The 5 Day Slim Down ~ ☀ Summer Here you Come!


Welcome to a glowingsexyconfident new you.
Your 5 Day Slim Down!

We’re all starting the 5 Day Slim Down this coming week~ perfect timing for the first day of summer!!! This 5 day plan is the perfect way to welcome bikini worthy, summer days. We’ve designed it be short & sweet, leaving you lighter, vibrant and ready for what’s to come: fun filled, confident summer days rocking your favorite dresses, bright shorts, bare legs and sunkissed shoulders!

This is the time of year to have fun with friends & family, explore the outdoors and feel unstoppable!

We designed the 5 Day Slim Down to give you the benefits of a more structured program — smooth, glowing skin, abundant energy, bright eyes, a leaner midsection, to mention a few — but in an easier, sweeter and more scheduled way! We’re enjoying fresh juices, our favorite summer fruits, nourishing wraps (AKA bikini wraps) and our favorite grilled recipes! You’ll have tons of energy and never feel deprived while completely resetting your system ~ leaving you refreshed and feeling lean ;)

Your 5 Day Slim down is packed full of tropical inspired recipes that are fresh and delicious. You’ll love your one-pieces, bikini wraps, pancakes, banana split, itty bitty bikini recipes, smoothies & juices!

The Best Part? Your ☀ Bombshell Spell! This tasty morning cocktail casts a babelicious effect first thing in the morning as your body become more alkaline ♥ It also increases your metabolism, provides digestive enzymes and tastes amazing! There’s science behind it!

Your 5 Day Slim Down is part of your Beach Babe Edition – just one of the many bonuses you receive once you join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Learn more HERE!

We’re happy you all have fallen in love with it~

Here are just a few Slim Down Success tweets

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Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is HERE!

The 2013 Release of your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan has arrived with a fresh, new look & feel, along with all the new additions below. Your program now includes even more on achieving your goals, 50 NEW delicious recipes, AND we created new, exciting features just for you!

We’re dedicated to making your dreams and lifestyle goals a reality, and your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is more than just a plan; it’s a way of life, it’s an attitude, it’s the motivation you have when you wake up every day to reach your goals, the excitement you feel when you meet another Tone It Up Member, the confidence you have to pursue anything you want to achieve and the feeling you get when you accomplish everything that you set your mind + heart to… because you’re on the Tone It Up Team!

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What members will see in their New Plan ~

♥ 50 Brand Spankin’ NEW, vegan friendly recipes ~ protein rich and soy-free!

Fresh NEW look & feel ~ Sunkissed!

In depth explanations of what to eat, when to eat it and why it’s beneficial to your metabolism!

Tips and guides that include superfoods & nutrition for fat burning, muscle tone, hormones, hunger and why we chose the foods listed for YOU!

Recipes from your Beach Babe Edition are now incorporated into the plan, complete with your NEW Meal Wheels! YES!! So many of you have been requesting this!

Fun updates to your Meal Wheel, Lifestyle Chart & Meal by Meal Guide

Expanded Motivation section with step-by-step guides to make your dreams a reality! Let’s do this together

New bio section from your trainers, to learn where we came from and what led us to the people we are today

New sections on what foods to combine together for increased metabolism, muscle recovery, hormone balance, alkalinity + MORE!

Revised 7 Day Slim Down with a New Event Day Plan!

5 Day Slim Down is now included in your main Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for easy access

3 Brand NEW Exclusive Member Printable Workout Routines

AND don’t forget your 52 Page Bridal Edition that was released 2 weeks ago!

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Your Trainers & Certified Nutrition Coaches,

Karena & Katrina


  1. Krystyn Bolan says:

    Are you going to have any bundles for the New Year like you did back in early December?

  2. Nancy says:

    If you are a vegetarian and lean toward vegan but not a 100%, what should you choose when signing up?

    1. goodone says:

      You can always choose the vegan and add cheese or eggs every now and then if you want. Same thing goes for choosing vegetarian and just leaving out the dairy or subbing it for something plant based. You can’t really go wrong :)

  3. goodone says:

    please please please please please make an app for your android members! This site gets so whacked on my phone and I know you have an i phone app. THANK YOU! <3 Love you guys and your workouts!

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