Crazy for Quinoa! 5 Must-Try Recipes by our Tone It Up Team

Today we’re crazy for quinoa!

It started out as the trendy new-kid-on-the-block, but quickly found a permanent place on our list of superfood faves. We still can’t get over how versatile, nutritious, and clean-your-plate delicious quinoa can be. If you’re a Tone It Up Nutrition Plan member — look to your plan to find more exclusive & tasty recipes along with what meals this nutty ‘grain’ is perfect for!

We’re dishing out 5 Must-Try Quinoa Recipes so good, we swear they could turn anyone into quinoa lovers!


Quinoa Turkey Meatballs by Tone It Up girl, Raven!


These Quinoa Turkey Meatballs don’t just please a crowd… they also supply some serious health benefits. One cup of quinoa provides 2.2 milligrams of gamma-tocopherol—a form of vitamin E that researchers have linked to anti-inflammatory health benefits (hint: this can reduce redness for clear, gorgeous skin!)

Quinoa is also a good source of folate, zinc, and phosphorus — nutrients you’ll miss out on with traditional meatball recipes that use breadcrumbs.

Perfect Fit Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast by Tone It Up Megan Noh!


Have a warm & hearty gluten-free breakfast! Think this superfood is only good for lunch & dinner? You’ll be amazed by this Perfect Fit Blueberry Quinoa recipe from our girl Megan. Not only is quinoa a totally satisfying gluten-free option in the morning…it can also give your diet a health boost. Researchers at Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center found adding quinoa to meals and snacks improved the nutritional profile of gluten-free diets by providing more protein, iron, calcium, and fiber. And with an added dose of plant-based Perfect Fit Protein, this breakfast will leave you energized for the day!

Veggie Quinoa Protein Patties by Tone It Up Girl Katie


Not your average veggie burger. With chia seeds, almond flour, and quinoa — these Veggie Quinoa Protein Patties don’t skimp on protein…or flavor! Fun fact: quinoa is one of the few plant sources of complete protein, meaning it offers a full profile of the essential amino acids your body needs for healthy muscles, organs, and tissues. Plus, with a high ratio of protein to carbohydrate, this ‘grain’ is great for controlling your appetite. So long, snack attacks ;)

Mexican Quinoa Bowl by Tone It Up Girl Tracy


With less calories & carbs, double the protein, and almost 5 times as much fiber per cup as white rice, quinoa makes for the perfect addition to any of your favorite Mexican dishes! This Mexican Quinoa Bowl is a springtime favorite. And it’s fantastic alongside your Sexy Summer Cocktail from your Summer Sizzle Edition!

Convenient Crockpot Greek Chicken & Savory Stew by Tone It Up :)


With these easy to prepare options, you’ll never get bored! Experiment by adding different types of quinoa to your favorite TIU Convenient Crockpot Recipes. White, red, and black quinoa varieties are hot right now, but did you know there are over 120 different types to choose from? The nutritional profiles of each are pretty similar…so no matter which you choose, it’s all good in the hood! You’ll really enjoy the differences in color, taste, and texture that result when you branch out.

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  1. Carly DiBiase says:

    Can’t wait to try these out! Also, I just noticed that it’s been a few weeks since that last Toned Up recap on Thursdays. Are you guys still going to be recapping the other episodes and announcing commercial break and finale video winners? I love seeing all the behind the scenes stuff! :)

  2. Shayla says:

    A suggestion for future TIU retreats is to not make it so cost prohibitive – $1,700US for three days, especially flying from Canada (and with the dollar to dollar conversation rate), is a little excessive.

    1. Cyra Callahan says:

      While I agree that it’s quite a bit of money, you are paying for a hands on experience and first hand training. You have to admit that there is a huge difference between training with a YouTube video and being Encouraged and Coached in person by these fabulous ladies. I would recommend that you start saving now for a future retreat so that it doesn’t seem like such a financial burden in the future

      1. Shayla says:

        I agree that you’re getting a lot out of it, but it’d cost me $1,880CAD plus flights (another $500-$800CAD), and that’s not even factoring in the two extra hotel nights I’d likely need to get because it takes significantly longer to fly from Canada. So total it’d be $2,780CAD (on the low side!) and for four days, that just doesn’t seem reasonable. For nearly $3,000, I could buy 40 hours of personal training…

        1. Shanna Maragh says:

          I absolutely agree with you Shayla. I live in New York and when I saw that price I thought they must be kidding. Even for me that’s EXCESSIVE regardless of the hands on experience as stated earlier. Which still doesn’t mean much if you’re getting all the info you need from the site and meal plan which I’m apart of. That’s not even including flight. With that price I can plan 2 or 3 trips to the Caribbean for 3-5 nights including airfare!

          1. Shayla says:

            Yeah, it’s definitely a bit much…

          2. Sara says:

            I think that’s a bit high as well. $1700 X 300 tickets, they made $510,000 in an hour. Even if it costs $100,000 to entertain these ladies for the weekend, they’ve got to be profiting about $400K off of this retreat. That’s crazy, but you gotta give it to them, they are definitely business-women. Next year they will raise the price a little and open more slots and will still sell out in an hour lol. I like TIU and enjoy the plan, but some of this stuff is a little too excessive..

  3. JJ says:

    Karen and Katrina: As an East Coast girl, might I suggest that for the next retreat you consider staggering registrations times to reflect the east and west coast 3 hour difference. 12 noon is lunchtime in Cali, but smack dab in the middle of my afternoon work meetings here in New York City. There was no way I could have competed for the sign-up. Looking forward to the next event! :-)

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