Thanksgiving: Our Favorite Healthy Recipes & Splurging Tips!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Are you as excited as we are!? This is one of our favorite holidays not only for all the yummy treats, but because we love spending time with friends and family.

As you know, Karena and I believe in balance. Your healthy lifestyle is meant to be sweet and satisfying, and this time of year is about enjoying yourself with loved ones! If you’re going to a family member’s home for dinner or if you’re hosting the big get-together, take a look below for some of our favorite recipes. These are healthy, delicious and completely Tone It Up Approved.

On the lookout for some tips to navigate this festive week? Take a look below for our 7 Thanksgiving Secrets to Safe Splurging!

Green Bean Casserole is such a classic, holiday dish, and this lighter version is just as tasty and “cheesy”!



Say goodbye to the totally unexciting Cranberry Sauce that comes in a can! This Fruit Infusion Cranberry Sauce actually worthy of a Thanksgiving feast. It’s great on turkey or with stuffing! We even love it on a slice of Ezekiel Bread too ;)


We love leftovers, and Thanksgiving usually offers us quite a selection of them! This is a great chili that uses up many of our leftovers from dinner, including Turkey! This is also Crock-Pot Friendly! Set it on low and cook for 6 hours for a great healthy meal when you come home.


This year, make your stuffing gluten free :) This amazing recipe is just as delicious as the original, if not better!


Here’s a throwback to a team favorite recipe for last year’s Holiday Hottie Series: It’s SO easy and comforting after a long day!


 We love sweet potatoes and this casserole is a flavorful must!


Let’s not forget the 3 Ingredient Cookie!! You can split the banana with pumpkin puree for an added seasonal twist :)



Which recipes will you be making!? Make sure to share your pics and Check in with the team on Instagram & the Community! #TIUTeam

Now for some tips! Here are 7 Thanksgiving Secrets to Safe Splurging:

The best way to beat stress this week is to stay positive and fill your heart with the love and gratitude of the season!

1. It’s okay to splurge now and then. Yes! If you’re sticking to your Tone It Up Lifestyle, staying consistent with workouts, you have wiggle room to enjoy yourself and indulge here and there!

2. Don’t let the holiday throw you off track. A splurge is fine… but make sure it stays just that… a splurge. Don’t let yourself fall into that mental trap of giving up on everything you’ve worked so hard for because you took it easy for a day or two.

3. Portion Size Matters. You can sample a little bit of all the tasty treats on your Thanksgiving table without going overboard. Serve out a small portion of the things that look the best. Going back for seconds is okay! Taking a little bit of time between servings will make it easier to choose reasonable serving sizes based on how hungry you actually are instead how hungry you think you are.

4. Quality Counts! If you are preparing the meal or bringing a dish to someone else’s, try to make it something healthy and filling so you know you have at least one option to rely on. If this isn’t an option, just go for larger portions of nutrient dense foods like turkey and veggies, and just sample the richer dishes.

5. Don’t fast for the feast. We want you to eat! Not eating all day before a big meal will actually cause your body to store the fat from the foods when you finally do eat. Not to mention that you’ll be way more hungry and craving larger portions! Instead, stick to small, nutrient dense meals throughout the day including greens, lean protein, fruit and a bit of healthy fats. This ensures you get the fuel you need without going overboard come dinnertime.

6. Walk it off. Thanksgiving morning is a great time for a BOOTY CALL!!! If you are running in a Turkey Trot you’ve already got this covered. If not? No problem. Go for a walk in the morning before cooking gets underway and family time makes getting in that workout impossible. Remember that Black Friday shopping is also a great way to burn calories too!

7. Enjoy yourself! Above all this is the time of year for enjoyment and gratitude. Avoid stressing out about what your eating for the day. Think ahead and try to make reasonable choices, but if something looks really good… have a bite!



  1. MsDinoGal says:

    Thank you! First, for finally implementing Disqus so that more people can comment. :) Second, for posting up a GF stuffing recipe. I’ve been looking for a good one for weeks now because I’m hosting my celiac father for the Big Day.

  2. Julia Lopez says:

    How much does the green bean casserole dish serve ?

    1. toneitupcom says:

      About 6 – 8 depending on serving sizes!

  3. Aly Gonzalez says:

    Can anyone tell me how many people the sweet potato casserole serves?

    1. toneitupcom says:

      about 8 – 10 depending on serving sizes ;)

  4. ashley says:

    at what degree do you bake the stuffing at in the oven?

  5. Gaby says:

    What would you recommend if we did splurge past our goals? My stomach is still feeling sick this morning because of all of the dessert and I feel like I have set myself backwards…Its been a mental challenge this morning.

  6. What degree do you bake the cubed bread for 10 minutes and what degree do you bake the entire stuffing?

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