3 Superfoods that Love Your Body!


It’s Wednesday and you know what that means… HUMP DAY!

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Now, let’s talk about superfoods! Have you ever heard that beauty starts on the inside? It’s true! Feeding your body with healthy, nutritious foods helps you glow! Today we’re talking about 3 of our favorite superstars: strawberries, arugula & lemons! Including body-loving foods like these into your repertoire will leave that sexy body of yours radiating with health — think shiny hair, glowing skin and endless vitality!

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Strawberries are a healthy, naturally sweet treat bursting with body loving superpowers!

Even when they’re not in season, frozen berries are available year around and they make a delicious addition to just about anything!

The best reasons to indulge in our favorite berry:

♥ They Keep You Sexy! Just one cup of strawberries contains more vitamin C than an orange! This powerful antioxidant helps build collagen and improves skin elasticity for a healthy, radiant glow! Strawberries also contain good for you elements that keep your eyes sparkling, bright and vibrant!

Bonus… all these essential nutrients boost your immune system. What’s not sexy about that?

♥ They Get you Slim! Strawberries are a great source of fiber ~ We all know fiber is essential to keeping your waistline lean & sexy. It helps you stay satisfied, feeling full and enhances digestion too. Strawberries pack a double punch, by also helping regulate blood sugar…an essential component to getting and staying lean!

♥ They Brighten Your Smile. Eating strawberries whiten your teeth! Yup, it’s true! They contain special acids that help remove stains and also brighten enamel.

♥ They love your body post-workout. Potassium, magnesium and manganese are all important minerals that your body needs to function smoothly, especially when you’re sweating on a daily basis. Potassium helps with electrolyte balance and also assists in building lean muscle ~ and we all want lean, sexy muscles ;)  Magnesium relaxes those muscles and eases cramps… so important after tough workouts and during that time of the month too ;) Manganese keeps your bones strong and keeps that metabolism in fat burning mode.



Arugula is a versatile leafy green with a peppery kick. Here’s why we love it:

♥ It’s a rockstar source of Vitamin K, an essential vitamin that acts as an anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant. It even boosts brain function!

♥ Gives you a dewy glow! Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in all leafy greens cleanses your system, detoxes your body and gives you a fresh boost of energy! It also helps balance pH! Dark leafy greens like arugula are a great way to give your body some alkalizing goodness, along with a good dose of Vitamins A & C for bright eyes, soft skin and a healthy smile.

♥ Keeps you strong! Calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium are all essential for your healthy, sexy body and arugula has them all. These minerals play a major role in keeping you energized and feeling like you can take on the world!

You can use Arugula just like spinach. Grab a bag the next time you’re at the grocery store to use in salads, wraps or even in a green smoothies.  We love it simply dressed with lemon juice, a touch of olive oil and fresh ground pepper!




Get zesty with LEMONS! Here’s why we love ’em:

♥ Smooth, Glowing Skin! Lemons contain a high dose of antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps promote a healthy immune system and increases collagen production…oh, hi gorgeous skin!

♥ Helps you Detox! Antioxidants found in limes and lemons can aid in your body’s natural detoxification process.

♥ Gives you Energy & Helps you Concentrate! The scent of lemons, paired with their vibrant color, have been said to increase alertness and boost energy!

The best way to get your fix? Make a batch of Spa Water to enjoy throughout the day by adding any combination of berries, lemon slices, cucumbers and mint to a pitcher of water! Squeeze half a lemon into your next glass of water, or add a little citrus love to your veggies!

What are your FAVORITE Superfoods!? Let us know in the comments below!


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