and not much during the 1st trimester either. I’m about 16.5 weeks along right now. My friend shared the prenatal workout video and I just did it! Honestly, it felt awesome to be able to do some exercise (minus the side plank because I haven’t done planks in forever!) alongside other pregnant women who made me feel very encouraged. While ultimately I’d love to be toned and trim, right now I’m just wanting to do the basics for me and baby, so prenatal workouts here I come!

  69. A very belated CONGRATS, Kat!!! I’m SO unbelievably excited and happy for you and Brian! I just found out last week that I’m pregnant (first baby)!!!!!! Only about 5 weeks right now so still very anxious and hoping everything goes well… The only symptom I’ve had so far (which is a doozy) is extreme fatigue. Still getting those workouts in though! Are you sending emails out to TIU mamas-to-be? I’d love to read more about exercise modifications, nutrition during pregnancy, and natural, pregnancy safe, products. Thank you!! And congrats again, girl! I’m thrilled to be going through this experience with you!! Sending lots of love your way. XOXO

  70. I have been feeling pretty discouraged since having my baby. I am 4 months postpartum. I have been able to workout about 4 times a week and I have been following the guidelines pretty well but I have not been able to lose any weight. In fact I feel like I’ve gained same. Some of my clothes feel tighter and I still look pregnant. I struggle with wanting to limit my food intake but eat enough to maintain my milk supply. I don’t understand how to lose weight while breastfeeding. I feel like that you need to eat to breastfeed and if you don’t eat so weight can be lost, you milk supply will also be lost. I know it’s a process and I can expect results overnight but I feel with eating healthy and working out, I should be seeing some results!
    It’s been very frustrating.

    1. Congrats gorgeous! So happy for you 🤗 It’s important to remember that you had a baby growing inside you for 10 months so give yourself time and be patient with your body. We promise all good things take time. Your #1 mission right now is to feed your beautiful baby so it’s essential to eat enough healthy foods and calories to maintain your milk supply. Without decreasing your calories because we want to make sure you have an adequate supply, we recommend going out for either a morning or pre-dinner walk with your baby for 20-30 minutes when you can just to up your cardio. And keep up with your weight training with the Daily Moves and workout videos. If you can squeeze in one more day of toning a week (even if it’s just a 15-minute video), go for it! The most important thing to remember is to never be hard on yourself. You’re strong and beautiful! Love you mama 💗

  71. My struggle is to eat healthy with the nausea how do you do it? I would love for tips cause all I can eat now is crackers and toast

    1. Hey babe! When you’re not feeling well, it’s best to listen to your body and give it what it needs. When you’re feeling better, you can start incorporating in other foods. Love you mama 🤗

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