Love Your Body with Pancakes!

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Today we’re talking about pancakes! Starting your day with a Perfect Fit Pancake is one of the best ways to Love Your Body every morning. This recipe is a team favorite and it holds a very special place in our hearts.

Most of you have seen them, tried them or have heard how amazingly delicious they are, but today we’re breaking down how good these Pancakes are for your sexy body! They’re nutritious, taste like an indulgent treat and leave you feeling energized for the day.

Here’s the background story: I first made this recipe in high school! I worked at a supplement store and a customer told me how I could create a bread-like treat when mixing protein powder and egg whites. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was PANCAKES, so I started making them a lot!

Fast forward to when Karena and I met five years ago. We went out to celebrate her birthday and when we came home, I made late-night-chocolate-chip-pancakes-oh-YES. When I told her they were made from protein, she almost keeled over ~ she couldn’t believe they were healthy and that delicious.  That next week we filmed our very first video together! We still make them almost every morning after our BootyCall!

On to the Pancakes!! This recipe is gluten free, low carb, contains no processed sugar and is made with Perfect Fit Protein ~ our organic and completely natural protein powder we developed for this community. We love that this recipe is so simple, easy and healthy, but the best part is how out-of-this world delicious it is!

Special Cooking Video Making Perfect Fit Pancakes!! 


Getting enough lean protein in your day is an essential part of the Tone It Up Lifestyle and your Perfect Fit Pancake will give your body so much love…

♥ The amino acids in protein helps your body bounce back from workouts, helping your body repair lean muscles. Protein is used in virtually every single function in your body! If you’re on the plan, you know you’re getting enough protein!

♥ Lean muscles can help increase your metabolism, which helps you burn fat, and helps KEEP you leaner! So keep doing those toning workouts and recovering with protein!

♥ Speaking of your metabolism… Protein has a thermic effect in your body! The calories you take in are burned up breaking down the protein into it’s constituent amino acids! As much as 30%!! So the 70 Calories from your Organic, Perfect Fit Protein means it’s actually less than 50 calories!! WOW :) You’re burning up girl…and glowing!

♥ Protein is made up of amino acids and Perfect Fit Protein contains all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete, plant based protein!

♥ Amino Acids are the constituent units that bind together in unique and ever-changing sequences to activate and carry out everyday tasks, from brain function, skin elasticity, muscle growth, liver function and beautiful hair!

♥ Protein is the most abundant nutrient in our bodies, besides water.

♥ Protein balances your blood sugar levels – helping your feel fuller and helping prevent insulin spikes, which can cause weight gain.

♥ MYTH Buster: protein will not bulk you up! It increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier! Women need protein.  Our serving size is perfect for a women’s body. It’s the Perfect fit! If you over consume protein, just like any other calorie, it is converted to fat. A lot of people think it will be stored as muscle. So make sure you’re getting the perfect amount!

♥ What about WHEY protein powder? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production. This explains the gas and bloating after consuming whey. It’s also normally accompanied by chemicals and processed, unnatural chemicals & additives… read your labels ladies! This is why we created Perfect Fit for you – it only has 5 organic, plant based ingredients, making it completely vegan friendly!

Want to know a little secret? Karena and I don’t just make pancakes for breakfast. Shhh… This is a great way to refuel your body after a workout, so enjoy this comforting treat whenever the mood strikes!

It works with every single meal on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!! Just replace the banana with 1/4 of an avocado or 1 tsp of coconut oil to give it moisture — BAM!  You have your meal 4.  Or you can make mini chocolate pancakes for dessert by adding 1/4 of an avocado in place of the banana, replace the vanilla almond milk with chocolate almond milk and use Chocolate Perfect Fit Protein!  As you can tell— we’ve experimented a LOT :0)

We love seeing all of your Perfect Fit Protein baked goodies!

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  1. Community! Please share steps to make them in the mug. I fail at pancakes and waffles, and my husband hasn’t been home to make them for me :) How long do I zap them for?

      1. Thanks for the reply, Keri! Unfortunately I normally add baking powder and they’re still flat. I wonder if I just need to use Perfect Fit since I’ve been using whey.

        1. also if your baking powder is old, it can lose its umph. beat your egg whites really well. every once in a while i get a flat one (without baking powder), but that may only be one in a batch. make sure your burner temp is somewhere around medium…maybe a little less if your burner gets really hot really easy.

    1. Any milk is fine – I think they just prefer almond milk for nutrition/benefits/etc – soy milk, hemp milk, or rice milk work as well…but you should use low or non-fat milk if you can only find cow’s milk. :)

  2. Karenakatrina I was wanting to make the perfect fit pancakes into muffins for a healthy meal 2 or 4 but it says to use with 1 day of making? Would this work because I’d obviously make a batch of them for the week. Thanks!

      1. Did you ever experiment with the applesauce? I have been wondering if there is an alternative to bananas as well (I don’t really like them and don’t keep them in my house) and I like the idea of using fruit rather than coconut oil as the substitute.

        1. Sorry I’m so late but I also can’t eat bananas, I know just a tablespoon of almond milk! I tried the applesauce and it was alright. I like the pureed pumpkin more.

  3. This recipe sounds amazing! I never thought about adding almond milk in my protein powder pancakes but now I understand that it makes perfect sense. Usually, I just mix a banana with two eggs and a scoop of protein powder and that is it. The proposed recipe, however, seems to be more sophisticated and delicious. I will definitely try it! BTW here is my recipe:

  4. I could use some help on these pancakes… I’ve tried to make them twice and have failed both times. I’m usually a great cook but maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong? The first time I made them I used the Whey protein I already had… The flavor was decent enough but the texture was unbearable (spongy yet rubbery). I thought it was because of my protein, so I bought the Perfect Fit protein and tried it with that… It was better but still the texture was undesirable… Is this texture normal? Any suggestions?

  5. Is it possible to do you program without perfect fit protein ? It’s not sale in Switzerland and would be very expensive to ship. I’m very interested in your program but if I can’t do it without this product I won’t buy it :-/

  6. What can you use or omit for the banana? Can you leave it out and not replace it with anything? I am not a big banana fan? I am looking forward to your recipes!

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